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MAD Magazine poked fun at everything - and changed the world. A peek behind the scenes at this culture rotting institution.
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Alan Bernstein

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You think you have your bases covered...


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A little catching up...

A long, overdue update! Sorry for this delay in keeping you abreast of WWWM! But here's the latest: we're in a holding pattern on several interviews, waiting for the OK to get over and capture their moments, so to speak. We are also busy writing and preparing to shoot various segments that will transition us from decade to decade in MAD's story. We've also been meeting with various editors and VFX artists to find the right combination to help us make this the show I imagine it to be.

This is what they mean by "Hurry up and wait".

When We Went MAD UPDATE! (sorry for the delay)

Hello folks,

First off, I apologize for the delay in keeping you abreast of our progress. Once the Kickstarter fundraiser ended, I took a moment to catch my breath and from then on, we have been handling all of the unglamorous aspects of filmmaking - namely, lining up crew and talent. 

We recently made a trip to NY to meet with the staff at MAD. Much to our surprise, they didn't have us forcibly removed. We had a great meeting and are trying to schedule a series of summer interviews with them as well as hopefully some freelance MAD contributors. 

During that NY excursion, we also attended a panel discussion on Harvey Kurtzman's work and legacy. For those not in the know, Harvey created MAD. He was the first editor and it was his baby during MAD's infancy. Speaking on the panel were MAD contributors Al Jaffee, Peter Kuper, Drew Friedman, and Robert Grossman, as well as longtime Kurtzman collaborator Arnold Roth. It was a great opportunity to hear about the early days of MAD, as well as be a presence to those in attendance - to attach faces to idiots behind When We Went MAD!

On a more somber note, I was greatly saddened to learn that longtime MAD artist, Bob Clarke, passed away recently. Bob was number one on our list of interviews we needed to get outside of NY. He appeared in nearly every issue for forty plus years, but because he didn't have that recurring gag - the fold in, spy vs spy, etc, I think he was very unheralded. This project will now be sorely lacking in not hearing him tell his story.

This will be a busy summer for us - interviews, non documentary shooting, editing, more interviews, more non documentary shooting...           Thanks to you.

Stay tuned. (does that phrase have any meaning anymore?)