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MAD Magazine poked fun at everything - and changed the world. A peek behind the scenes at this culture rotting institution.
MAD Magazine poked fun at everything - and changed the world. A peek behind the scenes at this culture rotting institution.
606 backers pledged $58,193 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Will Weider on January 22

      Can you give the raw footage to someone that has the time and/or ability to finish this project?

    2. Missing avatar

      Sandor on December 4

      Any of you fart-eaters got any news for us backers?

    3. Margot V. on October 12, 2017

      Hi There. Things have been mighty quiet. What's going on?

    4. Margot V. on September 3, 2017

      Hi there - still hoping we'll see something?

    5. Missing avatar

      Rob Atwood on July 24, 2017

      Hi, just checking on progress. Might this be done by October for MAD's 65th birthday?

    6. Jamie Sweet on May 2, 2016

      Wow, just read the comments for the first time... not a great vibe. I personally don't mind the lag time in updates, I've been channeling all of my disappointment in the lack of the many well known personalities who site Mad as a major influence and yet can't make the time to give their beloved childhood mag it's due. I see that Netflix is flooded with documentaries on the lamest of subjects yet they've got no shortage of famous talking heads. Yeah sure, Tower Records on Sunset Blvd was important, but I think it's significance on culture pales to Mad. I choose to trust Alan and believe that quality takes time, especially on a budget. So to all of you, keep your heads up and know that the best things in life are worth waiting for.

    7. David Koch on March 5, 2016

      My last comment was 1 year and two months ago in Jan 2015. It's now March 2016. My biggest concern is, no one just leaves that money aside in an account for 3 years. So when it comes time to fulfill the pledges.... you're not going to have to cash to mail out all that stuff. I'm just being realistic here. It's sad, this project is a bust. I'm wondering if you can salvage it, by putting what you have on Youtube or something. Monetise the videos or something. It's been 3 years. How much longer? I still would like to at least see what you have.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason Levine on March 31, 2015

      Agreed. Some sort of an update seems warranted or at the least a nice and courteous thing to do. Most of us have probably invested in this out of a passion for MAD and a desire to see a project like this completed. I am constantly amazed Biography or History channel hasn't done an episode on Bill Gaines and here is our shot at it. I see several comments in the last few months with no response from the Campaign. I'd hate to see people pull funding especially as I know much work has been done already.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ryan Lee on February 23, 2015

      Hey, what's going on with this project? Any kind of update is appreciated. I just really want to see this become a reality, it's a great concept.

    10. WishItWas1984 on February 21, 2015

      So I see you're posting things on Facebook here and there. How about an update email for US. It's coming on 4 months since the last one.

      I don't get how a once a month update can't be done. Even if it's to say, "Nothing happened again in January. Waiting on blah blah blah...." or "Hope you had a good December. Still editing. About 24.171354% done now".

      Partly joking and partly annoyed. Just let us know you're alive and we're making progress please!

    11. Sushi on January 30, 2015

      I'd love an update on this project...

    12. David Koch on January 15, 2015

      Now that we are almost at the 2 year anniversary of this funding, and a year past the promised due date, I'm pretty close to giving up on this project. I made a comment year over a year ago and it was ignored. Yes, backers do visit the comments section. Come on Alan, give us some ETAs?

    13. WishItWas1984 on May 21, 2014

      2 months since the last update. What, Me Worry?

    14. Don Tardiff on April 30, 2014

      Presume you have seen this news with the wealth of contacts you must have made with this project but over on BoingBoing there is this post "RIP Al Feldstein - EC Comics and MAD editor" by Mark Frauenfelder at 2:43 pm Wed, Apr 30, 2014.

    15. David Koch on December 22, 2013

      How's the project going?

    16. Scott Rowland
      on December 2, 2013

      An update would be appreciated, just to know how things are going.

    17. Jose De La Mora on April 14, 2013

      Its been a while, any updates?

    18. Bill Schwab on February 9, 2013

      Pfffffttt!! Great job, Alan and crew! Really looking forward to this!

    19. Threemoons on February 6, 2013

      Holy Cannioli! So glad to see this project funded. I have fond childhood/teenage memories of reading every issue of Mad the day it came out...looking forward to this.

    20. Missing avatar

      Janice Gelb on February 6, 2013

      Congrats on meeting your goal! I have a feeling I'll regret asking this, but what transcription needs are you talking about and what would be involved?

    21. Missing avatar

      Mike Harrison on February 6, 2013

      Awesome, I am really looking forward to seeing this.

    22. Bill Schwab on February 6, 2013

      Congratulations! Way to go!!!

    23. brian ingham on February 5, 2013

      I may compete with a documentary on Crazy!

    24. Dorothy Nelson on February 5, 2013

      Hoooohaaah! I'm in for 500, and pinged my friends on Facebook. Thank you MAD for subverting me in my childhood. Can't wait to see the film!

    25. Steve Kuhn on February 5, 2013

      Congrats on another $10,000 donor.

    26. Jose De La Mora on January 31, 2013

      How much needs to be pledged for the DVD and Digital File?

    27. Bill Schwab on January 29, 2013

      Gave you a plug to my 5000- friends on FB. Hope it helps! Great looking project.

    28. Alan Bernstein Creator on January 14, 2013

      David - good point. From the $50 tier and beyond you'll notice an "Add $12 to ship outside the US" disclaimer. I didn't originally include that for the $25 tier as there was nothing of size to worry about. I can't require anyone to pay more than was originally bargained for, but perhaps something can be worked out...

    29. David Koch on January 14, 2013

      Alan, just a heads up, have you factored in shipping costs of these DVDS? That will eat into your budget. I'm a $25 tier backer and live in Australia. So this may be of concern.

    30. Alan Bernstein Creator on January 11, 2013

      Angelo isn't missing... He just stepped out for a moment... Sure! But just in case it starts to look like we just missed his name, because he did give a great interview, we'll just put his name back.

    31. Brian Fitterman on January 11, 2013

      Hi, Noticed ANGELO TORRES was missing from the list of Artists. What's Up with that? Did you leave him out because he's Polish? GOOD LUCK w/ the Project!!

    32. Alan Bernstein Creator on January 11, 2013

      Shows you what we know! According to Wikipedia, which you know is the truth because 1. it's on the internet and 2. it's Wikipedia - Potrzebie is polish for "a need", perhaps to be used in a sentence such as this: "When We Went MAD! has a real potrzebie to see this fundraiser be successful!

    33. Matt Keeley on January 11, 2013

      I'm really looking forward to this! This sounds awesome... the way, Potrezebie isn't Yiddish for something, but POLISH for something.

      I still don't know WHAT it's Polish for, but, there you go....

    34. Alan Bernstein Creator on January 11, 2013

      Thank you, Jeff, for the support! That is, indeed, a section of the MAD shrine. Who needs to save for the kid's college tuition when you can have that!

    35. Missing avatar

      Jeff Feierfeil on January 10, 2013

      Good video Alan. Is that your MAD collectibles room that you're doing the interview in? That's frickin' sweet. Damn I wish I had one of those growing up. I was always pretty obsessed with MAD growing up and now that you're making a documentary on it I feel like a lot of the mystery surrounding it and the writers will be revealed to me finally! You only need another $48.5K - maybe some rich actor will contribute and help make this a reality.