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Maia is a new god game from indie developer Simon Roth.
Maia is a new god game from indie developer Simon Roth.
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Development livestream.

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I'll be live streaming some game play of 0.43, discussing 0.44, answering some questions and doing some live development on my channel starting in 10 minutes!

Live Stream of the latest build


As promised I'll be doing a live stream of the latest build from 4-6pm GMT today (That's in half an hour.). Drop by and ask me some questions!



Update time!


Just over a month ago we showed the game at Eurogamer Rezzed in Birmingham. It was pretty intense dealing with the booth, we had solid crowds for most of the three days and hundreds of people played the game. I've thrown some of the photos I took up on Flikr.

Although I've gotten pretty good at pitching the game, I am still dreadful at talking in front of cameras or microphones...

We got a huge amount of interest in the game and lots and lots of feedback on the builds. It really helped me to prioritize and fix a lot of the rough edges in the game. Thanks to all the everyone who showed up and said hi!


0.42 has been out just under a week. It's a pretty huge update so I won't go into it here, but it's certainly worth checking out. If you haven’t seen it yet here's a brief video overview:

Since then I've spent a lot of effort hunting down the few remaining crash bugs. As of this afternoon we have no replicable critical issues on the tracker.

We already have a lot of things in development for future builds. My favourite thing right now is the second creature, a creepy nocturnal burrowing critter that is going to make the game just a little bit more disconcerting.

I'll be doing a live stream at some point this week. I'll post an update here a few hours before hand so people can tune in and ask me some questions.



Pears Gallumbit


Good morning. About time for another update I'd say!


I've booked a booth at Rezzed! Booth 42 no less, and I'll be showing version 0.42 of the game. I can only assume that such a recurrence of the ultimate answer is a good sign and not a portent of the imminent destruction of the planet.

Launch party.

Did everyone in the top tiers get their invites for the London launch party? There are limited spaces so please RSVP as soon as possible. We also need to crowd source a play-list for the evening or else I'm going to put Babylon Zoo on loop all night.

The venue is right in central London so really easy to get to on the tube, but I can write a short guide if anyone finds the London Underground a bit daunting. Drop me an email if you have any special needs or requests.

Competition time!

Loading Bar, the venue for the launch party, specialises in game themed cocktails, so I'm running a competition to design a Maia themed drink for us to serve at the party. It doesn't need to be alcoholic, but does need to be... imbibable. Post your ideas in the comments below and we'll pick a winner this weekend. The prize is a ticket to the launch party, or if you are already attending, a bunch of really cool space themed goodies.


Posters went out a couple weeks ago. It took absolutely forever to get them all done due to me suddenly becoming a crazed perfectionist. For the UK and Europe they should have already arrived. International ones should also have arrived, but that's down to your countries mail set up. (We had a problem printing the "Medical" posters though, so I'll be contacting the people who wanted those ones soon.)

I meticulously hand rolled most the posters myself and bought extra solid tubes, so hopefully they came through in good condition, but if not, get in touch as I have a few spares I can send out.

The final shipment ended up filling the entirety of a Royal Mail post van.
The final shipment ended up filling the entirety of a Royal Mail post van.

The Game.

After the mess that was February (floods, taxes and a soul destroying week of fixing the game on Intel 3000s) we're back in the swing of things. 0.40 has had a few updates now and is stable so I've started on the features for 0.41, including the most requested (yes really) feature... toilets!

I'm hoping to have 0.42 live on Steam by Rezzed. We are looking forward to and are now very close to getting the native creatures in the game. They are currently in a stage of final visual design. They are going to be very awesome.

Demodulated but not read.


I love the smell of solvent in the morning.


I finally have my hands on the final poster prints! The intense "new book" smell is awesome, if a little overwhelming.

They are ready for posting and that will happen some time soon. I'll be messaging everyone in the appropriate tiers to check your address is correct shortly. Sorry for it taking so long, I am an annoying perfectionist and we ended up repainting and tweaking bits of them several times.

Launch Party

Since the game is now out on Steam, I'm thinking it's time to start talking about the launch party! As I've mentioned before I will likely do one in London and one in Oxford, so nobody will be forced to travel to the capital if they hate the tube as much as I do.

I'm going to do the first party in London sometime in mid-March. I'll send out invites as soon as I have nailed down the venue.


Development continues. 0.39.1 is probably the most solid and best performing build of the game yet. 0.40 will be coming soon. Probably next Wednesday as I want to put in a lot of new content again.

That's all for now folks!