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Maia is a new god game from indie developer Simon Roth.
Maia is a new god game from indie developer Simon Roth.
8,115 backers pledged £140,481 to help bring this project to life.

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Caves of Steel and The Polisher



It's been a while and that means updates.Two in fact!

Caves of Steel

Firstly 0.66 came out in February. That update brought hundreds of changes focusing on balancing, emergent behaviours, performance and the user interface.


The Polisher

Then 0.67 came out this week! This update is all about polish, with many systems finally getting a second pass. There's also some literal polish with the introduction of the floor cleaning robot.


A Guide

The update is now up on Steam, Itch, and the members area. I've put up a quick video tutorial to playing the game for people who would like a bit more depth than the in game tutorial or that just need a quick refresher to get them up and running with the new features.


A Plan

As you can see the game is now really coming along and the focus going forward will be on iteration and improvement. There are now only a handful of apportioned features remaining such as the campaign missions, meteor impacts on the map and a fire fighting utility robot.


With every system getting a second or third pass soon, and the planned features complete we can then consider leaving early access and plotting a new roadmap for the future of the game.


Business-wise we're in the black having managed to claw back some development money via tax breaks, a trickle of sales and a bit of moonlighting on my part. We have enough to complete the project but I am hoping that our reviews will improve and drive more sales so I can pay for a little more polish on the art and sound side and a lot more testing.


That's all for now. Do get in contact if you have any questions and I'll be back with another update very soon!

Non Stop


Hello Kickstarter backers!

Just a quick update to let you know that Maia 0.65 is now out on Steam and up on the DRM free members area.

It’s a big update. It’s got new alien insects, colonist psychology, more backer heads, AI behaviours, new research, interface changes, player feedback and loads of improvements. I’ve made a bit of a 'let’s play' of it to give you a look.


There’s a full update blog here going into detail on all the changes. With almost all the main features in now the game is feeling really solid. Still much to do of course, but it’s clear that players are grasping more of the game’s difficult concepts faster now. And seeing reviews from people with hundreds of hours of play is really something I never expected.


I have a little holiday favour to ask. If you have the game on Steam it would be very helpful if you left a review as many of ours on there are ancient and are suppressing our sales. More cash flow would allow us to make additional improvements, fixes, flesh out the content more and to hit 1.0 sooner. I’m currently doing 90% of the work (art, code, writing and sound!) on the game to stay in budget, it’s not a quality issue, but it is a major bottleneck as you can imagine!


That’s all from me for now. I’m going to take a couple days off and hopefully recharge a bit. I’ll be back soon in the new year with another update or two. Enjoy your holiday if you’re having one!




It’s time for another update post! Things have been a little busy around here so there’s a whole load of stuff to catch up on.


Firstly 0.64 is out. It’s a pretty big one. Cats, Dogs, Hurricanes, GUI, detailed new AI and lots of optimisations and fixes! Here’s a the update video showing off some of the cool new things.


Check out the blog post for all the little details.

And development has continued on. If you are on the Steam development branch there are already new builds for you to be testing out! One of my favourite features that went up today is the new insect life of the surface, which as well as looking pretty, round off the ecosystem allowing the protobirds to thrive (and present a more persistent long term danger to your base).

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with


I'm working hard to bring the game to completion and to shave off the hundreds and hundreds of sharp corners left. There's a lot of in-world diegetic cues I need to add to hint players towards understanding the colonists without throwing UI at them. So still a way to go. You can follow my updates as I check them in on the development page.


We had to say goodbye to the office this month. With rents rising it didn’t make much sense to keep the space with just myself and the odd contractor in there. I prepared a short tour for you before I packed it all up.


I’m now back working in a home office, which apart from being absolutely freezing right now, will probably do up until release. I’ve had VDSL installed so I’ll be able to continue my regular development and testing livestreams, so be sure to follow me on Twitch.

That's all for now, but I'll be back soon with more!




It seems I never put out an update for 0.63, which was silly of me as it’s seriously improved the game and has had a good reaction all round.

Here’s my usual update video:


I won’t go on about it in detail as the full and very long update notes are here, but among new features this update changed the length of the accelerated days to 360 from 240 seconds. This change, after some very thorough rebalancing, has transformed the colonist AI’s performance and responsiveness.

Here’s why: The main problem with the game as of 0.62, but as far back as 0.58, was colonists needs ramping up too quickly. With only four minutes for a day, and the complexity of multi-object tasks increasing, the colonist's hunger, thirst, and fatigue etc, would be increasing at a rate that would pressure them into bouts of short sighted survival thinking.


So in inefficiently built bases colonists would eventually end up only constructing the highest priority of objects and doing the highest priority tasks. Food production would spike erratically, bases where colonists spent too much time walking would be penalised, and it could feel a bit random and unfair.

The new changes massively ease that. With a slightly longer day, they can fulfil their needs and then take on the lower priority tasks. Bases become more vibrant as colonists have a lot more time to do more interesting things.

Feedback so far most people have found the game more engaging and challenging in more interesting ways.

A colonist going AWOL
A colonist going AWOL



This update is already deep in production. Firstly it’s going to add in more of the Kickstarter backer pets and more AI for them giving them more activities and actions to undertake around the base. As well as more player interactions. You can look forward to cats destroying all your furniture with their claws and the dogs woofing away at the aliens to scare them out of your base.

It’s also going to add some more user interface tools and mid and late game content now that people are playing the sandbox for long sessions.

In general progress is slower than hoped as I am still trying to scrape together funds for some of the remaining content and polish. Among it the final sound effects work, VO recording, and master, a handful of items and details (including a firefighting upgrade for the utility bot), a bunch of missing animations, and some specialist localisation. Some of it I can do myself, but obviously doing it with team members speeds stuff up considerably.

You can help speed things up by giving the Steam development builds a play and sending me feedback, joining the Patreon or even throwing some coin our way.

As always I am here if you need me. I'll see you very soon with 0.64!

"Who's For Dinner?"



Just a quick update to tell you 0.62 is now live. Which has made me realise I never told you all that 0.61 is live!

Either way here's a video of the latest build.


And the previous.



I've posted a full update blog here detailing the cool new features and fixes. As you can see things are coming together nicely. Nearly all the promised features are in and working well, it's mostly a case of GUI work and working in detail for many systems.



As you'll see in the blog I am aiming to get the above work all done by August, funds are very tight now so it's dragging things out somewhat - I am having to do almost everything myself and that makes things very slow going. However, we're currently in the Steam summer sale so you can really really help us by pointing people towards the game, leaving reviews, joining the Patreon and sharing our social posts.



I'll be back soon with 0.63. If you are playing the game on Steam, do remember to join the development branch that gets almost daily updates at the moment!

That's all for now