Secret Admirer

by Joanne Arnett

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    1. Nicole Holland on

      They are looking good

    2. Joanne Arnett 2-time creator on

      Thanks Nicole!

    3. Missing avatar

      Dean Altstaetter on

      Joanne, what a great idea, plus from Loveland, OH? Nice touch! I love the way you think. I really hope my crush feels special this year.

    4. Joanne Arnett 2-time creator on

      Thank you Dean!

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      Claudia Steinhauser on

      Hi -

      a little confusing since emails came from Milagro.... What is next? Sorry but the process seems confusing and I haven't heard from you. Good idea but just wondering how to get what I "paid" for -


    6. Joanne Arnett 2-time creator on

      I'm so sorry the process has been confusing. This update is from a few days ago. The update just sent out is for backers who wish to upgrade. You can send me the name, address and message now if you like. My email address is messages (at) fromasecretadmirer (dot) com I hope this helps!