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Testing various ratios of powdered milk-to-cereal mixes to determine if future cereal can be coated, so only water need be added.
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How many times have you yearned for a simple bowl of cereal only to either have no milk; not enough milk; or milk that has soured?

I wish to raise a modest amount of money to test various ratios of powdered milk-to-cereal mixes in order to determine if a formulation is available to replace the need to directly add milk to cereal by using only water added to milk-coated cereal. I will then send these results to cereal manufacturers in the hope that they will adopt this idea.

Via a Backer Survey, Backers will receive a list of 12 cereal brands to choose from for testing, and the top 5 voted brands will be tested. The more a backer pledges, the more votes they get.

Results will be sent to backers, only, and final results will be sent as a proposal to the manufacturers of these cereals for their consideration of adoption.

Risks and challenges

With a goal of only $50, sufficient funds will be available to test five brands of cereal without delay.

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