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A fast-paced 2-player board game of fencing (swordplay) where you can emulate a generic Action Hero found in classic movies!
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Funds raised will go towards a manufactured version to be offered in a future campaign.

The Game:  The swordplay you did as a kid; the swordplay you loved in the movies -- all can be mimicked in this new 2-player board game, Fantasy Fencing!

Both players start at opposite ends of the board and, through independent movement and the playing of action cards, you battle it out until one remains standing and the other lies dead on the floor (for each hit received, a Health Status Card is displayed: 75%, 50%, 25% 0%).

Forget Olympic Fencing rules; we're talking Hollywood rules, which are loose, to say the least.  That's where the fun begins.  Which way would you rather play?  Like a serious athlete, or just playing around like a movie action hero?  That's what I thought, too.  That's why I created this game -- for the fun of it!

Action Cards?  Yes, we'll have fun with these. By Hollywood rules, there are 8 actions used in the movies:

 •Thrust (advance 0 - 1 hex to attack)

• Flying Leap (move 0 - 2 hexes forward to attack)

• Parry (swirl your sword to block a thrust or flying leap)

• Duck (drop down to avoid a direct hit)

• Fake Out (shift one hex to avoid a hit)

• Swing Sword Wildly (to stall for time)

• Kick Over Table (to piss off the other guy – blocking his move)

• Throw Chair (to make him go back one hex of his choice)

All in good fun!  The details for play lies in the rules, of course.

Tokens, Rules, Action cards, Health cards, and Game Board
Tokens, Rules, Action cards, Health cards, and Game Board
Files printed; pieces cut out; everything assembled to begin play.
Files printed; pieces cut out; everything assembled to begin play.

Fund this campaign at the ridiculously low price of one dollar and be your own action hero!

Risks and challenges

Since the files are already created, the only "risk" is if the goal is not met.

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