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Competing infantry & armor units have 30 turns to capture disputed territory. No die used, in this Print & Play (PnP) 2-6 player game.
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The .pdf files each Backer gets. View of the printouts.
The .pdf files each Backer gets. View of the printouts.

This game was first conceived and hand-made back in 1995. Having been a fan of the classic Avalon Hill board games, I raised the level of sophistication by eliminating die rolls and combat resolution tables. For battle results, I wanted the players to rely less on luck and more on the skill of out thinking their opponents and also to play upon their opponent's fears, insecurities and mistakes. By making battle outcomes as certain as any chess move, mental and emotional abilities are put to the test -- not on the luck of a die roll!

With the flexibility of having any number of players (from 2 to 6) joining in, no one needs to feel left out of the fun. The more players (up to 3 per team) the more complex and faster the play. For example: Per team, one player controls the whole operation; two players divide command of the board on either side of the river, and share responsibility in distributing reinforcements; and three players have two field commanders and one supreme commander (who issues loose objectives to the field commanders, as well as distribute reinforcements as he deems appropriate).

Originally a failed Kickstarter project in 2016 -- due to the pricey manufactured game option offered at that time -- this round is a very inexpensive printable version everyone can afford to try. In addition to the printable game board, army units, rules, and broken bridge pieces, the Backer can go also go on and (at 99 cents each) purchase any of five volumes of e-books ["Determine Borders!" by John Kohn] that delve deeper into the finer points of the game.

Ultimately, I plan to use this round to gauge the interest in the game and offer a less expensive manufactured version in the future (to select countries, only). A better price point should assure success next time around. Instead of the original 0.75"-square playing pieces on a 20"x24" board, I plan to reduce costs by using 0.5"-square playing pieces on a 10"-square board.

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    When these .pdf files are printed, the Backer will get (1) game board; (2) game pieces; (3) broken bridge strips; (4) Summary Table (for moving/stacking/killing); and (5) the rules for play.

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