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A print and play (PnP) version of a tile placement game called, Connect the Lines.
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This was an on-again, off-again campaign that never gained traction. By making this game extremely affordable, enough Backers should be able to give this game a try -- and once tried, another campaign will be offered that will offer future Backers a manufactured deck of tiles housed on a labeled tuck box.

As a comparison, the photo below shows the size difference (also, the watermark found on the PnP  faces of the tiles will be removed and have identifying labeling on the other side each manufactured tile).

Size difference between the PnP and manufactured versions of the tiles.
Size difference between the PnP and manufactured versions of the tiles.

This tile placement game involves from two-to-four players, who discard as many of their seven-dealt cards as possible before either one player runs out or no further play is possible. In the latter case, players count the point values of their held cards and the lowest score wins. As the video demonstrates, their are a near-infinite combination of line trailings possible as each player tries to either run out of cards or force an early end to play (hoping their card value count is the lowest). The line trail is bounded only by the edge of the playing surface -- be it card table, floor, deck, or whatever. You  set the possibilities!

Risks and challenges

Since the .pdf file has been created, there is no risk to PnP Backers receiving their product.

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    Aside from the rules page, it is STRONGLY advised you print the three tiles pages onto 8.5" x 11" label sheets, then affix them (uncut) onto card stock sheets. This not only adds strength to the soon-to-be cut tiles, but adds just enough thickness to the backs of the tiles to prevent players from seeing through the backs.

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