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GrifballHub, the official Grifball fansite, is looking to purchase a booth at RTX 2013 and help spread the Grifball disease!
78 backers pledged $4,623 to help bring this project to life.

First Goal Reached in Just Two Days!

Posted by GrifballHub (Creator)

We launched our Kickstarter to fund a booth at RTX 2013 on Friday, at 11:00PM. By 6:00PM Sunday, we reached our first $1600 goal!

We can't thank the awesome Grifball community enough. You guys rock!

Our $1600 goal will allow us to have a booth at RTX 2013, along with GrifballHub banners, wristbands, buttons and lanyards.

But let's keep going! Let's make this Grifball booth as awesome as it can be. Let's make it worthy of the Sport of the Future!

We are putting into place additional stretch goals to make this event even better!

If we reach $2000, we will include free orange GrifballHub cinch bags at the booth. We will also include them (for free!) in the "swag reward" for anyone who pledged $75 or more.

We will also throw in this custom-made Halo 4 Grifball Boxart, printed and ready to go! This boxart is perfect to put on your Halo 4 gamecase to show off how you play Halo!

Everyone who pledged $75 or more will receive the printed boxart with their swag, delivered right to their door. Everyone who pledged $5 or more will receive a link to a digital version of the boxart!

If we reach $2400, we will include these awesome "Keep Calm and Hammer On" t-shirts! We will have 50 to give away at RTX, and they will be included in the "swag reward" for anyone who pledged $75 or more!

The digital file for the t-shirt logo will be available to anyone who donates $5 or more, so you can use it on your own Grifball items!

If we reach $4400, we will have the grand-kahuna of Grifball rewards: We will DOUBLE our RTX booth space and include PLAYABLE GRIFBALL STATIONS at the booth! This means that every RTX attendee can walk up and play Grifball right on site, whenever they want during the convention! If the show-floor is open, Grifball will be happening! And this is in addition to any Grifball action that will take place on the e-Sports arena stage during the weekend!

We can have 4v4 Grifball matches for prizes or bragging rights. You can play against the pros. You can play with the pros! Booth staff can show you the coolest tips and tricks to ensure that you will walk away from RTX an awesome Grifballer!

If you would like to see us bring RTX the best Grifball experience ever, and truly turn RTX 2013 in Grif-Con, please donate! Any amount, even $1, $2, or $5, is helpful. If you have already donated, please do what you can to spread the word to your fellow Grifball fans. Tell your friends and family. Share this on Facebook. Tweet about it. Send it to your Xbox Live friends.

Help us make the Grifball experience at RTX 2013 even awesomer!


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