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Customize your starship, explore, trade, mine, fight and become a Legend! A 3-5 player sandbox style tabletop miniatures adventure!
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Far Off Games

3,293 backers pledged $346,772 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator John DiPonio on February 19

      Cody, you did good work on this game! My family has been having fun with it. You have the talent my good man so give it another go on a project, I am sure you will have loyal backers.

    2. Creator Justin T. on February 18

      Ps. this is my favorite game now! It doesn't feel competitive to me, (due to soo much dice rolling) but just so much fun! Excited for your next game Cody:) and please don't be shy to contact me if you need help play-testing, or want to develop another persons game.

    3. Creator Justin T. on February 18

      15 point 2.5 hrs..

    4. Creator Justin T. on February 18

      I activated the merchant every 2 player, and the other 2 every 4 players.. I just ran them and kept track myself:) as far as color I just went colorless (and used power grid as my markers),, it made exploration a little quick, but becuase of how long turns took it made people take maximum risks!! That made it really fun I died 3-4 times and 2 other players did as well. Great times:)

    5. Creator Far Off Games on February 9

      @Justin: Wow - 6 players would be huge, haha! What color did you use for the 6th player? How many points did you play to?

    6. Creator Justin T. on February 7

      Just played six players! It was a blast:)

    7. Creator IgneusManus on January 31

      @Shawn Charney [TundraThunder] Thanks Shawn! I would've missed that link if you hadn't posted it here.

    8. Creator Shawn Charney [TundraThunder] on January 20

      Here's another Glowing Review of Xia…
      this time by "Boardgame Corner"

    9. Creator Andrew Ronzino on January 17

      Double post, my bad.

    10. Creator Andrew Ronzino on January 16

      Thanks, Cody!

    11. Creator Andrew Ronzino on January 16

      Thanks, Cody!

    12. Creator Daniel Plantenberg on January 16

      Hi Cody. 25 plays down. Not bad for it just being January. So I was wondering about the mini expansion. Can I give someone a few bucks for this or... I kinda want more. ;)

    13. Creator Far Off Games on January 16

      Right you are Andrew! It's been far too long - I'll get right on it!

    14. Creator Andrew Ronzino on January 16

      As glad as I am to have Xia...I miss the Friday updates. The anticipation of Xia news always made my Fridays fun.

    15. Creator Far Off Games on January 7

      Awesome finds James and Brian! Really cool to see the Dice tower talking about Xia!! :-D

      Thanks for being a part!! :) -Cody

    16. Creator Brian Aslin on January 5

      Tom Vasel looks back at 2014 kickstarters including Xia. Look at 2014: Kickstarter:

    17. Creator James Cameron on January 4

      Thanks for the heads up about the podcast IgneusManus. They discuss Xia's components at 1'20'' and also praise the way the campaign was run overall (with which I'm sure we can all agree!)

    18. Creator Far Off Games on January 2

      @Dave: Awesome! Thanks for spreading the Xia love!! :D

    19. Creator Dave Griffin on January 1

      One of my friends played once, Loved it, and has bought himself a copy already☺

    20. Creator Andrew Ronzino on December 27

      Nevermind, Cody! The great people on BGG helped me out. :-D

    21. Creator Andrew Ronzino on December 27

      @Cody - There's a rules question I had that I would love to get your opinion on if you get a chance. Thanks!

    22. Creator Nicolas Theriault-Langelier on December 26

      I don't know if you guys noticed but Xia made it to Tom Vasel top 10 games of 2014.

      Great work Cody!

    23. Creator Far Off Games on December 26

      Happy Christmas!!!!

    24. Creator Andrew Ronzino on December 25

      Merry Christmas, Xia friends!

    25. Creator Gandash on December 24

      Just a quick message to wish all of the XIA family a merry Christmas

    26. Creator Far Off Games on December 23

      @IgneusManus: Awesome!!! I'll try to listen over the Christmas break!

    27. Creator IgneusManus on December 23

      Xia got a bunch of mentions in the latest Dice Tower Audio Podcast. I will not list them all as it would take a long time. However, the podcast is definitely worth listening to. It is Part 1 of their "Best and Worst of 2014" episode. Spoiler: Xia isn't listed as "worst" for its categories. You can listen to it here:

    28. Creator IgneusManus on December 21

      And here is another good comment about the Dice Tower's terrible play of Xia:

    29. Creator IgneusManus on December 21

      It was actually a terrible play-through. They didn't even explain the rules about shields. I hope to write about it in detail at some point in the future. I wrote this but don't have time to write more at the moment:

      Also, another BGG user wrote this:

    30. Creator James Cameron on December 21

      Okay, so Sam really doesn't seem to like it -- they actually abandon the game before finishing it, and there's some interesting discussion about how Xia plays and how it might be streamlined for 5 players -- for example cycling through phases rather than complete turns. Has anyone tried that?

    31. Creator James Cameron on December 21

      Hey all, this is pretty cool. The guys at the Dice Tower did another 24-hour live gaming session this weekend (well, 18 hours) and Xia was one of the games they played. Zee didn't seem to have as much fun as he should have though...

      Xia starts around the 1 hour 20 minute mark:…

    32. Creator Andrew Ronzino on December 18

      @Cody! So awesome!

    33. Creator IgneusManus on December 17

      @Far Off Games: Sweet! I also see sold through their stock already. I'm hoping the Amazon sales are steady as well. I'd love to see another Far Off Games Kickstarter soon. :)

    34. Creator Far Off Games on December 17

      Hey backers! WE JUST BROKE THE TOP 500 on BoardGameGeek!!!…


    35. Creator Proffejor on December 12

      So my silly phone won't let me post this on the print n play mini-expansion update, so I will post it here for now, and add it to the update later on.

      The dumptruck ship looks like it could be a beast when it comes to ramming folks, so I would suggest it's power is armor plating. The card would add hold spaces only usable for taking damage, which are only healed when you heal at a planet. Upgrading the ship would NOT remove these, mind you, just when you pay to heal at a planet. I'd make it a tier 2.

      The jetski inspired craft leaves me stumped. It looks fast, but we have a ship power for more speed already. I guess you could give it a secret cargo hold, which automatically gets one material for free when visiting a "buy" space, that can be sold normally. (You become the interplanetary UPS guy.)

      The sportscar ship, again, looks super fast. Perhaps it can cycles its active markers during it's turn at a cost of extra energy? Pay 3 energy to move an active marker onto the card, which doesn't let you activate outfits more than 4 times, but you can use your missles more often... this is bad, swamp rats ability is better already.

      If you decide to do more outfits, some suggestions
      Harvesting outfits, lvl 1 adds D6 to a nebula harvest roll, lvl 2 adds a D8 to an asteroid mining roll, and level 3 adds a D12 to nebula and asteroid rolls. Lvl 1 is only 2 spaces lvl 2 is 3 in a line, and lvl 3 is 5 in a "u"

      It seems to me that in Xia gathering is fraught with peril, these outfits would make it more possible to gather goods without running out of energy or taking damage. It's still a die roll, so a lot of harvests would statistically catch up with you, but maybe a D6, D6, D8 would be less op... but for 3000 credits and 5 hold spaces, being able to harvest asteroid and nebula with less risk seems like a fair trade off.

    36. Creator Far Off Games on December 9

      Hey backers! If you want to help me out - you could "like" this picture on BGG and try to get it to the front page!

      Thanks! :D

    37. Creator Jonathan Lacson on December 4

      Xia just showed up on CoolStuffInc's website! It's such a popular OLGS on BGG. Hoping for the best.

    38. Creator Far Off Games on December 2

      @Sascha: I was waiting for their product page to go live - which it just did this morning! I've added the links to accordingly! :)

    39. Creator Sascha Heberger on December 2

      Why isn't Wayland Games listed on, although they also offer Xia?

    40. Creator Far Off Games on December 1

      Haha! Thanks guys!!! :D

    41. Creator IgneusManus on December 1

      @Andrew Ronzino: Woohoo!

    42. Creator Andrew Ronzino on December 1

      Hey everyone! I was just browsing, and Xia is for sale there now!…

    43. Creator Bryan Beach on November 30

      Cody, our video play/review is live:…

    44. Creator Brent Johnson on November 29

      My wife and I 'house ruled' xia to make it a two player game, and we have played it every night for 4 nights straight! Xia has got to be our favorite game out of the 60+ games we own! Thanks Cody (and team) for making such an awesome game! I can't wait to show it to my game group.

    45. Creator Tess miller on November 25

      If you are a XIA BACKER please check this link out! If you are CODY do NOT click this link!…

    46. Creator Alexey Tchebykin on November 24

      @ Far Off Games

      YOHOOOOOOOOO! Thanks for the support

    47. Creator bones1127 (Tyson H) on November 24

      plus when can people start to Download Mods on the Xia webset. :D id like to see and put my creations in it.

    48. Creator bones1127 (Tyson H) on November 24

      whats a good why to make the stickers for the blank sector tills. i have the tenplats and i made one but i don't know bow to make it a reality. plz help

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