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Expands the universe of Xia. Pre-painted miniatures! New Sectors! New Missions! New Powers! A 1-5 player sandbox-style space adventure!
Expands the universe of Xia. Pre-painted miniatures! New Sectors! New Missions! New Powers! A 1-5 player sandbox-style space adventure!
7,674 backers pledged $503,881 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update Video!

Posted by Far Off Games (Creator)

Hi backers! Wow! What an exciting time! I've made a short video update below, and also did a text version if you prefer :)

Shipping update Video

Here's a synopsis of the video content:

Fulfillment status at a glance! :)
Fulfillment status at a glance! :)

Asia: Direct orders are complete! If you haven't gotten a tracking # please feel free to let us know!

-South Africa: Bulk shipment should be clearing customs this week!

-Brazil: Bulk shipment is on it's way to Conclave Editora

Australia / New Zealand: Email - all orders have gone out!

Canada: Email - all orders have gone out!

Europe: Orders are still shipping! Don't worry if you haven't gotten yours yet! Keep an eye on your inbox for tracking #s.

United States: We're about 80% through our orders, it's gone slower than normal because we're waiting on stock to show up in Amazon's system.

Usually it only takes a couple days, but for this shipment we're waiting on about 500 sets of coins show (about 4 cases). Amazon gives themselves 2 weeks to reconcile your shipment before they let us request they look into it.

Obviously that's a long time, so David and I yesterday took maters into our own hands and labeled and shipped all our extra coins to Amazon. There are enough extra coins to cover all the remaining orders. So fingers crossed they arrive soon and we can finish processing the remaining orders! (Or the coins that Amazon haven't processed yet may show up sooner! I keep checking every hour or so) :)

Thanks for your patience in this, I know it can be difficult to wait when other people are getting their copies, and you are doing a fantastic job being patient!!! :)


You guys rock! Please feel free to comment or email us if you have any questions (but please know that our inboxes are flooding, so it may take us a while to reply! :)

Ok, back to the inbox to answer emails!! Until next time, I'll see you starside!

Cheers, -Cody


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    1. Aaron Wade on

      Hi, I'm in Canada and still have not received anything. Is there anything I can do?

    2. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      @Rodney Cockrell: Sorry about that! We'll get you a replacement sent out!! :)

      @Federico Marcos Bassano: You bet! So sorry for the trouble!!

      @John Breckenridge: Sent you a PM! :)

      @John Biggs: Sent you a PM! :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Federico Marcos Bassano on

      I would like to report that the issue reported below has been already solved by Far Off. Excelent customter support. Many Thanks Cody, Frank, and team! Godspeed!

    4. Rodney Cockrell on

      Hello, I finally got a chance to set up the game and realized that I had two minis for the Ghoststalker, but no Scoundrel! Can you please send me a Scoundrel mini? Thanks.

    5. Missing avatar

      Federico Marcos Bassano on

      Hello Cody and Team,
      I received the package in Argentina; but it´s in English; while It was requested it to be in Spanish. I´am still in the hospital trying to recover from the Shock from when I opened the box... =(

      Sent you an emal to; to look forward how we can address the issue. Many thanks in advance,

    6. Missing avatar

      John Breckenridge

      I only pledged for Missions and Powers, but I haven't seen anything yet.

    7. John Biggs on

      I'm sure it's something I did wrong since the last couple things I did on pledge manager had the same issue, but I haven't seen anything yet in the way of tracking information for my pledge and you're probably waiting on some information from me. Could you look into it when you have some time?

    8. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      @Gamer McGamer: So sorry about that man! Sent you a PM! We'll get you taken care of! :)

      @OneManParty: Ahh! Sorry if that wasn't what you were hoping for! VFI Asia may have more copies sent to retailers - they could help you find something?

    9. Missing avatar

      OneManParty on

      Ah... your right. Just rechecked my pledge. For some reason I only pledged for the mini expansion... DOH!
      I guess at least I don’t need to find shelf space...

    10. Missing avatar

      Gamer McGamer on

      I've got an interesting one. Shipped 1/25. Arrived at my local Amazon facility 1/26. Delayed in transit on 1/28. No update for 11 days.

    11. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      @Paul Holden: Awesome man!!! Excite! :D

      @Micah Pearson: Sent you a PM! :)

      @Daniel Butler: Also sent you a PM! :)

      @OneManParty: Excellent! I'm glad your copy arrived safely!

    12. Missing avatar

      OneManParty on

      I have only received the mini expansion missions and powers. Shipping location is Hong Kong.

    13. Daniel Butler on

      I still have not heard anything on shipping. Any more updates? Are just orders with the coins effected?

    14. Missing avatar

      Micah Pearson on

      Haven’t seen an email or any box yet. Could you look into this for me? Xia‘s my favorite game so I’m beyond anxious to play with all the new content.

    15. Paul Holden

      Arrived in the UK, hoping to get it on the table this weekend, thank you :)

    16. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      Hey there! Just tried to answer all the questions below! I'll keep watching here if anyone has any other Q's! :) -Cody

      @Mark Ellmann: Haha! SO awesome!! I hope your game went well!! :D

      @Rick Starzinski: Hmm, strange! I've checked in and your coins should ship out as soon as they come in stock, sorry about that Rick! :)

      @Kisa A: Haha! Yes, that is frequently my problem with other games! Here's a kickstarter post I did about how I store my copy of Xia:

      @Alberto Vitali: SWEEET!! You're very welcome Alberto!!

      @Mats Forsén: Hmm, I wasn't aware that was a Symbol of Chaos :P

      @Jason: Wow, thanks so much for the complements! :) Thanks so much for joining us on this journey!!

      @Alan Barnes: So great! Thanks for sharing Alan! It warms my heart to know that you enjoyed the campaign! And you bet I'll see you at the next one!! :)

      @Dominik: YES! You're welcome Dom!! :D

      @Glen: Haha! Aren't those rad?? My sisters got them for me! :)

      @Darryl Shannon: Nice!! Yay! :)

      @Tyinsar: Oh no!! Sorry to hear it Ty! But glad that you have good neighbors!!! Wishing you many hours of happy gaming eh? :)

      @luc: Nice!!!

      @André Silveira / Jamie Alexandre Sinclair Piedade: According to the email I got from VFI Asia they were a few weeks out last week - so I imagine 2-3 weeks until they get to Brazil. As Jamie has pointed out, my experience with customs in Brazil is that it can take a very long time to get things through. I'll keep you updated as we go though! :)

      @Andrew Gilpin: Hehe! I'm happy to hear you're enjoying your boxES!! :D I hope you can rustle up some friends to play!! :)

      @Brenden: Please don't be concerned! I've just checked on your order, you're in the 20% of orders that haven't shipped out (we're waiting for stock to show up in Amazon's account). So, no worries! Just waiting on Amazon to get their stuff together! :)

      @Andrew Hogan: Thanks man! Couldn't have done it without your support!! I hope the C-37 Starstrider flys straight and true for you!! XD

      @Joel A: Haha! I'm so happy to hear Xia's arrived in Sweden!! And sorry to hear about your Xia Station woes! I hope you're able to get one you're happy with! :)

      @fritzilla: WOOOH! Nice!!!

    17. Missing avatar

      fritzilla on

      Mission and 2K coins arrived, Sacramento California.

    18. Missing avatar

      Joel A on

      Missions & Powers + 2k coins (why didn't I order more than one pack?) arrived to me in Sweden earlier this week. The coins are more brownish and less orange than I expected, but still look nice. Thanks, and keep up the good work, you all!

      (Now if only the online vendor that said "yes, our Xia Station is version 2.0" before I placed my order and then still sent me the original version would have had the same sense of commitment and quality that you have at Far Off Games, everything would have been perfect... :/)

    19. Andrew Hogan on

      Received M&P pack, Sellsword and 2,000 cr coins to complete my set. Well worth the wait. Many thanks.

      Looking forward to trying out the Sellsword/Wasp in my games now. Once again, well done on producing a most excellent game.

    20. Brenden on

      I'm in the United States, but haven't seen a shipping email yet. One of my neighbors and fellow backers has already received their shipment. Should I be concerned?

    21. Andrew Gilpin

      I'm in Canada, and I got my copy yesterday. What a box! BoxES, actually. It all looks incredible! I love the coins - they look SO good. Now I need to find at least 2 other people and a free evening and get this to the table. THANK YOU!

    22. Missing avatar

      Jaime Alexandre Sinclair Piedade on

      @André Silveira I was told last week it would take "a few more weeks". Knowing how things work in Brazilian customs, it could easily take 2-3 months. =/

    23. André Silveira on

      Hello! Any idea of when Brazilian shipping will hit Conclave?

    24. Missing avatar

      luc on

      Got mine monday, The Netherlands

    25. Tyinsar on

      Got mine today (in Canada). Would have had it yesterday if Canada Post hadn’t put it in the wrong mailbox (grr) - thankful for honest neighbors.

      It all looks Awesome. Thank you. Can’t wait to try the new powers and missions and use the new coins.

    26. Missing avatar

      Darryl Shannon

      Just got mine today in Canada... yay!

    27. Missing avatar


      ON the wall.

    28. Missing avatar


      Those Star Wars pictures in the wall though!!!! Awesome!!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Dominik on

      Got mine today here in Germany!

      Coins look spectacular! Thanks, Cody!

    30. Missing avatar

      Alan Barnes on

      Hiya cody... received my game Monday in the UK... it looks amazing hoping to get it on the table at the weekend... the experience I’ve had with you and far off games has been a really good one... I wish other kickstarters kept us as informed as you have... thank you and can’t wait for your next KS.....

    31. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Cody, Xia is one of my favorite games and their campaigns have been my absolute favorite projects on here. You handle communication like a champ and handle issues in a reasonable time. Amazing man. Genuinely wish you all the best! Keep it up!

    32. Missing avatar

      Mats Forsén on

      Haha.. Using the Symbol of Chaos to represent shipping seems ominious. :P .. but I already got my stuff here in Sweden last week so I'm good.

    33. Alberto Vitali on

      I got my stuff today. I live in Italy.
      Many thanks!!!

    34. Kisa A

      I got mine last Sunday, I love the ships though one thing, and this all games I order, never can figure out where to put stuff in the boxes or what bags to put stuff in. I got the slots for the map hexes and cards and what not but the coins always all out on me from their slot and still wonder what should go where. But anyway love the ships the most the and can't wait to play it.

    35. Missing avatar

      Rick Starzinski on

      My delivery is scheduled for today! Minneapolis, MN.

      I did re-open my pledge in Oct and added on the 2k coins, which were not listed on my shipping email. Will these be shipping separately, or should I send an email about it? (not sure which email to use?)

      Thanks so much Cody! Super excited to play!

    36. Mark Ellmann on

      Just got M&P and Sellsword today. Everything is gorgeous as always. Big game planned tomorrow. Cody, Ira, you guys are Legendary Legends!

    37. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      @Salvatore Truglio: Please don't worry - shipments are still going out in Europe - Spiral Galaxy will email your tracking # when your order ships! :)

      @Mohammad Lutfiyya: We should have plenty of coins for purchase once Kickstarter fulfilment is complete! Amazon is just taking their sweet time registering them in the system...

      @Cory Fleury: Sweet!! Thanks for being such an awesome backer! :) Looking forward to sharing Arydia for sure!

      @John D: Nice man! Hope you get lots of good gaming in!!

      @Ken(The friendly gamer): Haha! Sorry about that, I pace when I talk...Fingers crossed Amazon gets their stuff together soon so I can ship you your order!! :)

    38. Salvatore Truglio on

      I have not received any shipping email in Italy yet!!Where can i take tracking number??

    39. Mohammad Lutfiyya on

      My stuff did arrive. It is at home waiting for me!

    40. Mohammad Lutfiyya on

      Cody, will there be no extra coins for purchase?

    41. Cory Fleury on

      Should be getting my copy tomorrow! Thanks for an awesomely run campaign Cody. Now for some Arydia updates!

    42. Missing avatar

      John D on

      I got mine in the Midwest US on Saturday, looks awesome!

    43. Ken (The friendly gamer)

      Still waiting. You’re still the best though. Only comment is I am now dizzy from watching your 🤣

    44. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      @Derek Nadler: Haha! That's awesome man!

      @Joey Vieira: Sweet! Yeah, Puddle Jumper is really fun! (and I can't wait to share more on Arydia when the time comes!)

      @Salomon: So glad to hear it! It's great to know that you enjoyed the shipping updates, I had lots of fun writing them!! :)

      @Chris Fosburg: SWEEET!!!!

      @Jan Kador: Thumbs up! Please enjoy with my complements! :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Jacky Daniels on

      Hi there,
      mine arrived last weekend. Thank you so much for everything 💕 I haven't had the time to open it yet, but the box itself looks fine, so I guess everything is okay.
      Greetings from Germany to you!

    46. Missing avatar

      Chris Fosburg on

      Received all items- Northern VA

    47. Missing avatar

      Derek Nadler on

      Got my copies of Embers, M&P and the Sellsword on Sunday and played it with my friends lasst night! We had a blast! Thanks :)

    48. Jan Kador

      received mine today ... great thanks

    49. Joey Vieira on

      I got mine Saturday and played that night. Love the new powers for the ships. Puddle Jumper. Wow!

      Thanks from Oregon! Now, let's set our hyperdrive to Arydia. 👍😊

    50. Missing avatar

      Salomon Davin on

      Everything arrived today here in germany - and it looks as exiting as I expected & I expected a lot- can't wait for the first game! Great updates of the shipping process - I loved to know the updates where the containers/the ship is.