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Expands the universe of Xia. Pre-painted miniatures! New Sectors! New Missions! New Powers! A 1-5 player sandbox-style space adventure!
Expands the universe of Xia. Pre-painted miniatures! New Sectors! New Missions! New Powers! A 1-5 player sandbox-style space adventure!
7,674 backers pledged $503,881 to help bring this project to life.

Home stretch! Quick shipping update!

Posted by Far Off Games (Creator)

Hey backers! Wow! Such a fun time right now at Far Off Games! Things are really moving quickly now! Here's where we're at:

Asia:At VFI Asia. Shipping - you should have gotten tracking #. Please let us know if you haven't yet!

Australia / New Zealand: At Aetherworks in Sydney. Copies being shipped out!

Brazil: Copies are en-route to Conclave Editora.

Canada: At Starlit Citadel in Vancouver, BC. We're at the front of the shipping queue - should be shipping next week!

Europe: At Spiral Galaxy Games in the UK, copies have started to be sent out! Please wait for your shipping confirmation emails! :)

United States: We just got our copies into's warehouse yesterday! David and I were working all week to prepare for it getting the batches ready for upload. It's a labor intensive process where we have to cut all orders into batches of 100 - and we double/triple check everything to ensure it gets through Amazon's system. Amazon likes to change things and they don't issue "patch notes" so sometimes things just don't work - for instance we had everything ready to go yesterday, but due to an updated spreadsheet requiring a new column for export "MarketplaceID" - we have to add the column to every line, then re-export them.

Cody - up late getting spreadsheets sorted! Fun fun fun! :)
Cody - up late getting spreadsheets sorted! Fun fun fun! :)

No problem if you're dealing with less than a hundred orders, but when it's around 4,500 orders, it takes a little while (and a little bit of coffee too!) 

Thankfully I've got David here to help, we're now double checking orders, then submitting them into the system to process as we go, (then double checking again).

If you're in the USA you can expect to get a shipping notification in the next week or so! There are a ton of orders, and only two of us, so please be patient! :)


Ok! I'm just typing this up in between submitting orders - so I should get back to it! Just wanted to give you all a heads up on where we're at!! :)

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments and I'll reply to you first thing Monday! Until next time, I'll see you starside!!

Cheers, -Cody

P.S. Just started watching for the first time, Avatar: The Last Airbender, with my kids, it's SO good! (Finished Book One: Water, the other night, can't wait for Book Two!)


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    1. Mark on

      Arrived in Phoenix.

    2. Missing avatar

      LNeal on

      shipping notice says today later on (01/26/19) in the south eastern US, so here's to hoping I have one more GIANT box of goodness to pour over on my cold Saturday before heading into work!

    3. The REAL Bill Richards

      Can't wait for Spiral Galaxy to pull their fingers out and get my stuff to me ;)

    4. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      @Jaime Alexandre Sinclair Piedade: I've just gotten an update from VFI Asia - the games are being shipped via Ocean Freight to Conclave Editora in Brazil. The shipment still a few weeks out from reaching Brazil. I'm sorry to say!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jaime Alexandre Sinclair Piedade on

      I'm jealous of all these people who already have their copies... How much time until the games get to Brazil? :(

    6. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      @JungleDave: That's a great idea! I will put it in an update when extras are ready to go live! :)

    7. JungleDave on

      Thanks for the update. Will you release the store link when you get ready to sell the extra stock?

    8. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      So happy to hear of all the copies going out and being received!! I've tried to reply below:

      @Justin Newell: WOOOO!!! :D

      @Alex: Haha! YES! We started Book Two: Earth over the weekend - SO good!!

      @Tony Dixon: Bahaha! I just about spit my tea on my keyboard! :P

      @Christopher Adams: Really?! I'd heard of Legend of Korra, but didn't know it was tied to Avatar! Nice!

      @Ryan T.: YES! It's been great watching a show I feel has really great values built-in!

      @James Brazeal: So I've been experiencing!!

      @Joey Vieira: No worries about Amazon - they change stuff all the time! I'm just happy that copies are going out soon!! :)

      @Udo Richter: You bet! Thanks for supporting me so I can have this awesome job! :)

      @Xenothon Stelnicki: I've heard that from SO many people since starting to watch it! I'm surprised I haven't seen it before this!

      @LInsoDeTeh: Sweet!!! I can't wait for you to get it! :)

      @Immanuel Aquino: Ahh yes, so fun! :)

      @Leroy Smith: It warms my heart Leroy!! I wish you many hours of happy gaming!: )

      @Dustin Kuykendall: Thanks for sharing man! I totally feel you - I'm enjoying it, but I think my 6yo is having the time of his life! Haha! :) And thanks for the suggestion on the Dark Horse graphic novels! I'll have to check those out!

      @Aonline: Hehe! Yes, everything is inspiring! :)

      @Willem-Jan Bertram: Haha! Thanks for the heads-up! Will avoid it!

      @Josiah Parker: Depending on where you live, we'll be selling the extra stock on Amazon in the US!

      @Steven Traver: Thanks for the heads up! It's not so much adding it in excell that takes time - the sheet's have to be cut into orders of #100 - then exported into tab delimited text files - so just having to re-do that process, and we're using a series of checks and double checks to ensure there hasn't been any data-loss or human error before uploading. So it's just lots of time spent that we'd already had ready to go, but no matter! :)

      @John F. Rogers: Hahah! So glad to hear it John!!

      @Aidan Wardman: You bet!!! Thanks for the support Aidan!!!

      @Jimmy Trinket: So glad to hear! It's been a pleasure! :)

      @Simon Taylor: Superb!! May you enjoy your time among the stars!!

    9. Simon Taylor on

      Just arrived here in the UK - thanks for everything.

    10. Jimmy Trinket

      Arrived in Australia!!! Yay, quality is fantastic! Thanks for all the hard work Cody. :)

    11. Aidan Wardman on

      Arrived in Australia! Quality looks great! Thanks for delivering a fantastic product!

    12. John F. Rogers on

      Got my copy of Missions and Powers and 2 Credit coins. On a Sunday! What black magic was this? Don’t care, got my stuff!

    13. Steven Traver on

      Re your 4,500 spreadsheet entries, assuming you're using Excel, and that your MarketplaceId is the same value, you can select all of your column cells, type your MarketplaceId, then hit Ctrl+Enter to duplicate that value in all of the selected cells.

    14. Josiah Parker on

      I’m kind of kicking myself for not buying any 2,000cr, if there are any left, will there be a way to buy some after?

    15. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Exciting times indeed, looking forward to diving into the game again!

      Avatar is indeed awesome, just be sure to avoid the live action movie like the plague. ;-)

    16. Aonline

      Avatar is amazing, I hope you find some inspiration for Arydia ;)

    17. Dustin Kuykendall

      Also just finished watching Avatar again, but for the first time with my five-year-old son, and I’m not sure who enjoyed it more. By far one of the best animated series ever done, and a must have for every parent who is disappointed with the current state of children’s programming. So glad they finally released it on Blu-Ray.

      If you’re still interested in following the story after the series ends, don’t overlook the Dark Horse graphic novels. They pick up right where the series ends and are fantastic! Highly recommend the Library Edition hardcover collections with the production notes in the margins.

    18. Leroy Smith on

      Arrived in Australia

    19. Immanuel Aquino on

      That Amazon comment hits close to home. 😂

    20. LInsoDeTeh

      Awesome, can't wait for the game to arrive! :-)

    21. Xenothon Stelnicki on

      I think it's still in my top 5 shows of all time 😁

    22. Udo Richter on

      Thanks for your hard work!

    23. Joey Vieira on

      Thank you for the update Cody! Can't wait to see the newest additions! Sorry to hear about Amazon and their changes. Thanks for the hard work!

    24. Missing avatar

      James Brazeal

      Great news and Avatar the Last Air Bender is Great.

    25. Ryan T.

      Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the best anime and show series ever ... and the lessons learned is invaluable for children !!

    26. Missing avatar

      Christopher Adams on

      You're lucky that you won't have to wait 4 years to start watching Legend of Korra (the follow-up series) when you're done with Avatar.

    27. Tony Dixon on

      Arrived in New Zealand...many thanks.....just need to find a time when the other three inhabitants of this country can play :-)

    28. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Thanks for the update Cody :)
      And you’re in for a treat with Avatar - one of the greatest shows of all time imo.
      If you liked season one just you wait..!

    29. Justin Newell on

      Ive gone mine. Thanks guys it looks amazing.