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Expands the universe of Xia. Pre-painted miniatures! New Sectors! New Missions! New Powers! A 1-5 player sandbox-style space adventure!
Expands the universe of Xia. Pre-painted miniatures! New Sectors! New Missions! New Powers! A 1-5 player sandbox-style space adventure!
7,674 backers pledged $503,881 to help bring this project to life.

Happy New Year! Shipping update!

Posted by Far Off Games (Creator)

Hey backers! Happy new year!!! I hope that you're all having an amazing 2019! I had a super fun holiday with my family and friends - ate so much good food, and played so many great games!

Gaming @ Far Off Games office in 2019! Clockwise: James (hat), David, Drew, and Cody!
Gaming @ Far Off Games office in 2019! Clockwise: James (hat), David, Drew, and Cody!

It's good to be alive, and I can't wait for all the fun adventures we're going to have this year! :)

Ok! Here's the overview picture at a glance, with details below for each region:

Current overview of shipping status by region! :)
Current overview of shipping status by region! :)

Asia / Brazil

Currently shipping! If you haven't gotten a tracking # yet please don't worry - VFI Asia is using drop-shipments for the following regions:

  • Brazil
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore (some regions)
  • Thailand
  • South Africa

So if you haven't gotten your tracking #'s yet and you're in those regions, please don't worry! :) I do want to apologize because I didn't realize just how busy VFI Asia was when we got into their queue - I thought that everything would have been shipped within a shorter time-frame, so I'm sorry for not having better information for you on this earlier!

Australia / New Zealand

Our copies have made port in Sydney!
Our copies have made port in Sydney!

Our good ship the OOCL ITALY has arrived in Sydney and our cargo was unloaded and is currently clearing customs. It should be shipped a short 25 minute truck ride to Aetherworks - hopefully within the week!

I'm waiting to hear back from them on their shipping queue timeline (since they just got back) and I'll let you know when I hear from them!!

Canada / United States

Canada and United States copies are both currently in the beautiful port at Vancouver, BC!
Canada and United States copies are both currently in the beautiful port at Vancouver, BC!

Canada: Our ship the OOCL ANTWERP was delayed from the original ETA of Dec 26th. Because of high congestion on the west coast the ship only made port a few days ago. According to Justin at OTX Logistics the shipment should be at the Vancouver Container Freight Station Warehouse with an ETA at Starlit Citadel this week. Again, that depends on how things go with customs. I'll keep you updated as we make progress! :)

United States: Our ship the RHL CONSTANTIA made port and unloaded our copies in Vancouver, BC! They are currently awaiting a train to Detroit, MI. It's taking longer than expected because of a "railyard chassis shortage" and high congestion on the west coast. Once loaded onto a train, they will make their their way to Detroit, MI where they will clear customs. After that they will be loaded on a semi truck and head to Amazon's warehouse for fulfillment! 


Our copies are at the port in Southampton clearing customs!
Our copies are at the port in Southampton clearing customs!

Our valiant vessel CMA CGM ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT has made port in Southampton! We have a truck delivery appointment to Spiral Galaxy Games on Jan 10th! I'm waiting to hear back about their estimated fulfillment timeline, and I'll let you guys know when I hear back from them! We have 2,336 orders going out through their warehouse, so we'll do our best to be patient as the games are shipping out! :)

Other Countries

There's a few countries that David and I are fulfilling from our office here in Lincoln City, Oregon:

  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Martinique
  • Peru
  • French Polynesia

We will get you tracking #'s as we ship out copies! :)

Russia: Our orders to Russia were scheduled to go out from Spiral Galaxy Games - however they've let me know that recently they've been unable to get packages through, so we're investigating our best route to fulfillment for these! Please feel free to contact us if you're in Russia and have any ideas! I'm looking into possibly just shipping from here in the US.

Bonus - Look Back

 Just for fun I wanted to show you a bit of the original Xia prototype. I started making Xia as a hobby, something to do in my spare time. One of my favorite things was making tiny spaceship models from scratch. Here's some of the original ships made mainly from bass wood and plastic bits!

Original hand-made Xia ships.
Original hand-made Xia ships.

Each one of these ships was re-made by our digital artist Steve Tyler - see if you can guess the names of each ship in the comments below! :D 


OK! That's all I've got for you today! We're getting so close to you wonderful people getting your hands on all the sweet sweet Xia goodness, and I can't wait!! As always, feel free to leave comments below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!! :)

Until next time, I'll see you starside!!

Cheers, -Cody

P.S. Into the Spider-Verse is AMAZING! I can't believe how much fun it was - it was absolutely drenched in style and flare! Superb!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Marc Bolduc on

      Hello guys. Any news about the Canadian fullfilment ? ^^

    2. Cesspit on

      Received the expansion (and the 2000 credit coins) today in Australia (through Aetherworks fulfillment). Many thanks!

    3. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      @Alexandre Goh: WOOOOOOOO!! Thanks so much for the support man! I wish you the bestest! :)

      @Brian Aslin: Nice! Thanks for the heads up!!

      @Matt Thaxton: It depends on how fulfillment goes, but looking mid-February to post retail on Amazon! :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Matt Thaxton on

      Do you know when we can expect to have the game restocked on Amazon? I have some friends who want to buy a copy.

    5. Brian Aslin on

      Latest from Aetherworks(OZ/NZ). They are processing the parcels:

    6. Alexandre Goh

      Oh yeah! My spaceship just landed. Can’t wait to unbox it later..

      @Cody Thanks for everything and especially being efficient.. cheers!

    7. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      Hey everyone! Such an exciting time!!! Here's a few replies:

      @Karl: Nicely done man! :D I love how even in their early state the general concepts of the ships carry through :)

      @Jonathan West: Thanks so much for the feedback - I will definitely take that into consideration as we look towards Arydia's KS campaign and what should be in place for it! It's good to hear from you, a genuine backer, what's important - I was planning play-throughs as a tertiary video, but this comment bumps it up in priority! :) Thanks Jonathan!

      @Alexandre Goh: Hahah! Yes!! :)

      @Cory Phillips: I expect games to arrive before February, so no worries! :)

      @Anthony Blake: Just got an email from Aetherworks on the subject: They said "Looking at ball park of 3-5 business days after we get stock to complete this one based on the data you have provided." My understanding is they will email you tracking #'s directly.

    8. Anthony Blake on

      Hi Guys!
      Any updates from Aetherworks (Australia) on when they will be sending out our orders? They have been back from holidays this week (4 days) and there hasn't been any news.
      Also, how will Tracking Numbers etc. be sent to us? Will this be handled directly by Aetherworks or will it still be coordinated through Far Off Games?
      Thanks for your time and what looks to be a great game!

    9. Missing avatar

      Cory Phillips

      For USA delivery, should they arrive before February, if not is there anyway I could change my address still? I'm moving to a new address and figured the game would have arrived before I move on the 14th of February. Thanks in advance!

    10. Alexandre Goh

      Can’t wait for it to arrived at my doorsteps!

      Waiting to reunite all the spaceship.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jonathan West on

      Hey Cody - it was easy to back this game based on the look of the game from previewing it on YouTube (reviews and especially playthroughs), and the comments about your excellence on the first Kickstarter, which my experience on this KS is proving to be true. The only difficulty I had was on the pledge level - and I added Sellsword and 2K coins in the PM!

      The Arydia concept looks really interesting - hopefully you'll be able to get some people to do some quality playthroughs prior to launching the Kickstarter as playthroughs are a million (or more!) times more informative than reviews - especially when many YT channels give glowing previews of everything when not every game can be that good! You can't tell the gold from the also-rans with them I'm afraid.

    12. Missing avatar

      Karl Lanzetta on

      Here are my guesses (they mostly match up with Joey's list except for #4):
      #1 - Swamp Rat
      #2 - Numerator
      #3 - Puddle Jumper
      #4 - The Krembler
      #5 - Merchant NPC
      #6 - Bitter Karma
      #7 - Slow Leak
      #8 - Constant Sorrow
      #9 - Cold Phoenix

    13. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      I'll check back tomorrow and see if there are any other questions I can answer! Thanks so much for being patient and super rad through all of this excitement, you all are the BEST!!! :) -Cody

      @Jonathan West: Haha! Sure thing man! So glad to have you as a backer!! :)

      @Joey Vieira: Nice guessing!! 8/9! :) #4 is not Mach Horror! :P

      @João José Gois: Drop shipping means VFI Asia bundled up all the copies going to that region and ship them to a central company - in Brazil, that's Conclave Editoria. This way we can manage customs payments much easier and pay it all at once. Once the copies get to Conclave Editoria they will ship them directly out to you backers, so hopefully it's a smoother process overall! :)

      @Nate Johnson: Dude, that sounds epic!! I think the galaxy is telling you that you'd make a great Outlaw ;) Thanks for sharing your experience man, so rad! :P

      @Ravendas: Awesome! I hope so too!! :)

      @FCSu / Yong Siong Oon: Great question! I don't think I explained the VFI Asia update as well as I could have - they are shipping out copies this week, so you should get a tracking # soon, if you haven't already - unless you're in one of the drop-ship countries. Please feel free to message me if you haven't gotten a tracking # in a few days, and I'll check in on your order!!

      @Georgios Christou: Yes! The UAE is being shipped alongside the Europe shipment by Spiral Galaxy Games out of the UK. So the games are due to be delivered to their warehouse on Jan 10th.

      @Jamie: Haha! De nada!! I hope your new year is full of awesome! :D

    14. Missing avatar

      Jamie on

      EXCELLANTE!!! Great news. Well done. So excited.

      HNYear to you too!



    15. Missing avatar

      Georgios Christou

      An update for UAE shipping please! :)

    16. Yong Siong Oon

      Malaysia? Haven't gotten the tracking #

    17. Missing avatar

      FCSu on

      Does it mean that if you're not in the mentioned areas in Asia, you should have tracking# by now? I'm in Taiwan and not recieved my tracking# yet.

    18. Ravendas on

      I'm near Detroit, so that Amazon center might be near me? I hope? Maybe I'll get it sooner than later.

    19. Nate Johnson

      So stoked! I've had the game set up on my table all week. Currently running through a one-off solo game. Just my luck, I'm like 15 tiles in with only ONE lawful planet so far. I'm running around exploring as best I can, but not found any safe way to make money yet. The Scoundrel is closing in (and the Enforcer right on his tail, lol). Sure hope something falls into my lap soon, or the outlaw life is looking better and better. This game truly is a masterpiece. Thanks Cody and Ira (and the rest)!

    20. João José Gois on

      I don't quite understand what "drop-shipment" means, but I'm sure excited and eagerly waiting for my tracking code to reach my mail box! (Or just the game reach my house without any tracking, that wouldn't be a problem really... ^^)

      Happy new year, Cody, and thanks for all the hard work and constant updates.

    21. Joey Vieira on

      Excited to getting close to having this in my hands! Can't wait to see what new abilities come for the ship!

      As for the guesses, here we go!

      Ship #1 - Swamp Rat
      Ship #2- Numerator
      Ship #3 - Puddle Jumper
      Ship #4 - Mach Horror
      Ship #5 - The Merchant Ship
      Ship #6 - Bitter Karma
      Ship #7 - Slow Leak (my favorite ship)
      Ship #8 - Constant Sorrow
      Ship #9 - Cold Phoenix

    22. Missing avatar

      Jonathan West on

      Brilliant! Thanks for the update Cody. Happy New Year to you and yours also.😀