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Expands the universe of Xia. Pre-painted miniatures! New Sectors! New Missions! New Powers! A 1-5 player sandbox-style space adventure!
Expands the universe of Xia. Pre-painted miniatures! New Sectors! New Missions! New Powers! A 1-5 player sandbox-style space adventure!
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To the port! Freight update!

Posted by Far Off Games (Creator)

 Hey Backers!! It's an exciting week here at Far Off Games because games are finally leaving the manufacturers and beginning their voyage toward fulfillment centers around the world!!! I've broken it down by region below:

Asia / South America

If you're located in Asia or South America - your games are being shipped via truck to VFI Asia's warehouse - which is only about 6 hours away from Panda in Shenzhen!

A short truck ride to VFI Asia!
A short truck ride to VFI Asia!

When the games arrive they will get into VFI's processing queue and start getting mailed out as soon as possible!

Australia / New Zealand

We received notice from Aetherworks at the end of November that their holiday break this year is from December 21 - January 6th. Unfortunately, the earliest we could get our shipment to them would be December 21st. So our games are going to spend Christmas at PandaGM's warehouse (It only affects our timeline slightly, as our games would be sitting at Aetherworks warehouse otherwise). However, they get back from holiday on January 6th, and we're going to coordinate the ocean freight to arrive as close to that date as we can!

Canada / Europe / United States

Your games are heading to the ports of Shenzhen and Yantian!

Games going to Canada heading to the port of Shenzhen, Games going to Europe / US heading to the port of Yantian
Games going to Canada heading to the port of Shenzhen, Games going to Europe / US heading to the port of Yantian
Cargo ships heading to port to pick up our games!
Cargo ships heading to port to pick up our games!

Canada: Your copies will be departing on the good ship OOCL ANTWERP December 11th with an ETA at the port of Vancouver on December 25th. From there the games will take a truck to Starlit Citadel, also located in Vancouver, BC!

Port of Shenzhen - games heading to Canada will depart from here!
Port of Shenzhen - games heading to Canada will depart from here!

Europe: Your games will be loaded onto the CMA CGM ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT on Dec 12th! The shipment has an ETA at the port of Southhampton on January 6th. From there it will be trucked to Spiral Galaxy Games for fulfillment!

United States: December 10th your copies will set sail on the RHL CONSTANTIA also headed for the port of Vancouver, BC with an ETA of December 24th! The shipment will then be taken by train to Detroit, MI which is schedule to arrive on January 6th where it will then be delivered to the fulfillment center also located in Detroit!

Port of Yantian - Games headed to Europe and United States are headed here!
Port of Yantian - Games headed to Europe and United States are headed here!


It's so exciting to finally see the games making their way toward you backers!! I can't wait for you to receive your copies and enjoy our hard work! I'm so thankful for each one of you, supporting me and Far Off Games and allowing us to make awesome games! Here's to safe voyages for each shipment!!! :)

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to post in the comments below and I'll answer them first thing Monday! I will be posting shipping updates as the boats leave port - so you can follow along with the voyages; keep an eye out for those soon!!! :)

Until next time, I'll see you starside!  

Cheers, -Cody  

P.S. Anyone else playing Keyforge? My game group is really enjoying it, and I find the deck names hilarious! My deck is called: "Xaranic, The Programmed Locus Deejay" Hehehe!

Cody's unique Keyforge deck!
Cody's unique Keyforge deck!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Joel A on

      @Mark, @Cody: RHL CONSTANTIA has departed Busan, South Korea with a new ETA in Vancouver, BC of December 28th (LT). Perhaps you were right, Mark.

    2. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      @Mark: I haven't heard anything like that from OTX Logistics! I'll check in on everything and post an update either today or tomorrow on where everything's at!! :)

    3. Mark on

      Hmm looks like the ship for the US is just sitting off the coast of China. Maybe they broke down?

    4. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      @Charles E. Leiserson, Jr: No problem! Just message me on KS or send me an email: info(at)faroffgames(dot)com and let me know your new full address and we'll get you taken care of! :) (also sent you a PM just in case you don't see this).

      @Michale A. Urban: Ahh! Sorry to hear it man! If your trip is going to be very long, I'd be happy to try and coordinate with you to see if we could get the game shipped to where you're at? Just send me a PM (or email) if you're interested!

      @Jonathan West: Haha! Yes, you and me both very entertained, ahha! Looking forward to making the next update, just waiting to hear back from OTX Logistics that everything made it aboard all the ships etc. Will update once I've heard back from him! :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Jonathan West on

      The Europe ship is in the South China Sea sailing for Singapore. Thanks Cody for providing this great update. means I can spend the next three weeks tracking the boat. :-))

    6. Michael A. Urban

      Looks like it will be arriving right after I leave the country for a new job. Perfect.

    7. Charles E. Leiserson, Jr.

      Through a convoluted set of circumstances, I'm suddenly going to be moving between Christmas and New Year's (bizarre timing, I'm aware). This is, generally speaking, a good thing, so no sympathies needed.

      However, since the games have not yet reached the Amazon fulfillment centre, I was wondering if it would be possible to to change my address. I'll be in the next town over from my current address, so I'm crossing my fingers that it won't be too difficult,

    8. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      Hey everyone! So glad that many of you are enjoying the updates! I've tried to answer everyone's questions below:

      @Lawrence Carter: Sweet! I'll check it out for sure, but usually I'm a lurker more than a participant on forums. :D

      @João Claudio: Yes, speaking with many different shipping companies and researching our options - the sad truth is that everyone has difficulty shipping to Brazil. I'm researching a drop-shipping option with VFI, but nothing for certain yet.

      @Charles Phillips: Haha!

      @Paul Kellett: I love prawns, and you got the TruPrawn! :P Dis, Sanctum, Untamed - looks pretty good!! I love that "Word of Returning" wish I had it in my deck!

      @Jim Davies: What?? Your son got a deck with his NAME on it???

      @Federico: The spanish version is being handled by Maldito games - I've got an email off to them waiting to hear back on their status! :)

      Ok! We'll have more updates as things move along! Cheers, -Cody

    9. Missing avatar

      Federico Marcos Bassano on

      Excelente News! Thansk for the info Cody.

      The Spanish Edition is about to ship also? Or it has another schedule?

      Best wishes, Federico.

    10. Jim Davies

      Awesome news. :)

      Our shop was shorted on Keyforge but a friend of our gave my son a deck he ended up getting because it ended up having his exact name on it. :) We played once and can't wait for more decks to start coming in.

    11. Paul Kellett

      Great news :)

      I also got sucked in by the curiosity of Keyforge so I bought a deck just to see it I got a cool name. I wasn't disappointed -
      Truprawn - Spawn of Darkkidney

    12. Alexandre Goh

      I'm stunned with the detailed update on the shipping, well done and thanks Cody!

    13. MCharod on

      wow, now that's a detailed update on shipping..thanks Cody !

    14. Missing avatar

      BigD145 on

      Dang it. I'm a US backer but live about an hour drive from Starlit Citadel in BC.

    15. Casey Smith on

      I cant wait to play this!

    16. Charles Phillips

      How about having the train swing by my house in the state of Washington on the way to Michigan? That'd be swell. Thanks :)

    17. Robert Bruce Garlinghouse on

      This is the absolute best shipping update I have ever received. Kudos to you sir!

    18. Missing avatar

      Jonathan West on

      Nice update - thanks Cody.

    19. Missing avatar

      Felix on

      Many thanks for the incredibly detailed update, Cody. It put a huge smile in my face! I wish you a happy pre-Christmas season. After all your efforts you deserve it.

    20. Olof Dahlberg on

      You rank #1 in updates. Agree totaly with the rest

    21. Aonline

      +This is the gold standard of shipping updates. The visual snapshots are just awesome

    22. Missing avatar

      João Claudio on

      Thanks for the update!

      I'm from Brazil and recently VFI send a lot of packages of another kickstart with the label all in chinese and the customs office, send a lot of package back. We hope that they send all the packages with the correct info.

      Best regards!

    23. William Tran on

      This is the gold standard of shipping updates. Thanks for the info!

    24. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Carter on

      Thanks for the update, Cody. Looking forward to finally getting my hands on Xia! I'm a mod on both the main subreddit and the main discord server for KeyForge. Feel free to join in on the hype if you haven't already (Ira sent us mods some custom-made keys he produced). We'd love to have you.

    25. Missing avatar

      Peter Bernath on

      Great detail, thanks for keeping us informed! Happy Holidays!