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Expands the universe of Xia. Pre-painted miniatures! New Sectors! New Missions! New Powers! A 1-5 player sandbox-style space adventure!
Expands the universe of Xia. Pre-painted miniatures! New Sectors! New Missions! New Powers! A 1-5 player sandbox-style space adventure!
7,674 backers pledged $503,881 to help bring this project to life.

Mission Cards & Timeline Update

Posted by Far Off Games (Creator)

Hey Backers! I hope you're having a fine fall day! I've just got some information back from Panda, and I'd like to keep you in the loop:

MPC Review: Card Issue

After looking over the MPC everything was looking good, there's some small minor changes that we noticed (the orange "spice" cubes are slightly more opaque than previous printings) but nothing worth changing.

However, when we compared this printing to previous printings, one thing became apparent, the Missions Cards backs in the new printing don't quite match the previous printings. They were more red than the original orange see the images below:

This is unfortunate because when consulting with Panda about this re-print, this was the #1 thing we talked about after reviewing the PPC, and has been our stated top priority. Panda has been amazing at everything else, but in this one area we didn't quite hit the mark.

Timeline Update

This will, unfortunately, add some time onto our delivery estimate. I apologize for any frustration or inconvenience this may cause!! I really do try and add enough time for these sorts of things, however we've used up my buffer time on multiple other smaller things. This particular issue is quite unexpected; we've had 3 previous printings with the same manufacturer, all of them were very accurate color reproduction, and the exact same digital files were used in all 4 printings.

Ok, how much time? It looks like with getting these mission cards re-printed we're looking at finishing production in mid-November now. Here's my current best estimate timeline wise:

This is an estimate - please note the timeline will vary depending on your shipping region.
This is an estimate - please note the timeline will vary depending on your shipping region.

I realize that this puts our delivery timeline right during the holidays - which can be difficult for many people (traveling etc.) so we'll see how our estimate plays out and if it looks like delivery would take place over the holidays I'll see if we can get some sort of optional "hold for delivery" for people who are traveling during that time.

Again - my humblest apologies for the delay - if you'd like to cancel your order and get a refund, just let me know and I'll take care of you!

2k Coin Pictures

I got some of the finished 2k coins and I am so VERY happy with the results:

Final 2,000cR Coin in the center.
Final 2,000cR Coin in the center.
Final 2,000cR Coins in the center.
Final 2,000cR Coins in the center.
2,000cR Coins alongside original 1,000cR & 5,000cR.
2,000cR Coins alongside original 1,000cR & 5,000cR.


Ok, that's all for this week! I hope you have an awesome rest of the week! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to let me know either in the comments below or by sending me a message / email and I'll answer at my earliest convenience! :)

Thanks for being awesome backers!!! Until next time, I'll see you starside!  

Cheers, -Cody


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    1. Missing avatar

      Zachary Waxman on

      Hate to do this, but how do I get a refund?

    2. Robert J Uccello Jr

      Cody, are the new cards all set? Does December still look likely? By the way, I love the way you keep up all informed to what is going on. You run a Kickstarter extremely well.

    3. Andreas Lupieri on

      If the game ships during the holiday season I hope you can offer a delayed shipment, as i will be abroad during that period.
      I do have the possibility to delegate the retrieval of the package, but they need to bring my ID.
      Unfortunately, my only ID is my passport. My sneaking skill and my black market contacts are not sufficient for that option :)

    4. Nabend

      Initially my reaction was 'But I am getting the whole set with bells and whistles from scratch anyway, so I am all set if they are internally consistent at least'
      I would like to slap myself with a wet alien critter now. On the not-completely-off-chance that we enjoy the game and another expansion comes along there would two sets of card-backs out there, v4 and v1-3 and that wouldn't be fun.
      Carry on being brilliant

    5. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      @Robb Carper / James: Hey guys! Just reading through the comments - thought I'd try to give some clarification on this! :)

      We've ran out of stock for Xia / Embers - so we are re-printing these alongside the new Missions and Powers. Every time we have printed Xia we've used this digital file for the backs of the Mission Cards:…

      And we have asked our manufacturer to match the previous printings - so that no matter when you purchase a copy of Xia, the mission card deck will mesh with the base game and any expansions.

      We didn't alter any files, it appears the manufacturer did not correctly calibrate their printer this time and all the mission card backs came out too red. This wouldn't be an issue except I really want to take care of previous backers, such as yourself. So that's why we're delaying, so that Missions and Powers will neatly mix into your existing game. :)

      Hope this helps clarify my manufacturing choices!!

      Cheers, -Cody

    6. Robb Carper on

      The problem is James, when you look at it through the vein of what's being added vs what is being worked on....the files for the main game and Embers should already be complete...why else mess with stuff? Next, the only addition is cards....yet its the cards that are messed up... So sorry, I don't go with 'we're just trying to reprint, so we'll offer cards' thing... I feel like someone such as myself who's kept up with the expansion of Embers, and getting the base game is actually penalized because we see that the emphasis was put on old stock which should be fine already...

    7. Andrew Hogan on

      Unlike Patten, I'd rather get a perfect M&P pack later than a rushed one sooner.

      There's an old saying, "You can't rush a professional job". Looking forward to getting the M&P pack etc. even if it is in the middle of the holidays.

    8. Missing avatar

      James Palmer on

      @Robb Not sure what you mean - what components are being "redone"? The whole game and Embers expansion are being reprinted, which was really the main point of the Kickstarter. Kickstarter won't let you just do a reprint though, you have to provide something new, which is where the Missions & Powers expansion comes in (and it sounds great.)

    9. Robb Carper on

      I often think there wouldn't have been mismatched cards had the campaign focused on the Missions and Powers deck rather than trying to redo components for aspects not central to the campaign... Might have even delivered on time.. Just a thought...

    10. Missing avatar

      Myron Mychal on

      A delay in shipping is much more preferable to mismatched cards. Thank you for being frank with the update. I've always said that I can tolerate delays in kickstarters provided that there is good communication to explain the delay. Your'e doing an excellent job and I will be happy to get a better quality game a month later.

    11. Missing avatar

      Peter Bernath on

      Thanks for the spice cube pic, and you're right, nothing worth changing. I think both are fine, but the old ones look more unique. Arguments can even be made that the new ones looks better, though maybe not your vision.

    12. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      @Nabend: Yes! I've got originals here at the office from the 2014 printing - and they match the 2nd printing, and the 3rd printing, there has been very low color loss for the cards we have in the office. We're only aiming to match the 3rd printing because it was when we did the Embers expansion - but all printings so far (1st-3rd) match card backs for the Missions cards.

      @Joel A: Thanks for the comments! As to your question - the base game miniatures were setup with molds and painting setup back in 2013, in Panda's original warehouse. The Embers miniatures were setup in Panda's new warehouse in 2016 - in their new plastics/painting department. We talked about updating the base game miniatures to use the new plastics department, but there were three considerations why I didnt. First is money - first the tooling costs, and then the per-unit costs, we'd have to significantly raise the price of the base game, which didn't seem good. Second is if we did new miniatures it would add a bunch to the timeline, as well as logistics overhead, and anyone who previously purchased Xia would feel left out at the least, and would want the option to purchase a new set. This was more logistics than I'd prefer to manage at this time. Last was the biggest - diminishing returns - I think the miniatures and paint jobs on the originals - especially on they look good - you can easily tell each ship appart, and they look really cool flying through space. I think considering the other factors, it wasn't worth the costs to incrementally update them. Anyway - that was my thought process.

      @MarcoJ: I'll send you a private message and we'll get you taken care of! :)

      @Tyinsar: You bet man!! :D

    13. Tyinsar on

      Cody: Thank you for being the quality control. Also, those 2000cr coins look great - so glad I added them.

    14. MarcoJ on

      thanks for the update and for the thoroughness in making the game. However I cannot cope with this delay and I would like to apply for a refund. I wait for instructions.

    15. Missing avatar

      Joel A on

      @Cody: I really appreciate how quality-minded you are! If things aren't up to your standards (and the quality Panda has promised to maintain), then you're right in having those cards re-printed.

      When you first posted a link to that picture of the credits in your hand, I found the 2,000cR ones to look rather dull compared to the 1,000cR and 5,000cR ones, but in the two other pictures the 2,000cR coins have an almost fiery shine to them! Beautiful!

      In a comment to the last update you also explained that the base game ships are hand-painted while the Embers expansion miniatures are painted through a different method: What kind of method would that be, and how come they're not all done the same? I know that three ships, three comets and a space station is a rather small sample to base my judgment on, but to me, the quality seems to be more consistent in my Embers set than in my base game set of miniatures.

    16. Nabend

      just out of curiosity - do you account for ageing / UV paling of the cards over time? I don't know how long (and under what conditions) that 3rd edition has been stored but I assume there is always some loss in colour vibrancy over time

    17. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      Hey there! Thanks so much for all the comments! I know that many of you are really excited to get your copies of Xia, and any delay is frustrating, but it's been a very positive and encouraging to read all your responses!! Thank you for your patience with me as we work to get everything right! :)

      @Gary M / Terri Kidd: If you're interested in adding coins onto your order, it's not too late! You can go to your confirmation email and follow the "Re-open your selections" link.

      If you can't find your confirmation email you can get a new one sent by going here:

      @James Palmer: The effect on gameplay is not large, worst case scenario is you know the top card is from an expansion. However, since you draw 3 cards at a time, and the mission types are so varied, it's hard to see how to turn that to much of a gameplay advantage.

      @Patrick: Yes, card size is very important - we're using the exact same die-cut size as all previous print runs, they feel great shuffled in to any printing! :)

      @Peter Bernath: Yeah! It's a difficult thing to capture in person, the coloration isn't much different, the opacity just seems to be higher in this printing. Here's a side-by-side pic (3rd printing on left, 4th printing on right):…

      @Trienco: True! I know there's deminishing returns when it comes to chasing perfection - but with Panda we've come close in 3 previous printings, and I think we can do fairly well with this printing!

      Again - thanks to everyone for all your encouraging comments! I'll keep you updated as things move along! :)

      Cheers, -Cody

    18. MentatYP

      Do it right and wait a bit longer to get it, or rush it to production and forever be saddled with mismatched cards. I know which one I would choose!

      Coins are looking sweet! Nice vibrant color and details are good.

    19. William

      One other thought. Often the difference between a crappy product and an awesome one (especially sourced from China) , is quality control.
      YOU are doing that job, quality control. And that's exactly what is needed. Thank you for keeping such a close eye on things that you notice these details

    20. Jedra7609

      There’s nothing worse than mismatched card backs. It’s much better to get it right. No worries from Lincolnshire Uk!

      Keep up the good work!

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael Dirrim on

      You can't rush art.

    22. Missing avatar

      Bayden on

      Thanks for the update, and like other comments I'd rather it was delayed and correct.

      Keep up the great work Cody.

    23. Terri Kidd

      At least I think I didn't get the coins... but I am so regretting that decision now!

    24. Tev

      Great communication, and the coins looks snazzy!

    25. Missing avatar


      Happy to see you are paying that close attention to detail. Not sure if it's realistic to get the exact same colors, though. The last years, I got more and more games where not even the cards in the base game are consistent, either because they spread the workload across multiple printers or because they had to "refill" in between. I guess "no wasting time on color calibration or refilling before it's almost dry" is one way increasingly common way to save time for some manufacturers.

    26. Missing avatar

      RoelofSetsFire on

      No worries man, you've been nothing but transparent and inclusive of your backers throughout the entire campaign, it won't hurt us to wait a little bit longer to get it right! (:

    27. Missing avatar

      Peter Bernath on

      Like others have said, I'd rather wait and get quality than rushed mistakes.

      I'm very curious on the difference with the orange spice cubes though. Not that it matters, just a side by side comparison photo, like with the cards.

    28. Missing avatar

      Clint Walker

      SUPER happy you are fixing this instead of shipping as is! Thank you for placing quality over artificial deadlines!

    29. Patrick on

      In addition to color, make sure the card size matches. Otherwise, they’re very difficult to properly shuffle together with the old cards. Just look at Strongold Games and IDW/Pandasaurus for how NOT to produce quality expansion cards.

    30. Missing avatar


      THANK YOU for delaying the project to get the card coloring right. I'm happy to wait a bit extra and I'm used to KS'ers going over by months and months (seen one hit nearly a year now).

      I hate when card colorings don't match. And it's one reason I try to avoid LudoFact US games over their Terraforming Mars Venus Next expansion card size/coloring issue. Super annoying and glad to not receive a copy like that.

    31. Patrick on

      No worries about the delay whatsoever. Glad you’re doing everything you can to deliver the very best finished product to your fans. Keep up the amazing work Cody!

    32. RomyCat

      Ooh, coins so pretty. Shiny.

    33. Missing avatar


      YOU are doing a great job at this. The reality is that manufacturing plants don't care whether things are exact or not, quality wise. They will always SAY they do - customer is #1 and all that - but in the real world when the customer has their back turned for a minute, they do whatever they want - cheapest, crappiest, and fastest to fill their pockets. I've seen it firsthand, and friends of mine have told similar stories where they work. YOU can do everything perfect, and it seems that you have, but we are all at the mercy of corporate greed.

    34. William

      Try not to stress too much about it. You are awesome and doing an awesome job and I'd much rather wait a bit and get it right.

    35. Gamborg on

      Don't sweat it dude! You're doing just fine.

      Offering a refund is waaaayyyy beyond what other kickstarter projects have done for waaaayyyyy worse mistakes. Just keep up the good work. Very much looking forward to my copy!

    36. Missing avatar

      weidox on

      Not only red, but blue is also different - significantly darker. But grey on frame is much lighter. Also the planet in the middle is lighter and washed out. So basically everything is wrong. I hate when this happens, but so far I encountered only one company which is unable to sort out color issues, that is WizKids. So sad that Mage Knight is being printed by them.

    37. Missing avatar

      James Palmer on

      To those who can't tell the difference, your saturation / brightness / colour settings on whatever screen you're looking at can make a difference. From where I'm sitting, I see the difference, but it's slight, but I would think in person it would be much more noticeable. Not sure how much it would affect gameplay (are you going to choose to pick up or not pick up mission cards based on whether they're in the expansion?) I still think it's best to do things right.

    38. Hellion19 on

      It might be sad but I can't actually tell the difference between the two cards :P. Maybe I am going colorblind without knowing :(.

      There is a decent chance I am sleeving it all anyways so probably doesn't matter much to me. Thanks again for the hard work and great game :D

    39. Missing avatar

      Jason Singleton on

      For me, the slightly different color does not matter at all. I sleeve the cards with opaque sleeves which solves that problem and others. My vote doesn't count, but I would say move forward with slightly different color. It will be hard to match something from years ago anyway.

    40. Cesar Ramirez on

      Thanks for the update. It's better to have a quality product than a rushed product to meet deadlines... appreciate you're doing this correctly :)

    41. Jon Mercurio Knight

      Your eye for detail is undeniable. Thanks for the update, take the time you need to get it right and I look forward to getting it when I get it!

    42. Sandu Bogi Nasse on

      Being slightly colorblind I see no issues whatsoever! :)

    43. Missing avatar


      Why is it when someone offers a refund due to a minor issue/delay I love that company/person/game even more. Keep doing the right thing Cody!

    44. Leon Green on

      No worries about the delay, much prefer late and right than quick and wrong...

    45. Missing avatar

      Lars Hobin

      No worries about the delay! I am actually amazed how well you have run your project when whole teams miss their fulfillment by months. Keep up the great work!

    46. Missing avatar

      dande48 on

      You're awesome, Cody! Sorry to hear about the delay, but I'm happy you caught the color issue and fixed it. I've seen other projects who've let such things slide, and it's far more frustrating for us backers.

      Keep up the good work!

    47. Gary M on

      Those coins are actually quite amazing. I regret not getting them now. Any way we can still add them to our order?

    48. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gabbert

      Very nice pics of the coins! Thanks.

    49. Missing avatar

      James Palmer on

      The delay is unfortunate, and these card issues likely wouldn't affect me as someone who doesn't own previous versions of Xia.

      That said, I really appreciate your level of detail and fussiness, and making sure that the product is right! It's good to feel confident that the quality that will come my way when the game is delivered will meet my expectations.

    50. Ben Kranz on

      Those coins are epic! So glad I added them!