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Expands the universe of Xia. Pre-painted miniatures! New Sectors! New Missions! New Powers! A 1-5 player sandbox-style space adventure!
Expands the universe of Xia. Pre-painted miniatures! New Sectors! New Missions! New Powers! A 1-5 player sandbox-style space adventure!
7,674 backers pledged $503,881 to help bring this project to life.
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      Scott Doetsch on

      I'd really like ten 2,000 cr coins, but at a price of $1 per coin I just can't pickup the current ones. If the coins ever get cheaper I'll grab some! Also an additional five 500 cr coins would be great, as I would then do a slight rules change to go along with them. No need for more than five, as each player at most only needs 1.

    2. Phil Stocks

      sweep, but also agree 3k is a better denomination

    3. Tyinsar on

      What other KickStarter would give us quotes from “Ce3d the Hax0r”?

    4. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      @Trueflight Silverwing: The 1,000cR and the 5,000cR each have the same triangle shape, but a unique design, so we're trying to keep in line with that theme (same shape, new design). Color wise, it will stand out! :)

      @Ace Pumpkin: Bahaha! This made my morning! Each design has been insured by the Imperalis Galactic Bank, encrypted at a substrate level to ensure "counterfieting is impossible". But the criminals of the Drift System are fairly crafty...("I love to do the impossible" - Ce3d the Hax0r)

    5. Missing avatar

      Randy Dykstra on

      @Peter, thanks for the correction.

    6. Missing avatar

      Craig on

      Design 3 for me.
      Also, would love Dev Kits and box inserts as add ons.

    7. Missing avatar

      Peter Bernath on

      @Randy Dykstra
      It was mentioned by the creator in the comments below that votes cast here would count.

    8. Ace Pumpkin on

      Which design is harder to counterfeit?

    9. Missing avatar

      Randy Dykstra on

      @Peter, according to the information in this update, votes cast on social media are the only ones that count. What people are writing in their comments here are not "votes", but rather comments.

    10. Missing avatar

      Clint Walker

      Voting for #1

    11. Missing avatar

      Peter Bernath on

      What you're thinking of is a non-issue, I agree. What's bothering me is that if the votes cast on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in this case) are equal in worth as the votes cast here then people not backing and not getting the add-on are weighing in just as much, if not more, than backers/"customers".

    12. Sascha Heberger on

      @Far Off Games: Thanks for the reply. :)

    13. Foreshadow

      @Peter Bernath you can't leave comments unless your a backer so excluding someone. Well, technically someone can back, then make a comment, then cancel their pledge, but we assume those posting are in fact backers. True, Cody could check and then strike their names from the giant book of backers and ignore their vote. I think we need a Xia secret police on this. Agent Cody mount up and regulate.

    14. Missing avatar

      Namron Herrera on

      My vote goes to Design #3. I also like #1 but #3 ties better with the design of 1k and 5k coins.

    15. Missing avatar

      Karl Lanzetta on

      Throwing my vote in for design 3 sweep. The 1K and 5K coins don't have any straight line designs so I feel like design 3 ties in to them the best.

    16. Trueflight Silverwing on

      I swear I posted in here earlier but I don't see it.

      I was curious why the original coin design wasn't one of the options? Why make the se stand out from the others in being the only different ones?

      Honestly, I don't care about the design as long as the color is different and stands out enough against the others.

    17. Missing avatar

      Peter Bernath on

      @Far Off Games
      In reply to your answer. What I'm saying is that you SHOULD exclude someone from the voting, all the people not backing. Everyone who, as of right now, can get the add-on is a backer. Have the backers decide, if it needs influence at all.

    18. Far Off Games 4-time creator

      @Sascha: Adding 1 set of coins doesn't change your shipping costs. I'm still working with the pledge manager to get our shipping costs right for multiple coins. For now, I can say adding one set of coins doesn't change shipping fees. Multiple sets, might add some shipping cost (as it's calculated by weight).

    19. Sascha Heberger on

      Sorry for double-posting, I meant the shipping fee.

    20. Sascha Heberger on

      How do Add-Ons affect the shipping? Just curious, since I'd like to pledge for two mini-expansions as well as two packs of the new coins.

    21. Foreshadow

      I agree a design closer to the other coins is probably best. I could live with any of them really, but if the 3 option is that design then yes I suppose that works best, yet I do like the others and would argue, if ever reprinted to have a different design for each denomination, so one design for 1, 2, 5 or 1,3,5 depending. OR go with the same design for each, different color per denomination and obviously different number denomination.

    22. Hellspark

      I vote for Design 3: Sweep

    23. Missing avatar

      Stefan Timmermann on

      I think the "3.000"-Faction is right, but I will buy the 2.000, too.

    24. Missing avatar

      Stefan Timmermann on

      Could I add two or three addition coinpacks in the Pledge Manager? I think in would be nice to have 20 or 30 coins with the 2.000 credits.

    25. Derek Dyer on

      I also feel like 3kCr would better. I'm really curious how the decision to make the new coin even came up, and why you put it at 2k? Was there any initial discussion about what denomination to make it?

      With regards to how "useful" one coin is vs the other. It's nearly as easy to get 2 coins as 1, the difficulty is when you have a pile of coins on something. As a 3k coin, you can put 1k in the bank and get a 3k whenever you earn +2kCr. Earn +2kCr more and you can do that same exchange with a 3k for a 5k. That's a very simple exchange that requires little extra effort. It also makes it so 6,000Cr is two coins and 8,000Cr is two coins.

      Ultimately I think it's just cleaner to have less coins laying around.

    26. Edward B on

      I vote design 3 (sweep), the others would be too different from the existing in my view.
      Concerning the 2000/3000Cr value debate, I personally have a preference for 3000 because 2000 would actually mostly obsolete the 1000 coins which are the ones we have in biggest numbers, but then again strangely having only 10 of them would be weird. 3000 still has uses, and has a nice exotic fit in the fluff (triangular coins, hexes, number 3...), on top of 1/3/5 being the better coin value scheme on paper compared to 1/2/5 even though 1/2/5 is more "familiar".

    27. Erik Backhaus on

      I vote for the same design style as the original 1's and 5's. A new design will look out of place.

    28. Missing avatar

      Randy Dykstra on

      @Nathan, agreed. 2KcR coins make much more sense than 3KcR coins. I get what people are saying in terms of symmetry and such with 3KcR, however, a bulk of money transfer would be happening with 2KcR coins and having 1 coin for those transactions is simpler.

    29. Francesco

      #3 to me, Sweep

    30. Missing avatar

      Nathan Ward-Tyrrell

      I believe gameplay wise, 2,000cR coins would be much more useful than 3,00cR coins. You get 2,00cR coins whenever you sell tier 3 outfits, as an option when cashing in exploration tokens, as an option when sifting relics, from selling ember, when selling cargo since generally you sell in pairs to get the fp, and from missions. You can also use 2,000cR to buy tier 2 outfits and to repair a tier 3 ship. 3,000cR coins on the other hand only come from missions, sifting some relics, and from selling cargo sometimes, but not ember, and you only use them to buy tier 3 outfits. All in all, 2,000cR are far superior to 3,000cR :)

      I also like design 3, the sweep, as it feels more align with the other coins and I love the metallic orange colour too!

    31. Missing avatar

      Iain Odlin on

      I'd be happiest with either #2 or #3. The slashes just look so... boring?

      Can my vote be for anything but #1? Just have mine cancel out one vote for the slashes? :)

    32. Martin Munke on

      You, Sir, have thought up a wonderfull game that fascinated everyone I played it with. So, no wonder, there is still a high demand for a reprint.

    33. Andreas Timmann on

      Desing 3 is my favourite.

    34. Meat Magician on

      I vote for design number 3.

    35. Missing avatar


      I like 1 the most.

    36. Missing avatar

      Gert van Bruggen on

      i like the design 3 sweep
      it looks the most to the originals

    37. Tor Sverre Lund on

      In any case, I think the Sweep most closely matches the other coins, so I'd vote for them.

    38. Tor Sverre Lund on

      Would have been helpful to have the 1k and 5k coin designs visible for comparison

    39. Kelsii Weber

      Also vote for slashes #1

    40. Kelsii Weber

      Switch axe! You have (almost) the power of a great sword with way more mobility and a lot of fun combos. Also greatsword and insect Glaive are a lot of fun as well.

    41. Alberto Vitali on

      I like the slashes design ;)

    42. Missing avatar

      Karl Frank on

      I did never run out of coins in the game so far. In fact I rarely hand out the 5000 coins as usually if one has that many credits they are spent very soon on stuff or goods. So I'd say this is 99% collectors stuff/bling and really not needed for gameplay.
      As you more often seel stuff in pairs 2000 is probably slightly more useful IMHO.
      500 OTOH would actually allow for a rules change, so that one would be of some interest gameplay wise.

    43. Dario Ferretti on

      Hello, backer from italy here. I like more the slashes design and as some other backers here have pointed, maybe 3,000 cr could be a more interesting choice for denomination, not just to have more total cr available, but for a pratical purpose of changing money. a denomination between the two existing ones. just one question: is possible to buy more than one coin pack via pledge manager? adding 20$ for example? (sorry if already asked)

    44. Foreshadow

      about the denomination. What do you run out of in game play most? there are 10 five denomination coins right? And then there are how many 1 denomination and finally 10 more of those got added with the expansion. 40 metal coins right. So 30 x 1 and 10 x 5 right? correct me if I am wrong. So adding 10 x two denomination means another 20 one's equivalent. Do people find they are running out or needing more higher denominations. Why even go with two? was there some shortage? If so, and IF it is the higher denominations then yes THREE (3) and not two might be best since then you get 10 x 3 = +30 value instead of 10 x2 = 20 value of possible denominations and a step below 5. Say you want to have a number like 18, with the 3 denomination that is 6 coins, OR 3 x 5 and 1 x 3 or 4 coins total. The other OTHER option not mentioned is simply more 5 denomination coins. yet, do you find the need for handing out 20 or 30 value worth of coins and thus higher amounts seem better? It would seem something in the middle is needed (if anything) and maybe if a higher amount, then 3 is better than 2 since you'll pay for the physical metal printing of coins and only get 10 of them so your adding 10 value extra for game play use for the same physical dollar cost.

    45. Missing avatar


      Not really a fan of the voting options either. I'm not big on social media and don't even have an Instagram or twitter and don't like using face book for hobbies.

    46. Johan Hellqvist on

      Design 2 has a very Star Trek-y feeling about it..
      So my vote will go for Design #3 to make it more unique!

    47. Missing avatar


      No vote for me then... :( Next time use KS comments, plesse.