Fighting Fantasy Audio Drama: The Series

by David N. Smith

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    1. Missing avatar

      Brian Andrews on

      I got mine this morning!

    2. Jamie Fry on

      Dang! Should've ordered another set to keep one sealed!

    3. Kelroy Was Here

      Will we get a tracking number? I can't recall if we're supposed to.

    4. David N. Smith Creator on

      ...just some quick responses, because we've running around like mad things...

      KC - there's no tracking number, but feel free to check in with me for updates.

      JF - you're welcome to buy as many sets as you like, every penny is going towards something called "the 2019 production budget" ;-) or, more sensibly, remind me at FFF3, and we'll see if we can do you a special deal!

      BA - Thanks for the update - you're just the other side of town, no wonder it was fast! (We really did expect them to take longer!)

      BA -