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A short, intense, 'edge of your seat' action drama which will keep you guessing right until the final moment! A film NOT to be missed!


Here is a link to a short we created called 'Vorspiel' which is a prequel to 'Drei'. It takes place just before the events of the short we are planning on making. 

We've made this to get people excited for 'Drei' and also to show the quality of a short we can make on a budget of £0... now imagine what we can do with a budget!

"Another job,


Before it was over a man would be dead, but this was a morbid fact that Adam, David and Elle had become coldly familiar with. They had countless jobs just like this one behind them and they were good at what they did. 

Adam the planner, dedicated to the hunt, 

David the tactician, dedicated to the method

and Elle the predator, dedicated to the dispatch.

Package in hand and location primed they stand on the cusp of another movement in their well oiled machine.


Nothing could go wrong"

This is a short film that follows three professionals; Elle, Adam and David, who change their usual procedure of dispatching a target in more ways than they should. A character driven piece that touches on the danger in change and the loss of familiarity. 

Our intentions behind this short are to make the viewer question how devastating a change in routine, no matter how small, can be. They will also be left with the question, 'where do your loyalties lie?'

Why did I decide to take the 'Kickstarter' route?

The major factor is that, like most indie directors our worst nightmare is funding! As I'm sure you're all aware, films are a very expensive process to complete and short films are no exception to that rule. Luckily,  I have the location, talent and crew all arranged for this project. Everyone involved has thankfully agreed to take part free of charge! (I know, hard to believe in this climate right?) All we need now is the equipment to make it a reality. 

My DoP and I decided we really wanted to use the Canon C300 along with a nice selection of prime L-glass Canon lenses in order to get the professional, cinematic look that the project deserves. 

How can you help?

This is where you all come in! To hire this camera costs a pretty penny which is why our minimum budget is £1300 but as with many things, the more money we have the better equipment we can hire which inevitably means the better the project looks. We need to make the full target or we don't get anything so any help you can give will be extremely appreciated.

We will be shooting over the course of two full days and the minimum we need to spend to make this happen is:

  • £400 on lighting
  • £600 on camera and lenses
  • £100 on sound equipment
  • £100 on camera stabilization (such as a portable Jib and a shoulder mount)
  • £100 on promotional items for pledges

As stated above, this is all minimum. There are better cameras, lenses, microphones, etc, so the more we accumulate the better the end product.

To help visualise this we've also made some STRETCH GOALS (extremely optimistic) which are:

  • £1500 - We will be able to hire a Matte box along with filters and a follow focus kit. (This will help to improve the overall look of the visuals on the project)
  • £1750 - We will be able to invest more money into the costume department. (This helps to get the audience engaged in the scenes as I'm sure you all have experienced)
  • £2000 - We will be able to hire TWO Canon C300's with Matte boxes and follow focus'. (This will greatly increase productivity and enable us to have more footage to edit with by the end of the shoot.)
  • £2500 - Enables us to hire a RED EPIC-X instead of the Canon C300. (This will give our project a 'cinema ready' look instantly and really increase the quality)
  • £3000+ - Now we'd be really cooking on gas and be able to hire better equipment, shoot for an extra day, book extra locations, etc.


click on the green box in the top right hand-side of this page with the words BACK THIS PROJECT written inside it and donate anything you can to help us achieve our goals! We have some really cool rewards for people who are willing to help towards our end goal so be sure to check them out!

Once we've finished filming and have completed the post production process we are going to submit the short into as many film festivals as we can. Any amount of money we raise in-between these stretch goals will go towards the submission costs and also towards improving the quality of the promotional items (That's the things you get so it's very important!)

Finally, I know you're probably wondering, "Does he have enough experience to make this project a reality?"

Well...I’ve been making short films along with the writer of this project Andrew Perez for nearly two years now but have been filming a large range of different projects since I was in secondary school. A showreel of previous shorts we've made throughout 2012 and a link to our Youtube page is below.

Check out our YouTube channel here:

So far we've been making films on a budget of £0 (or £1.50 which was for a packet of crisps, drink and chocolate for an actor once). We decided to do this in order to sharpen our skills with film making so by the time we get to this stage we know exactly how to create a film, all the pre production planning, post production processes and the marketing procedures. 

We now know we're ready to step to the next level and with your help entertain the masses in the way we've always wanted to since we were little rascals!

So in closing...

Show us support in any way you can, every little helps and if you can't support us financially follow us: 

On our Twitter accounts at:

Or our Facebook pages at:

and spread the word about our project!

Thanks for taking the time to read this page and any help you can provide is SERIOUSLY APPRECIATED!

Thank you! 

Nathaniel Tomlinson

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We are aware of the fact that all projects have the possibility to encounter obstacles...we have met a few on our past films but we are also aware that they only cause truly effect the end result when you allow them to.
We've had actors not turn up, the weather forecast be COMPLETELY wrong and even (on our first short film) arrived at a location and realised we left the memory cards at home!
The good thing with this project is that we've encountered all of these issues before and still found a way to rectify the mistakes, so be assured, regardless of whether things don't go completely to plan we will do everything within our power to make sure this project is completed. Any issues that occur we will keep all informed via the update section and push through until the job is done!


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