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Assalamu alaikum,  

This is Taha Yasin from the TV show "Guided Through the Quran" aired during Ramadan all around the world. Together with Student Islamic Societies in the UK, we are launching the world's first free online platform for Muslim students to find Islamic accommodation so that they can live and study in safe and tranquil environment while pursuing higher education.


In Islam it is not permissible for males and females who are not close relatives or married to live together. It is neither advisable to expose people (especially young people) to corrupting environments where peer pressure may lead them to lose their Islamic way of purity, dignity and self respect.

Unfortunately, "due to lack of suitable housing Muslim students pursuing higher education in Western countries are forced to live in mixed male and female student halls and shared housing. In most cases this type of environment introduces them to alcohol, partying, sexual encounters and leads to a very harmful and destructive lifestyle."  

If you've watched the video above, you know that there is a real epidemic of sexual violence and rape in Western university campuses and unfortunately Muslim students are not immune to this crime.


Help us to build the world's first online platform for Muslim students studying in the UK, US, Canada and Australia so that they can find Islamic accommodation and live in safe and protected environment during their university years. 


We know that young people, college and university age students are exposed to enormous peer pressure which many of them are unable to resist. 

The Prophet (saws) said: "A person is upon the religion of his close friend, so beware whom you befriend." 

This Hadith shows the importance of choosing friends who are righteous and who will encourage one another to do what is good and forbid from doing what is evil and who will remind one another of Allah. 



Houses, apartments and student hostels listed on the website will abide by Islamic rules where male students do not share accommodation with female students.  

Properties will also highlight whether they offer designated prayer room for tenants, group study room or library, and distance to the nearest mosque. 

Students will be encouraged to observe 5 daily prayers in congregation, call the Adhan, join together for meals and study circles, and support one other during the fasting of Ramadan.

But most importantly, they will live in safe and protected environment while they study to become future leaders of this Ummah.


Just imagine the next generation of Muslim leaders emerging from Western universities not only holding high quality degrees, but also having had preserved their Taqwa, protected their chastity and increased their knowledge of the Deen. 

Please help us to raise a new generation of brave young Muslim men and women who will lead this Ummah to better days.

Risks and challenges

The project will be managed from London, United Kingdom.

We are a group of individuals and institutions involved in affairs of the Muslim community and with access to the majority of Muslims students in UK universities. Our access is through the Islamic societies based at most of universities in the UK. We are currently speaking to partners in the US, Canada and Australia who have equivalent access to Muslim students over there.

Our online platform will be promoted through this network to universities, student accommodation companies, and individual landlords in the UK, US, Canada and Australia.

Accommodation will be listed free of charge for the first 6 -12 months following which a nominal monthly/annual fee may be introduced to cover the cost of operating the platform.

We have received number of proposals from web design companies and selected the one with most relevant experience and portfolio as well as value for money. The company is based in Pakistan.

Delivery of the website will take 3-4 months including testing and roll out in all 4 countries.

Promotion will start simultaneously on the day of launch by us and our partner networks in all 4 countries.

Investors will receive regular updates about the progress of the project.


InshaAllah I am available on my Facebook page. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to write to me:

You can watch "Guided Through the Quran" Episode 9 on this link:…

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