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Giving youth an opportunity to take part in the traditional, but oftentimes costly, experience of having their senior portraits taken.

You remember high school. 

Cliques. Cliches. Prom. Ditching class for an oftentimes (un)reasonable alternative.

Every teenager deserves a chance to take part in the time honored tradition of having their senior portraits taken. The day for which they can indulge in their vanity. A day that their family can hold against them years down the line when they've become full fledged adults.  However, in our economy, it is unlikely that most families will have the luxury of affording such an experience. This should not be the case.

The goal of this project is to seek out compassionate and nostalgic folks to help assist youth in having the experience of getting their senior portraits taken. 

Lucky for me, this project happens to be combining my two passions: photography and working with youth. Let's keep the positivity going.

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While this project is relatively straight forward, there are always potential obstacles to foresee and prepare for. Transportation to various sites for senior portraits can act as a challenge. When working with families that have difficulty affording such expenses, I plan to utilize public transportation when needed. I am also willing to use my own vehicle in order to bring youth to various locations if needed.

Buy in from the community is also an important factor to consider. I will need referrals from various sources in order to begin this project. I plan to approach this potential challenge by networking with local high schools and utilizing the professional sources that I know of from my experiences working in non-profits.


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