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vintage spartan landcraft reinvented + modernized.  
restaurant. retail space. 
architecture installation.
vintage spartan landcraft reinvented + modernized. restaurant. retail space. architecture installation.
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here we GO!

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the FARMBAR provisional will debut at FIDDLE TREE this coming saturday december 14th.  it's not the mother load build-out, but an interim version that has taken months to develop!  so grateful, we are, for the support and enthusiasm along the way.  it's been a slow process, but a meaningful one.  without your KICK start...none of this would be possible.  our hard work continues.  our evolution is quiet, but mighty.  thank you.

please visit our site for updates!

it's been an unimaginable year.

a look back and a tremendous thank you to all.

click on the link to have a view.


eloise + the chicken

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april thirtieth...nearly there.

honey?  check.

fourbarrel coffee? check.

totes? check.

cookery book?  just a few more days before i send the 'green light' to blurb.

your patience is deeply appreciated.  please know how grateful i am.  expect to receive 

your incentive packages in the mail within the next few weeks.  as founder, designer, 

farmer, retail buyer, photographer, test chef, architect, demolition expert, goat milker,

 capitol raiser, website builder, private label developer, event coordinator, accountant,

 community builder, business strategist, interior designer, marketing/branding + PR leader

 and all-around FARMBAR champion i am working as swiftly as possible to honor my 

promise to you.  

this is the hardest and most gratifying work i've ever done.  thank you.


slow like honey from the bottom of a jar...

Your patience is extraordinary!  I am still very much a one-woman-show, and grateful to have your continued support + enthusiasm.

Every day we are one step closer to opening doors at the FARMBAR, growing our farm and delivering our final incentives.

Although I've had a number of delays on the senza la ricetta cookery book, it is nearly finished and close to print.  The month of February was quite wet, gray and stormy on the farm so our photo shoot was rescheduled several times.  Last week photographer, Olivia Rae James, and I shot the entire book in three days covering markets, farms + cooking in my home kitchen.  We are currently editing over 800 images and backers who will be receiving the book can expect a mid-to-late April delivery (in addition to the two fleas tote, FARMBEE honey + fourbarrel coffee already waiting in our workshop).

Meet the lovely Olivia Rae James...

With great pleasure, a preview of images from senza la ricetta: cooking without recipes.  Love to all.


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WOW.  It has been 4 months since our project ended and we've been on an incredibly busy + tremendous ride! Our deepest appreciation for your continued support, patience and enthusiasm.  We invite you to have view of our updated website!  Many thanks to those of you in the local community who have championed the FARMBAR + Deux Puces Farm.

Our launch date for the FARMBAR is June 2013.  Both Spartans have arrived in Awendaw from the Hudson Vally, a 2700 SQ FT space for the build-out is ready, our vegetable crop plan is in place to grow 13,000 SQ FT of vegetables, the equipment list finalized and we have a growing list of amazing collaborators who've signed on to make this a truly unique + inspiring project.

Incentives!  We have shifted the launch date, therefore a number of real-time incentives will shift as well.  We'll send out specific emails in the next month to sort out a confirmed calendar for delivery on the makers wall, year-of-coffee-and-doughnuts + private suppers.   

In the meantime, the LA SENZA RICETTA: Cooking Without Recipes Cookery Book copy is complete.  Olivia Rae James (the amazing photographer who shot the KINFOLK event and our Charleston Magazine feature) will be documenting the entire book.  We are scheduled to shoot February 11th-13th and will deliver the final edit to BLURB by the end of February.

Look for all incentives that include the Cookery Book, Fourbarrel Coffee, Tami's Honey + the Two Fleas Tote to arrive early to mid March.  As a sidewinder thank you, all 155 backers will be receiving our FARMBAR LAUNCH POSTER in July.

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