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I got my first book published! I am taking it on tour across the country and writing poems for as many people as I can along the way.

Now that my book is published (, I want to put it in the hands of as many people as possible! I will travel across the country doing different events, reading my work, collaborating with local artists and musicians, and creating celebrations based around poetry. My hope is to earn enough funds in order to support each event (food, entertainment, venue fees, etc..), printing costs, and travel expenses.

I will also be doing Poem Store whenever I can ( This will be an added way to bring poetry into as many lives as possible. I am excited to interact with anyone who is still engaged in the importance of poetry as a driving part of American culture.

If you want examples of what your rewards could be for a donation, see some collages and drawings here:


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    For $25-$50 I will write you a poem on any subject of your choosing.

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    For $50-$75 I will send you one of my collages.

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    For $75-$100 I will send you an original drawing.

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    For $100 or more I will send you a recording of me reading all of the poems from "The Collected."

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