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Experience the sinking. Explore the wreck. Titanic VR is an interactive exploration game and an immersive historical experience.
Experience the sinking. Explore the wreck. Titanic VR is an interactive exploration game and an immersive historical experience.
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Titanic VR is here!

Posted by David Whelan (Creator)
Hi Backers!

Titanic VR has finally arrived at STEAM and Oculus today! 

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your contributions and continued support these past two years.  

The game still shows as ‘Early Access’ on STEAM, however, the full game update has now been pushed out. The Oculus Store version is currently being uploaded and will be available within the next couple of hours.

We’d like to show you all our full trailer for the first time: 

If you head to our website you should be able to download Titanic VR on Steam or Oculus if you don’t already have the Early Access version. 

If you have the Early Access version, then the full release will just be an update to your existing file. If you have still not received a STEAM or Oculus key, please get in touch with me at and I’ll send that over to you ASAP.  

Note to Kickstarter backers who should receive our Digital Workbook.  

The Digital Workbook is still in development. This will be sent to you all in the next couple of weeks.  

Note on PlayStation Support  

We know many of you have been waiting for news on PSVR release. We have been working over the past couple of months with Sony on getting Titanic VR release ready for PlayStation. The final game is now in the QA process with Sony which can take a few weeks to complete. Currently, we do not have a release date however it should not take much longer and we will keep you informed as we progress with Sony.  

Many thanks for everything!  

Team @TitanicVR

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    1. Keef on

      I would like to know that answer to Chad K’s PSVR question as well

    2. moogle_kupo on

      And one last series of questions! During the initial funding phase i had the question if there were going to be any before and after shots. Did anything like that make it to the final release where we get to see the ships interior in all its glory? Are there any tours through the ship before she sank? If nothing like that is there yet, are there any plans for pre sinking experiences or tours through some of the ship? Thanks!!

    3. moogle_kupo on

      Edit *all those lucky enough to experience it*

      Fingers slipped on phone and i hit submit :)

    4. moogle_kupo on

      Hi David! Im one of the PSVR users that proudly supports your team and this awesome and important experience in VR. It NEEDED to be done and im greatful it was in you and your teams hands. This project seems to have been handled as though it was a labor of love and a passion for the subject matter. So thank you all for your hard work and dedication to see this through.

      Since i am on the ps4, i havnt yet had the chance to view any of the content or teasers in VR, so i am VERY excited to experience it for the first time. Since i dont have a pc powerful enough for PC VR, i will never know what this looks like at full capabilities. My question is, how close is the psvr version to the PC? Im sure things had to be scaled back, just curious if in your opinion we are close or really missing out in comparison?

      Thanks again for breathing life back into Titanic and making it virtualy real for all thise

    5. Kim René Mossige on

      Also the scale is way off.. You should advice the issue as quickly as possible.

    6. David Whelan 2-time creator on

      Thanks for letting us know. Hopefully this link works:…

    7. partTimeCrazy on

      Congrats on the launch. Just a heads up but your youtube link doesn't work, it goes to a 404 page.