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Using Virtual Reality you will become Neil Armstrong on what is the 20th century's most enduring achievement.
Using Virtual Reality you will become Neil Armstrong on what is the 20th century's most enduring achievement.
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Moon Arrival Demo Available Now

Posted by David Whelan (Creator)
It’s been a while since we posted an update on our progress however we have progressed quite a lot and would like to share the following with you. 

This demo is for backers only. If you wish to get access please Click Here

Moon Arrival Demo 

This demo is a short section of the experience showing more details on the moon surface. It’s still very much a work in progress but we hope you enjoy the ride. It’s compiled using the Oculus 0.6.1 runtime but it should also function on 0.7 runtime for most machines. 

Moon Arrival
Moon Arrival

This demo is for backers only. If you wish to get access please Click Here

Unity 5 challenges 

Each Unity 5 release or patch seems to have an issue blocking further progress. Either on the Oculus performance side (, or in Unity's lighting engine (large open areas in Apollo couldn't be baked without errors), or in Unity's model importer (some Apollo models fail to import in the upgrade to Unity 5), etc. 

It has been a challenge to see all of these issues fixed at the same time in a single release, but things have been steadily improving and it's only a matter of time before the stars align. In the meantime, Apollo has been updated to use the 0.6.1 Unity integration but remains on Unity 4 for now. Unfortunately on some machines, this particular SDK has additional headtracking latency which is mostly compensated by predictive headtracking, but still quite noticeable. 

Branding & T-Shirts

We have created the following logo for our experience and have started to send out our backers T-Shirts. Most of you should receive them in the next two weeks. 

Apollo 11 VR logo
Apollo 11 VR logo

Release Window / Platforms 

 We know that most of you have been waiting patiently for news on when you can get your hands on the final release of Apollo 11. We will be releasing Apollo 11 during Q1 of next year and will be available on the consumer Oculus Rift for launch. We are also releasing on the PSVR and VIVE. For backers who purchased early access ( pre-release ) pledges we will be sending them the DK2 version early as well as a code to download the experience on the platform of their choice. 


We are proud to announce that The Apollo 11 Experience won a people’s choice award at (FIVARS) Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories in Toronto just last week. Click here

Also our experience is one of the three finalists for the Time Warner Future of Storytelling Awards which are being held in New York next week. Click here. Reaching the final three is a major achievement in itself and we are competing against “The Boat” by Matt Huynh and “The Vanishing of Ethan Carter” by The Astronauts. Both are worthy winners and it’s amazing that our project has been included in such an exclusive short list. None of this would have been possible without the support of you “our backers” and we are truly thankful to all of you. We hope you enjoy this demo and we will keep you updated on our progress next week in New York. 

Finally we would like to give a special shout out to YouTuber Hoopermation and his Dad. They posted a truly touching video of them sharing a moment in Apollo 11. If you haven’t seen it please view it by Clicking Here

We love watching people enjoying our experience and this video really stood out. 

Thanks everybody 

Mission Control @ Apollo 11

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    1. Ian Sloman on

      I'm glad to see that you are still committed to providing a DK2 version on "download the experience on the platform of their choice". I'm still feeling a little betrayed by Oculus for stopping further development for the Mac OSX, although I understand their push to get the Oculus Rift out for the most popular gaming platform. Thank for your continued committment to us Mac Users.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ben Loveridge on

      All the links in this update take me to to shop with pricing. As a backer how do I just download the update? I can't see any update #30 in the list.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Danner on

      OK, follow link in update #30 and worked.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Danner on

      Backer here, I can't work out how to download the latest demo

    5. Ian Sloman on

      I assume that Mac users who are backers are still out of luck. We will not see anything unless Oculus further develops the DK2 for the Mac.

    6. David Whelan 2-time creator on

      @ Cameron and Cameron I just sent you guys a PM

    7. Thomas Proffen on

      Update #30 has the links. I am guessing only backers can see that update. Works for me just fine :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Cameron Pehl on

      Same issue as someone else noted, I can't access the DL as an existing backer :(

    9. Missing avatar

      Cameron Just on

      As a backer I can't work out how to download the latest demo.

      The links in this post on;y take me to the store and I cannot see any area to login as an existing backer?