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You can help singer/songwriter Skye Peterson bring five of her songs to life.
You can help singer/songwriter Skye Peterson bring five of her songs to life.
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Skye Peterson is teaming up with producer Greg Lafollette and executive producer Andrew Peterson to make Tell Me Again, a five-song EP of originals--and her first album ever

Skye has been writing songs for years now, filling the Peterson house with melodies and lyrics. She's sung on a few different CDs and has performed countless times, whether in the Nashville Children's Choir, school musicals, singing background vocals on CDs, or on stage with her family. But things took a more significant turn this spring, when she put on a concert to raise funds for a mission trip to Guatemala. That night it was clear to everyone present that the songs were powerful and needed to be recorded, so they could be listened to again and again.

Producer Greg Lafollette has helmed several albums and has worked with artists such as Waterdeep, Andrew Peterson, Audrey Assad, Sara Groves, and has written hymns for the church. Since Skye's known Greg for years and has shared the stage with him numerous times, it was a no-brainer to ask him to help bring these songs to life.

As you know, recording something professionally costs money and takes time. The budget of $4000 will be enough to track and engineer the record, hire additional musicians, mix, and master the five songs for a digital release in the fall of 2017.

We believe in Skye and the gift God gave her to share her heart through her songs. We're asking you to help us bring that gift to even more people.

Thank you!

Risks and challenges

The only real risk here is in not raising enough money to record the project. The budget is reasonable, and since it's a five-song EP it won't take long to make. Not only that, since it's a digital release, you'll get the album as soon as we're finished with it.

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