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Update #8

The Results Are In!


All, I know it has been long awaited, and many of you already know the results, but this is the official release of our competition standings. As of a week from today, our team received notification from NASA that we placed 2nd of 36 teams in the annual University Student Launch Initiative national competition. As it turned out, Vanderbilt edged us out by a very narrow margin; the top five places were as follows:

  •  1st - Vanderbilt University 
  •  2nd - University of Louisville 
  •  3rd - Tarleton State University 
  •  4th - Harper College 
  •  5th - Mississippi State University 

 Along with the overall placing, the team was awarded 3 of 7 individual award categories:

  • Best Website (2nd year in a row) 
  • Best Overall Vehicle Design
  • Best Educational Outreach 

 Here are a few interesting facts from our rocket: 

  • It stood at 9' 1" tall, weighed 40.38 pounds loaded, and traveled at 358 MPH maximum velocity. 
  • All systems were go at launch, and all but a few data capturing systems worked perfectly. 
  • The parachute was custom manufactured by the team, and contained over a mile of stitching.
  • The final altitude achieved was 4713' AGL. •The rocket pulled about 9 g's on initial acceleration, and went from 0 to 60 MPH in a little over 12 feet. 
  • The rocket landed less than 0.25 miles from the launch pad, and all systems were recovered in perfect working condition.

 NASA's video footage from the launch caught us at two different points. Our pre-flight interview is on this clip at the 1:03:35 time stamp: 

 The footage of our rocket filmed by NASA's crew is on this clip at 2:20 time stamp: The team also compiled a video of our launch day proceedings, and it is available here:  

The official NASA press release can be read here:

Additionally, Travis Kircher from WDRB news wrote an excellent article summing up this year's project: 

We would like to thank all of our supporters! We could not have come this far without you, and the team looks forward to competing in the competition next year. We hope to have brought pride to both Speed School and our community by putting our best foot forward in creating an innovative project, as well as through our educational outreach efforts. Thanks again, and let me know if you have any questions! Please feel free to forward this email, or use any of the content as needed.

Update #7

Competition Update!


The team took home the awards for Best Vehicle Design, Best Website Design, and Best Educational Outreach. We will know the final results of the competition on May 18, after we've sent in our last report to NASA.

Also we've put together a fantastic video of our competition flight this past weekend at Bragg's Farm:

And finally, enjoy some of pictures from the competition. You can check out more at our Facebook page.

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  • Image-245743-full
  • Image-245744-full

Update #6

Subscale Testing Part 2


We spent the weekend working on our subscale rocket testing the parachute control system (PCS for short). In short, the testing went extremely well, and we obtained some awesome footage of it.


Update #5

Shirts, Polos, Bow Ties, and Stickers Ordered!


We'd like to thank everyone so much for supporting our project. You all were even awesome on the survey responses! We have a 95% return on the surveys, which is excellent. 

As we said in our note to you last week, we ordered our t-shirts and Polos today (if you were one of the 5% that we didn't get a response from, we ordered you a Large). We should be seeing those arrive here in a couple weeks. As soon as we get them in, we will start shipping them out to you all. Our stickers and bow ties have already arrived, and we will be sending those out within the next week or two as well.

Again, that you all for your awesome help. We have listed all of you on our website (still has parts under construction), here: We encourage you to continue to follow us and send us emails with anything you have rocket related: We really enjoy getting those.


Nick Greco, Team Captain

Update #4

Local News, and Stickers!


Team Interview

WDRB News, here in Louisville, interviewed our team this past week and published the story today on their website here:

It is an excellent account of our team's experience during the first year up until now.


The stickers will be 4" wide, and 3.25" tall; they are also die-cut to the logo's shape.

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