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i90 Tablet Glasses enable you to watch videos/read/game/work on an iPad, iPhone, or any device, with your head up and neck straight

i90 Tablet Glasses enable you to watch videos/read/game/work on an iPad, iPhone, or any device, with your head up and neck straight Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on November 15, 2013.

About this project

Thanks so much to everyone who supported us! Though we didn't reach our funding goal, we received tons of interest and great feedback, so we still believe in the i90 Glasses and are moving forward with the project. We'll have a re-designed model  of i90 Glasses available for pre-order (at a new, lower price) at And be sure to keep up with our progress on our Facebook page! Thanks again everyone!!

Pre-order i90 Tablet Glasses here!

i90 Tablet Glasses. As seen/heard on:

Thanks for covering us!
Thanks for covering us!

 "I can see perfectly"

--Jay McFarland, KSL Newsradio

"Oh my gosh, that is cool!"
--Lincoln Graves, KATU TV

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FIRST, THE PROBLEM: When we use tablets and smartphones, our heads tilt forward into an uncomfortable position, which causes pain. Pain hurts. i90 Tablet Glasses solve this problem.

Today we're all using tablets and smartphones. We spend over 23 hours per week texting, emailing and using social media. The head-forward 'tech-neck' position causes pain and even injury, so we came up with the i90 glasses, which enable you to enjoy your tablet and smartphone for hours on end, with your head up straight, looking forward (the 90-degree prisms in the glasses enable you to have a crisp, clear view of your screen without having to look down).

THE IDEA: Make it comfortable to use your tablet, anytime, anywhere.

THE SOLUTION: Glasses that let you see 'down' without having to tilt your head forward!

Our latest prototype in black. Also available in silver, white, gold, rust, blue, purple and green.


It's easy! Just put them on like you would a normal pair of glasses, and voila! You're sightline is refracted 90 degrees downward (hence the name 'i90') so that you can comfortably view your tablet, e-reader or smartphone while keeping your head up and your neck straight. 


Neck and back pain caused by the head-forward posture we all seem to find ourselves in when we use electronics (often called "TECH-NECK" or "FACEBOOK POSTURE") is becoming a public health epidemic. Holding your head forward adds severe stress to the spine, which can lead to pain in the neck and upper back, and other problems such as headaches and even respiratory difficulties. Use i90 Tablet Glasses when you're using a tablet, smartphone or e-reader while you commute by train, when you're in bed, on long (or short) flights, or in your car seat while your parents are talking amongst themselves in the front seat.


I spend a lot of time traveling and I have my face down in my iPad or iPhone for hours on end. On one particularly long flight I came up with the idea of combining a periscope with eyeglasses so that I could see downward to my iPad without actually having to look down. The result, after lots of trial and error, was the i90 Tablet Glasses. In the development process I discovered that there are other similar products that are made in China, but they're insanely unattractive and very uncomfortable. i90 Tablet Glasses are designed to look cool and stay comfortable for long periods of wear.


I'm a serial entrepreneur and inventor. I run a small video production company and am the "Franklin" in Lane Franklin LLC, developers of PostureNOW, the accidental world leader in posture correction. After being featured on ABC's Shark Tank in season 4 with PostureNOW, I've been spending the majority of my time working on developing the i90 Tablet Glasses. For this product, I've been working with a couple kickass industrial designers, a world-class machinist and a manufacturer that usually works on way bigger projects than this. 


We've gone through multiple design stages refining the look, reducing the part count and minimizing the weight of the i90 Tablet Glasses. We've spent hundreds of hours designing the glasses and working through production challenges. i90 Tablet Glasses are made from the finest quality aluminum and world-class coloring processes (anodization for the gold, blue, rust, purple and green glasses and Cerakote for the white and black glasses).

Version 1
Version 1
Version 2
Version 2
Version 3
Version 3
Prototypes in living color
Prototypes in living color

Why made in USA? Why Kickstarter?

We've spent hundreds of hours designing, prototyping and working with CNC machinists. We feel like our current prototype is strong, but could be better. The next phase is relatively simple. We need money to make factory production feasible (cover setup costs and produce at quantities that will make the per-unit cost reasonable). We have quotes to produce only a few hundred pairs and quotes to produce several thousand if all goes well. We've set our goal at $45,000, as that's around the minimum we need to get the design finalized and started on actual production. 

We have a limited number of offers that will be delivered by December 2013 and with our current progress, we're very confident we can make that deadline. If we surpass that quantity, all other supporters will receive their glasses by February.

We proved in our prototyping run that we can cost-effectively produce i90 Tablet Glasses in the USA. We believe in 'keeping it local' and we're in talks with an Oregon CNC facility to build these out, but we're still open to working in other states if it leads to improved costs and decreased turnaround times.

Regarding fulfillment, we have all the infrastructure in place for a smooth, quick fulfillment process. My last product, PostureNOW, which got me on Shark Tank last year, has to date sold nearly 40,000 units, so there won't be any surprises relating to packaging, domestic shipping and international fulfillment.

Risks and challenges

The risk of orders not being fulfilled on time is very low.

The i90 Tablet Glasses shown on the video are real, production-quality products. We do plan to make some improvements to the design (especially the hinge mechanism), but these will take minimal time and we're already moving on designing these. The current hinge mechanism requires a total of 8 screws, which makes the assembly process less efficient. The new design we're working on has a more specialized hinge which integrates into the temple piece and front, and only requires 2 screws per side. Cost per unit on the hinges is higher, but it will make for a better looking product that will be simpler and quicker to assemble, and more durable over time.

We have multiple manufacturers lined up, each of which can handle very high quantity production runs. We also have multiple sources for prisms, hinges and nosepieces. This redundancy significantly reduces the risk of not being able to fulfill on time. We've limited the number of rewards that will fulfill in December 2013 just to make sure we don't get in over our head. We have the bandwidth, both on the manufacturing and fulfillment sides, to handle an insane amount of orders to ship by February.

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  • Yes -- we designed the glasses to be wide at the front to accommodate most reading glasses. I can't guarantee they'll fit over all models of readers, but most that we've tried fit without a problem.

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  • Yes, just pick your pledge and double (or triple) the amount. Kickstarter doesn't allow multi-packs as a reward itself, but you can pledge as much as you want, for as many units as you'd like.

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  • We chose aluminum as the material for i90 Tablet Glasses because it allows you to make bends in the temple pieces so that you can customize the fit for any size head. Big head or small, one size fits all.

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    Pledge $15 or more About $15 USD

    Don't look (all the way) down! For $15 you'll be able to show and share your support and we'll send you the "dumb idea #1" toilet-plunger-phone-stand shown in the video, cheaply customized with a rubber-stamped i90 logo. If you don't already have a toilet-plunger-phone-stand, this is your golden opportunity.

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    Early adopter black-or-white special (your very own pair of i90 Tablet Glasses in either white or black). Limit of 101 - this is a special low-cost for helping us get this project rolling (the i90 glasses will retail for $99). Thanks so much for your support!

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    Pledge $79 or more About $79 USD

    Early adopter COLOR special (choose one of the 6 awesome colors: silver, gold, purple, rust, green, blue). Limited to 303 units, this is a super-special low price on the color i90 Tablet Glasses to help us get this Kickstarter kickstarted. And a December delivery!

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    Pledge $89 or more About $89 USD

    i90 Tablet Glasses for everyone! Get any color i90 Tablet Glasses (black, white, gold, purple, rust, blue, green, silver) delivered to your door by March 2014. Keep your new year's resolution to spend MORE time with your tablet and LESS time with your head painfully hunched over!

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    Pledge $149 or more About $149 USD

    Beta tester special: Get a numbered, short-run prototype (in unfinished aluminum) within 5 weeks of campaign’s end. You'll be among the very first to own a pair of i90 Tablet Glasses and we'll seek your feedback to improve the future editions. This is the perfect way to thank yourself for being so awesome!

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