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Oz. Barsoom. Asgard. The Dreamlands. The setting of your
favorite novel or movie. Worlds even more exotic or bizarre, driven by laws of
magic, psionics, or weird science. What will you find when you venture into
... The Strange
Oz. Barsoom. Asgard. The Dreamlands. The setting of your favorite novel or movie. Worlds even more exotic or bizarre, driven by laws of magic, psionics, or weird science. What will you find when you venture into ... The Strange
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So What Are These Books, Exactly?

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Over the course of this campaign we’ve hit some great stretch goals and added some really cool titles to The Strange lineup. For the most part we’ve given fairly succinct descriptions of what these will contain. Which makes sense—we haven’t designed the whole game yet, let alone a bunch of supplements! But we do have a fairly good sense of what we have in mind for these titles, so we thought we’d share our ideas with you today.

The Strange corebook: This is, of course, the star of the show. The big kahuna. The reason we’re all here. In 416 pages, we’ll cover all the rules of play and give you an in-depth examination of the setting—Earth, the key recursions of Ardeyn and Ruk, and the Strange itself. We also expect a solid assortment of creatures, factions, and NPCs, and enough starting adventure material to kick off any campaign.

Three all new character types debut in the corebook: The vector, who accomplishes tasks directly with moves like no other; the spinner, who can twist the perceptions of both people and reality itself to a new way of thinking; and the paradox, who can revise the rules of Earth, its recursions, and the Strange itself.

The Strange Player’s Guide: With an introduction to the setting, everything you need for character generation, and an overview of the key rules, The Strange Player’s Guide gives you a teaching tool, an introductory text, and a second copy of the key rules for reference at the gaming table. It contains material duplicated from the corebook, so don’t look for too much new content here—but it’s all the stuff essential to the PCs, and it gives you the crucial material for your players to have at the gaming table without always passing around the GM’s corebook. If you’ve seen the Numenera Player’s Guide, this book is essentially the same format and similar content—but geared to The Strange—and we’re upping the page count from 64 to 96 pages, while keeping the price point the same.

The Dark Spiral: Step into a series of exciting, recursion-hopping adventures to build your The Strange campaign. Springing from the minds of Bruce Cordell and Monte Cook, you can expect these to be fast-paced, mind-bending, and, well, more than a little creepy. This product is modeled on The Devil’s Spine, the first adventure book for Numenera. The latter contains three linked adventures (plus a cool frame story) that play well on their own, but also work together. We'll likely do something similar in The Dark Spiral. What's more, the adventure will provide a clear example to GMs on how to create adventures that jump from recursion to recursion, from the Earth to the Strange, and all the places in between to move your story forward.

The Strange Bestiary: Ruk. Ardeyn. The hidden recesses of our own Earth, plus the Strange itself and who knows how many recursions? The world of The Strange is filled with creatures fierce, frightening, mysterious, and astoundingly different. The Strange Bestiary will detail scores of them in lavishly illustrated detail, along with GM advice on using them and on creating your own. What's more, creatures from places like Ardeyn can, under certain circumstances, show up on Earth. Things that are dangerous on Ardeyn and similar places are creatures straight out of a horror story on Earth.

Here's a quick look at the Ninth World Bestiary, due out in February, to whet your whistle:

Strange Recursions: Who knows how many recursions lie within the Earth’s shadow? This book will detail several new recursions that hide in the Shoals of Earth, and expand on the information provided in The Strange corebook on advice for creating and detailing your own recursions. Given how space will be at a premium in the corebook, you can likely also expect additional information on both Ardeyn and Ruk here. Backers who were with us at Halloween might recall that Bruce and Monte promised a horror-themed recursion in celebration of the numbers we hit that day. Knowing them, that’s probably not the only creepiness we’ll see in this book!

Character Options: If you play a character in The Strange, whenever you translate into a new recursion you've never visited before, you can choose a new focus. This book will have plenty of those, as well as new descriptors, equipment, and other options for characters from Earth, Ruk, Ardeyn, and other recursions explored in the previous titles or introduced here.

We're really excited about these titles, and we're looking forward to adding more great stuff (and maybe even further upgrading these books!) with future stretch goals. There's only one way that happens: More backers! Help spread the word.

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And now, here's a new concept piece sketch from the awesome Matt Stawicki!

The Strange. Explore. Create. Defend.

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    1. Monte Cook Games 14-time creator

      @Neal: The PDF goes out at about the time the physical book starts to ship. So yes, it's first, but for many backer only by a few days.

    2. Monte Cook Games 14-time creator

      @Mike: The scale box is used throughout the book!

    3. Neal Dalton

      Will the PDF go out before the print copy?

    4. Dindo Moreno on

      The creature art is awesome! Action figures or miniatures, please.

    5. Jason Morgan on

      Oh man, Flesh Pulp - horrifically awesome. You may have just sold me on the Numenera bestiary, while continuing to strength Strange confidence with the cool new sketches and book details. Love the art direction for the Strange - it is really helping to flesh out the world and give it its own flavor.

    6. Mike Loftus on

      I love the use of the scale box in the margin of the Numenera Bestiary, very clever. Is that used often? Or just when the illustration does not show scale? Super cool Strange info as well.