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Step a billion years into the future—into the Ninth World, where
the remnants of previous civilizations’ technologies are indistinguishable from
magic. Based on Monte’s Cook’s Cypher System, a new RPG system that focuses on
story and ideas over mechanics.
Step a billion years into the future—into the Ninth World, where the remnants of previous civilizations’ technologies are indistinguishable from magic. Based on Monte’s Cook’s Cypher System, a new RPG system that focuses on story and ideas over mechanics.
4,658 backers pledged $517,255 to help bring this project to life.

What to Expect

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

As I write this, we're at over $468,000. We've met every stretch goal except the film one at $500,000 which, when I originally created it, never thought we'd actually come even close to reaching. Incredible!

Backers should definitely read this before the Kickstarter ends. It's really, really important.

With less than 14 hours to go before this all draws to a close, I thought I'd talk a little about what you should expect in regard to this project after it ends. There's a lot of information here. I'm going to try to as clear and brutally honest as I can be, so please stick with me. It's all important stuff. 

1. When Things Wrap Up (5 PM EST Monday, Sept. 17)
The Numenera Kickstarter ends at 5 PM EST on Monday. It's been a long, wild ride. Lots of fun. But the minute it's over, I'm going offline. Tuesday and Wednesday are the first true days off I will take in... well, in months. Getting ready for this Kickstarter and running it have been a lot of work.

As far as you guys are concerned, though, first and foremost, please be aware that once the Kickstarter is over, there is no mechanism in Kickstarter for refunds. Before it closes, be sure you're getting what you want. There will be no way for you to decide that you want your money back or don't want some portion of your order after the Kickstarter is over. That's not the way Kickstarter works. Your money--after Kickstarter and both take their substantial cut--will go immediately into the production of this game line. If this is a problem, please decrease or cancel your pledge before the Kickstarter ends. I know a lot of you are new to crowdfunding and I want everyone to be clear in how this works. It's important to me that you are happy not only now, but three, four, or six months from now.

For about a week after the Kickstarter closes, backers will be able to use PayPal to add more Reward Add-Ons at this page. The ability for non-backers to join in will be gone, however, as will the ability of backers to change backer levels. This is just for the last minute “I really want to get the bestiary after all,” kind of situation. Please keep in mind that we can't issue refunds, so choose carefully. And please use the same name and address on PayPal as with the Kickstarter so we can match up your order. This process will end on the 24th of September, at midnight EST.

2. In the Next Few Weeks
You'll be contacted with instructions on how to provide us with your mailing address for print products, your email address for ebooks, and the details of what Reward Add-Ons you desire. You'll also be asked about what name you want listed in the corebook, and what your favorite quotation is. If you've selected one of the Retailer levels, you'll be asked to confirm that you are an actual game retailer. If you have other backer level-specific information that we'll need, like if you're contributing a character or something, you'll be contacted separately about that.

You don't need to do anything until this happens. Not a thing. Just write your backer level and desired rewards down someplace so that when we contact you, you'll have it ready.

Don't panic if you don't hear from us right away. It's going to take a while for the funds to pass through the system and for us to process the data that Kickstarter gives us. Since the books don't come out until middle of next year, there's no rush. You might not hear from us for weeks. We have the time to do this right, so we're going to take it.

3. Going Forward (October through June of 2013)
Please don't use the Kickstarter messaging system to contact me after the Kickstarter is over. I won't be checking these regularly. Use this form

I will send regular updates to all backers, letting you know how the progress is going, giving you updates about the game, the art, and so on. If you want even more, check in with or regularly for blog posts, design diaries, previews, and sneak peeks. I'm going to say this as gently but clearly as I can: it will be counterproductive of you to send me questions asking for personal updates beyond these public ones. I promise I'll always tell you everything I can. I want you to be happy, but keep in mind that every email I have to respond to is time that gets taken away from making this the best game I can. The correlation really is that direct.

November: Those of you getting playtester documents will see them starting in November.
December: Those of you contributing characters via the CONTRIBUTOR or ART LOVER backer levels will be contacted around this point so that we can work out the details of what you want to contribute. You'll have to be at least somewhat familiar with the basic game and setting to do this, but this information is on the website now, and you'll likely have seen the playtester documents. Those of you contributing to the adventures or bestiary will be contacted later.
April-ish: Most of you will also get the anthology of short fiction ebook. This will be out next spring and will be delivered directly to the email address you provide.

4. Next Year (July of 2013)
The current plan is for the corebook to start shipping in late July of 2013.
PDFs: PDFs will likely be delivered in late July. They will be delivered as they are ready, and will probably go in this order: Numenera Corebook, Kickstarter exclusive adventure (The Nightmare Switch), Player's Guide, GM's screen, Numenera Fold-Up Terrain, Cypher Deck, First Adventure (Devil's Spine), XP Card Deck, Second Adventure (The Mechanized Tomb), Ninth World Bestiary, Creature Card Deck, Third Adventure (The Other Side of the Maelstrom), Sir Arthur's Compendium, and the Ninth World Guidebook. You might expect the first six or so in the first two months (July and August) and then on average one product each month after that, with a slight delay on the last two to ensure that they're really good. I estimate that the Ninth World Guidebook will be out by August of 2014. So many of you have basically bought yourself a year's worth of product.
Apps: I don't yet know how the app will be delivered, but I will let you know when I know.
Print Books: Depending on the realities of shipping times, you might not get your corebook shipment until early August. Hopefully, at least some of the other products will be available to ship at that same time, but we don't know what that will be at this point, and they may be shipped from different locations. Obviously, if we can combine shipments, we will. Personally, I hope that the Player's Guides, GM's screens, the shirts, and the first adventure will all be ready to go with the corebooks. Fingers crossed. Then, as with the PDFs, expect a steady stream of product headed your way (or your game store's way) after that, ending with the Ninth World Guidebook hopefully out in August of 2014.
Leatherbound Books: The leatherbound corebooks may be a few weeks behind the normal corebooks in production.
Numenera Theme Music: Hopefully this will also be available in July, if not sooner, as a downloadable music file.
Books to Libraries, Educators, and Troops: After the regular shipments, I will solicit worthy homes for these books. The application for libraries and educators will be on and The books for troops will just go straight to bases. You can help me get the word out at that time to interested parties. And since people have asked, if you want to help me in these donations, you can do so by helping me cover the $3,000 or so in shipping this is going to cost. Again, I'm not asking you to do this, but some people have already volunteered to do so, so I will just say publicly that if you want to help out, you can do so via PayPal at any time. Send whatever amount you wish via PayPal to and mark in the "message" field if you want it to go toward one donation or the other. It's not at all necessary, but obviously it's appreciated.

5. Beyond (2014...)
A lot of what happens after we finish all the products mentioned in this Kickstarter is up to you. As long as plenty of gamers want Numenera products, it will be a profitable business, and Monte Cook Games will continue to support it. There are two things you can do to help this to happen. First, go to your local gamestore owner and tell him or her about Numenera, and how interested you are in it. Get them to tell their distributor representative, to make sure that they order plenty of copies when the game is released. The second is to continue to help spread the word once the game launches, the way you did with this Kickstarter. Introduce your friends to the game. Use it to introduce new people to the hobby. In this way, we'll all benefit.

Thank you again for your support. I know I keep saying so, but I'm utterly blown away by the interest and enthusiasm that you guys have shown for this project over the last five weeks. It sincerely means a lot to me. Hopefully the best way I can show you how much is by creating a really amazing game and world for us all to enjoy.

Now, you'll excuse me. I've got some writing to do...

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    1. Dain on

      @Grant ... oh well, I was thinking the options were all going to be available after the KS ended. I shouldn't have held off last night I guess.

    2. John Morrow

      I couldn't swing the extra $50 for the Thunderstone tie-in until later this week. I screwed up reading what was available during the Paypal option phase. At least I can add in a few other things.

    3. Grant Kinsley on

      @Dain, unfortunately the leather book was only available as an upgrade during the kickstarter funding period

    4. Dain on

      oh man, did I actually miss the possibility of upgrading my rule book to a leather bound version via Paypal? That's what I get for working late ... :(

    5. Mad Tinker Gnome

      @Paul I read somewhere (well on flipboard but i cannot remember where they got it from) that it is actually a good idea to significantly underestimate the initial goal because as a projects percent funded total increases, the higher the project gets ranked in kickstarters system.

      Ah, here's the article:…

    6. Del M

      *la sigh* doesn't matter now, the leather upgrade/thunderstone pages timed out as I was in checkout. Guess I won't be contriubting an extra 175 dollars (leather/thunder/world/nightmare print. So confused that all the stuff didn't include nightmare in print, just pdf)

      I was of the not smart and waited to the last minute to pledge, so I just picked the highest with about 40 seconds left, no time to look at the addon costs. So my own fault really.

    7. Del M

      Changed my name. I might be wierd, but I don't like having my offical name tied to my account here =_=

    8. Paul Roberts on

      @Grant: Exactly my point. Certainly all of them don't, just those few wildly successful campaigns. Which is why I was saying they were initially significantly underestimated. Many, many more don't meet their goal or just bump up over the goal and asymtote to some number before their campaigns end. Those that chug along and accellerate towards the end are the ones that will likely do really well on the open market because their true market potential realyl starts to become evident as the campaign comes to an end and they not only haven't run out of steam, but they seem to be accellerating.

      Of course, you can't know that at the beginnning, can you? :)

    9. Grant Kinsley on

      @paul: lately the games seem to fall into this smile pattern of start strong, saunter along in the middle and then make a giant surge at the end, look at Bones and Traveller 5 for the same pattern

    10. Adam Ashworth on

      Congrats Monte (et al) - this is going to be a lot of work! I don't think you'd be "cheating" if you made a few minute trailer type deal instead of an actual story film. Then have another Kickstarter if there's demand to make it a short film or animation. Also - I'll echo a request for forums - please!

    11. Paul Roberts on

      @ Swen: Exactly like that! Thanks! I hope you realise that this sort of thing isn't generally supposed to be a continuingly positive exponential function. Normally, fundraising peaks relatively early and tails off at the end. This really does defy normal behaviour and indicates a wildly undervalued initial potential market estimate for this product.

    12. T0mu

      totally awesome/senseless! my best congratulations!
      never thought it will reach 500,000!

    13. Paul Roberts on

      Y'know, this is kinda insane. When it went over $200K, I thought that the $500K stretch goal was as funny as I bet Monte did when he put it up there. Now? Holy crap!

      I'd love to see a graph showing how much was pledged each day of the Kickstarter. The last week would be pretty darned interesting, fer sure.

    14. Mark Goldman on

      grats on breaking $500K!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Bill Ogden on

      And you made 500K

    16. Craig Janssen

      Get the popcorn, it's movie time!

    17. Emiliano Marchetti

      I'll add yet another vote for a forum. I think that it would really help in building a strong community around the game.

    18. Richard P. on

      @Jeremy Thanks, much appreciated info!

    19. JDL: Operative - on

      @Ben: I'm sure Monte will continue using KS for updates, if only because the mass emails to backers will keep things simple.

      @Richard: Monte has stated that the seminars will take place in November, December, and January, if memory serves me correctly.

    20. Alonso Rubio on

      (Whimpers) Movie is so close... Will Paypal donations be counted towards the total?

    21. Richard P. on

      Any thoughts on when the Seminars will be held?

    22. Ben McFarland on

      Please don't abandon the kickstarter site for updates. It's just a few moments of cut and paste. If you have more than a couple projects you support, kickstarter provides an excellent central point to handle all the updates.

    23. Luke Stowell

      @Monte - I know that I will not be living at my current address by the time these books start to ship. I am probably not the only one. Will there be a way to update our shipping address before the books start to ship?

    24. Grant Kinsley on

      @craig, I suspect mass e-mails to backers, with regular updates on and

    25. Craig Janssen

      @Monte - I assume you will still be providing updates here or are they going to be moving to your www site?

    26. Yannick Men Huon on

      +1 for the forum, +1 gazillion for the deserved days off.

    27. Missing avatar

      Morgan Boehringer on

      +1 to xaelvaen's comment on hoping for some forum action! With 4k+ fans, if even a third (or a tenth!) of those are "active" participants in a forum it would be an excellent thing!

      Well done Monte, a fantastic concept. I'm really looking forward to a simple game with wondrous ideas. If you have time, please read everything by Terry Dowling. ;p A very well realised far future mashup.

      I am absolutely blown away by the concept artwork...

    28. Ben McFarland on

      $7K in 5 hours. We could just about kiss $500K-- I guess it'll depend on that rush, won't it? :D

    29. Xaelvaen on

      Order has been triple-checked (as well as payment information). I really hope you can get some forums running for what seems to be an incredible fanbase (judging on the comments here on KS) in the near future. However, first and foremost:

      Enjoy your hard-earned and well-deserved days off, Monte.

    30. Grant Kinsley on

      @Craig and Kris, I suspect you will have to ask AEG wrt thunderstone as that project is a licensed product done by AEG

    31. Missing avatar

      Devin Redd on

      I have a question. Are the T-Shirts going to be Kickstarter exclusive? What about women's cut tees?

    32. Craig McClung on

      As Kristopher Chesney asked, when can we expect Thunderstone?

    33. Keith & Diana on

      A forum would be fantastic!

    34. Missing avatar

      Raphael Päbst on

      I asked that a few days ago and they will be available later on.

    35. Missing avatar

      Adam M

      I'm not sure if this has been answered elsewhere, but will the Cypher, Encounter and XP decks be available to purchase through the regular supply channels after the Kickstarter is over? Or are they items that are exclusive to the Kickstarter?

      If I can get them later I will, but if not I want to add them to my order now.

    36. Swen Barth on

      It would be really nice to have an official Numenera forum. It would help to carry on the Numenera community that formed during this kickstarter, it would be a place for roleplayers that missed the kickstarter to go to, and it would make the wait for July 2013 much easier...
      Are there any plans for an official forum?

    37. Brandon Reed on

      Whoops, ignore that question. Answer is posted.

    38. Brandon Reed on

      Is Thunderstone available in the grace period?

    39. Adam Schilling on

      Like a BOSS. Rock on, Monte.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jarod Jett on

      I'm very happy to be supporting this family of books. Even setting aside the straight page-value for money thing, there are so many ideas here that it'll ensure rich gaming for a long time, no matter what game I'm actually playing.

    41. Jason Tack on

      Congrats again Monte. Awesome amount already with a few hours left. Maybe start thinking about that film? :)

    42. Kristopher Chesney on

      Thanks for the awesome world of Numenera.
      I just noticed one thing missing. What's the approximations on Thunderstone?