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Numenera is a brand-new, science fantasy rpg set in the distant future. It focuses on story and ideas over mechanics.
Step a billion years into the future—into the Ninth World, where
the remnants of previous civilizations’ technologies are indistinguishable from
magic. Based on Monte’s Cook’s Cypher System, a new RPG system that focuses on
story and ideas over mechanics.
Step a billion years into the future—into the Ninth World, where the remnants of previous civilizations’ technologies are indistinguishable from magic. Based on Monte’s Cook’s Cypher System, a new RPG system that focuses on story and ideas over mechanics.
4,658 backers pledged $517,255 to help bring this project to life.

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Discover Your Ninth World Destiny on 9/19 at 9am ET


The time is set – the Kickstarter for Numenera 2 launches tomorrow, Tuesday 9/19 at 9am Eastern Standard Time! 

Our recent blog post hints at some really cool narrative events to come: Numenera 2 backers will shape the fate of a Ninth World village called Ellomyr, and those details will be reflected in a sourcebook about Ellomyr, The Trilling Shard! Watch the hashtag #Numenera2 for glimpses into these shared narratives.

We can’t thank our #billionandfive crew enough for helping make this happen. You trip our cyphers, and warm our malleable varjellen hearts. Whether or not you’re joining us for Numenera Discovery and Numenera Destiny, you are the reason Monte Cook Games and Numenera exist. We are so, so grateful.

Also, who teleported Björk into the Ninth World? We need her back! Fess up, you slying seskiis.


A Special Thank You


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Numenera and the ENnie Awards


Hello, Numenera  Kickstarter backers—

Voting for the ENnie Awards is currently underway—in fact, it ends today. We are super honored that the ENnies judges have nominated MCG products for five ENnie Awards, including four nominations for Torment: Tides of Numenera—the Explorer’s Guide! It’s up for:

  • Best Cover Art
  • Best Cartography
  • Best Setting
  • And, most awesome of all, Product of the Year!


In addition, our Cypher System setting book Gods of the Fall was nominated for Best Interior Art.

If you haven’t voted for the ENnies, we encourage you to do so. And not just for our products—there are bunches of really great RPG titles nominated in every category. You can vote here. But hurry—voting closes today! 


Explore the Jade Colossus—or a thousand other prior world sites



Mysterious, powerful, and usually dangerous, the vast ruins of the prior worlds contain secrets and marvels beyond imagining. They are the defining feature of the Numenera setting and the siren that calls explorers from all over the Ninth World.

We’re really excited to bring you Jade Colossus: Ruins of the Prior Worlds, a new title for Numenera all about prior world ruins. It details the Jade Colossus, a massive ancient site, and also gives you the detailed and robust Numenera Ruin Mapping Engine, so you can create your own ancient sites large or small, with all the wonder and weirdness of the Ninth World baked right in.


Monte has called Jade Colossus the essential gamemaster’s guide to creating weird prior world sites for your Numenera campaign, going so far as to say he thinks it’s the first book a Numenera GM should buy after the corebook. That’s why we’re so excited about this book: It’s an incredible resource for GMs and a tool that’s going to get a ton of use in your Numenera campaign.

Run an entire campaign around the Jade Colossus, use the site for one or a handful of adventures
 in your existing campaign, or use this book to create dozens of
 other prior-world sites, building an amazing campaign filled with imagination and awe-inspiring adventure. Jade Colossus: Ruins of the Prior Worlds is now available to preorder!



Torment is out, and it is awesome!


At long last, Torment: Tides of Numenera is out, and we're super excited about the game and the reception it's been getting. Torment has been reviewed scores of times, and the reviews are glowing. Check out just a bit of what we've been hearing:

“I can’t think of a single RPG in the last decade that so consistently surprised and delighted me.”

“One of the new landmarks of the genre.”

“Could be the best CRPG of this era.”

“Amazing writing, an interesting yet gritty world to explore and a charming set of characters.”

“The writing is nothing short of exemplary, and the execution is near flawless.”

“Like the way that the Ninth World rises from the ashes of other civilizations, Torment: Tides of Numenera is a layered experience. For role-players keen on experiencing a game of consequences and twisted fantasy, it’s well worth the adventure.”

Like what you’re hearing? You can find a roundup of several dozen reviews here. Torment: Tides of Numenera is on Steam for Mac, PC, and Linux, and is also available for Xbox One and PS4.

If you’ve been playing Torment and want to learn a bit more about Greater Garravia and Sagus Cliffs, or if you’re curious about the part of the Ninth World (to the east of the Steadfast and the Beyond) in which the game is set—or if you just want to add some cool new material to your Numenera campaign, don’t forget about Torment: Tides of Numenera—the Explorer’s Guide. It’s a 160-page hardcover sourcebook that expands upon the weird and fascinating places, people, and creatures first glimpsed in Torment. Discover secrets of the computer game, and explore its world in greater depth and detail. Incorporate the region and its inhabitants and conflicts, in whole or in part, into your campaign. Maybe even become a castoff or explore the Tides, mysterious forces that can shape human interactions.


A Strange Box

While this isn’t precisely Numenera-related, we thought you might like to hear about A Strange Box. We’re currently Kickstarting a boxed set for The Strange with the intent of filling it full of as much amazing coolness as the Exclusive Numenera Boxed Set Edition. The Numenera box was perhaps the most awesome RPG boxed set of all time, but we’re hoping to match it with A Strange Box. The Kickstarter runs for the next week and a half, so don’t miss it.


(If you haven’t tried The Strange—or if you have just a few of the books—there’s an incredible deal on the entire game line in PDF as part of the LIBRARY OF IMPOSSIBLE THINGS backer level. Check it out!)