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Numenera is a brand-new, science fantasy rpg set in the distant future. It focuses on story and ideas over mechanics.
Step a billion years into the future—into the Ninth World, where
the remnants of previous civilizations’ technologies are indistinguishable from
magic. Based on Monte’s Cook’s Cypher System, a new RPG system that focuses on
story and ideas over mechanics.
Step a billion years into the future—into the Ninth World, where the remnants of previous civilizations’ technologies are indistinguishable from magic. Based on Monte’s Cook’s Cypher System, a new RPG system that focuses on story and ideas over mechanics.
4,658 backers pledged $517,255 to help bring this project to life.

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Check Out Into the Deep!


Iadace, Numenera backers—

How would you like a look inside the newest Numenera release?

We’re just over a month away from heading Into the Deep! If you’d like a look inside the book, you can now download the free preview! Visit the Island of Undoing, have a look inside the Skelirroth Dredge, and check out the cleoid, a vastly intelligent but hate-consumed creature of the deep, fully statted and ready for use in your game right now!

Just a Few Days Left for Worlds of the Cypher System

Dinosaurs! Gods! Superheroes! The Worlds of the Cypher System Kickstarter campaign is in its last few days! Just like the Into the Ninth World campaign, this one is chewing through the stretch goals. Check out the LOVER OF ALL BOOKS backer level! But don’t dawdle—this incredible deal on a bunch of great Monte Cook Games books ends soon!


Gods! Dinosaurs! Superheroes!


Hello, Numenera backers—

We have some exciting news you might be interested in!

Last week we announced the launch of a new line of products supporting the Cypher System Rulebook. (If you're not familiar with it, the Cypher System Rulebook takes the game engine from Numenera and lets you use it to create any campaign you like in virtually any genre.) We are now funding this through the Worlds of the Cypher System Kickstarter campaign. The campaign began Monday morning and quickly blew through its funding target—we're now adding new features and content through stretch goals.

The first product in this line will be the Gods of the Fall campaign setting. It's a 192-page hardcover sourcebook for an epic-level high-fantasy campaign set in a world in which the old gods have fallen, but you can awaken your divine spark and, through challenges and labors, take their place. You won't have to wait too long to get this reward: Gods of the Fall releases in June. Kickstarter backers will enjoy extra exclusive features, such as the poster map (a stretch goal we’ve already unlocked), and unlocking future stretch goals will only expand these exclusive rewards!

In Predation, you're one of a small society of time travelers trapped in the Cretaceous Period. First you'll have to figure out how to survive using the tech you brought from the future—modern weapons, advanced science, and bioengineered dinosaurs. Then you can worry about the asteroid that history says wipes out most life on earth. Predation will also be a 192-page hardcover.

Unmasked is a dark superhero setting. They say you're dangerous. Insane. That you suffer from Dissociative Mask Disorder. Your parents and the doctors and the press and the military—they can’t believe what’s happening. They can’t believe what you can do. And they wouldn't believe the price you pay.

But these titles are just the beginning! The campaign is going gangbusters, and is already closing in on a stretch goal that adds Myth of the Maker, a novel for The Strange to be penned by Bruce Cordell and released in hardcover and popular ebook formats. We've hit several other stretch goals, and have plenty of great ideas for more titles and features!

The Worlds of the Cypher System Kickstarter campaign launched yesterday, and runs through April 1 (no foolin'). It features many Kickstarter-exclusive rewards, and the All the Print Books package, a feature of most backer levels, is an incredible deal that just keeps getting better. Whether you're an existing player or haven't yet tried the Cypher System, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss!


Numenera Music Headed Your Way!


Hello, Numenera backers!

Great news! The final reward item funded by the Numenera Kickstarter campaign is headed your way!

The record-setting Numenera Kickstarter campaign funded well over 50 distinct deliverables—books in print and PDF, card decks, T-shirts, wallpapers, an app, paper terrain, playtest access, fiction, and even the production of an incredible short film. It led to the founding of Monte Cook Games as a business, and launched more than just a great RPG—it launched an entire line that continues to grow. (Have you checked out the Into the Ninth World campaign that’s going on right now?)

The last item on our list is the Numenera musical theme, and that’s now ready to be delivered. We worked with our friends at Plate Mail Games to produce a musical piece, entitled The Amber Monolith, that encapsulates the mood and style of Numenera and serves as its musical theme.

But that’s not all. Plate Mail Games has also created an entire suite of Numenera-themed music. These make great background music for your game, and in fact are optimized for that use! The five pieces in this suite are each 10 minutes long and composed to loop seamlessly—so you can put one of them on and it will play continuously, without any break or seam, for as long as you like. Each of these five pieces is based on a distinct Ninth World locale and atmosphere. They’re available for purchase here.

Check your Kickstarter messages for a link that will let you download your free musical theme—you should see it within the next 24 hours.

This is the last item to be fulfilled from the original Numenera Kickstarter campaign, but it’s still just the beginning for Numenera! We hope you’ll check out Into the Ninth World if you haven’t already—it’s expanding the Ninth World universe in some really cool ways, and it has become an absolutely awesome deal. Either way, please enjoy your music and thanks for supporting Numenera!


Into the Deep is one of the titles being funded by the Into the Ninth World campaign.
Into the Deep is one of the titles being funded by the Into the Ninth World campaign.

Taking Numenera Into the Night (and Further!)


Hello, Numenera backers!

Over a billion years of Earth's future, great civilizations have risen and fallen, each attaining wonders beyond our wildest dreams and furthest imaginings. The remnants of these civilizations shaped the Ninth World into a place of incredible beauty, wonder, and danger. And weirdness. Oh, so much weirdness. Explorers who undertake the challenges presented by the Ninth World look not only to the wilderness, but also to the night sky, the ocean depths, and even into the worlds beyond that they cannot easily perceive.

As we near the last phases of fulfillment for the original Numenera Kickstarter campaign (just the music and movie left—and they’re in their final stages!), I thought you might want to know what’s next for the Ninth World.

We’re working on a new series of books that take Numenera into uncharted realms: Into the Night, Into the Deep, and Into the Outside.

As you might expect, Into the Night expands our knowledge of the Ninth World beyond the grip of Earth's gravity, to locations pioneered by the prior worlds on the moon, elsewhere in the solar system, and in remote reaches of the galaxy.

Into the Deep delves into the depths of the Ninth World's oceans. The prior worlds extended their empires into the seas—as previously touched on in the Numenera corebook and The Devil's Spine—and the wonders to be found there are every bit as glorious, mysterious, exciting, and just plain weird as the landbound realms of the Ninth World.

It's well known that the denizens of the prior worlds bent time and space to their liking, creating links to realms outside the normal world. Into the Outside takes us into these other worlds, exploring pocket dimensions, the realms of ultraterrestrials, and parallel universes.

We’re Kickstarting this series of titles right now. Through Kickstarter, we’re going to make Into the Night, Into the Deep, and other titles funded by this campaign as cool as we can, offering elements we normally wouldn’t be able to put into a book developed in the conventional manner. And we’re giving you a voice and a chance to interact with the content of these books. To have a hands-on role in shaping them.

We funded on our first day (yesterday) and have already hit some pretty cool stretch goals, including a double-sided poster map for Into the Night, a PDF supplement, new content for the Numenera Creature Deck and Cypher Deck, and a free PDF Instant Adventure. Right now, we're closing in on our next stretch goal: The first official Numenera novel! Backing the campaign is a great value, a great way to continue your exploration of the Ninth World, and a great way to contribute your voice to the ongoing creation of the Ninth World. We hope you’ll check it out!


Gen Con, and a Little Evil!


Hello, Numenera backers!

Summer is in full swing, and in the tabletop gaming business, that means one thing: Gen Con is on its way! If you’re planning a Gen Con trip, we have a few tidbits for you. But first:

No Thank You, Evil! Is in Its Last Week!

The No Thank You, Evil! Kickstarter has entered its final week. If you have kids, or think/play like a kid, or are thinking about having kids, or know someone who has kids—or know someone who is thinking about having kids—you need to check this out!

All good things must come to an end, and so must this Kickstarter campaign. But there’s still time to check out this awesome new game that brings the creative fun of roleplaying to kids and families. We’ve hit several stretch goals to make the Kickstarter Edition even more awesome—but when the campaign is over, so is your chance to get it!

The Cypher System Rulebook

Love Numenera, but have other favorite settings and genres as well? Ever wish you could run a different campaign using Numenera’s Cypher System rules? We have something cool for you!

The Cypher System Rulebook is our big Gen Con release—in fact, it’s looking like one of the biggest RPG releases of the summer. It’s a 416-page core rulebook that contains the entire Cypher System rules (along with dozens of optional and genre-specific rules) and hundreds of character options, creatures, cyphers, and other resources. It’s everything you need to run virtually any campaign using the Cypher System rules.

As a Numenera fan, you’ll find new descriptors, foci, types, creatures, cyphers, and artifacts you can use in your campaign the minute you crack open the book. Many of the optional genre rules will benefit your campaign as well. There are pages and pages of content you can make use of in your existing game, even if you never take the Cypher System into another genre!

The Cypher System Rulebook releases in early August, but we have a great pre-order deal  going on right now: Pre-order the book in print, and get the PDF version with it for free. And because pre-orders have been going through the roof, we’ve even started adding stretch goals!

Want to learn more about the Cypher System Rulebook? We’ve just taken the wraps off the new Cypher System web page!

(Oh, and one more thing: Looking for some cool settings to go with your CSR? Worlds Numberless and Strange, coming out just a couple weeks before, contains 224 pages of awesome worlds for The Strange—all completely compatible with the Cypher System!)

Gen Con Is in Sight

We’re deep into preparations for Gen Con. If you’re coming, we hope you’ll stop by and say hi! Here’s what you need to know:

  • We’re in booth 1737—in the middle of the hall.
  • The MCG seminar is Thursday at 3:00, in Westin Capital III. The Gen Con event number is SEM1572075. Among other cool things we’re going to unveil, this is where you can catch the first-ever showing of the Numenera short film. Register for this now, before it fills up!
  • You might also want to check out Instant Adventure with Monte Cook (SEM1572897). Just sayin’. Saturday at 1:00 in Westin Capital III.
  • Our many scheduled games of Numenera and The Strange are sold out, but there are often no-shows—if you have a free slot, grab some generic tickets and stop by. All of our games are in the Marriott Indiana Ballroom F, and there’s a game starting on the hour pretty much through the entire show!
  • As I said, we have many scheduled games. We could still use a couple more GMs to help fill out our schedule. (There are a few perks involved!) If you love running Numenera or The Strange, drop a line to David at
  • We’re running demos in our booth for Numenera, The Strange, the Cypher System, and No Thank You, Evil! Stop by if you’d like to try out a game you’re not familiar with, and bring a friend who hasn’t tried our games yet!

We hope to see you at Gen Con. And don’t forget to check out the Cypher System Rulebook and the last few days of the No Thank You, Evil! Kickstarter.