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Geek Seekers is a new web series with Jen Page and Monte Cook, investigating the paranormal, UFOs, and all sorts of weirdness.

Geek Seekers

A Web Series About Geeking the Unknown

If the truth is out there, who better to find it than a couple of geeks?

Geek Seekers International searched far and wide, interviewing thousands of applicants* before deciding that the two perfect candidates were well-known geeks Jen Page and Monte Cook. These two geeks--some might say uber-geeks--have the knowledge, the skills, and the necessary lack of sense to track down the truth about the mysteries of our world. No danger is too great. No mystery too deep. No haunted house too scary** for the…


Geek Seekers is a web series about geeks and the paranormal--two great tastes that taste great together, we think. In each episode two geeks will investigate some strange location or phenomena. Ghosts, UFOs, bigfoot… these are the kinds of things the Geek Seekers will investigate. In the geekiest way possible. In Geek Seekers, you'll see a mixture of real investigations, geekly discussions, and the occasional bit of silliness, just for good measure.

What will the Geek Seekers find? Ghosts? Ogopogo? Aliens? What craziness will they instigate on their own? What trouble will they find themselves in as they do this crazy stuff?

And the most important question of all: do you want to watch them do all that?

*Not really.

**Well, maybe. I mean, there might be some screaming. And running. Expect some running.

What Is This Project?

Geek Seekers is a web series starring us, Jen Page and Monte Cook. We're a couple of geeks, fascinated by the paranormal and the mysterious. One day, while talking about our shared love of all things weird and unexplained, we decided to investigate some of the most intriguing mysteries first hand. And we wanted to start big. So we figured, let's try to find Area 51. That's right. Eventually, we're going all the way to the unknown reaches of the Nevada desert looking for UFOs, secret government bases, and anything else interesting to a couple of geeks--and we're going to film it. But first we're going to hunt for ghosts, bigfoot, and other fun paranormal stuff. 

Now, we'll be honest with you. Knowing us, there's going to be some silliness, and more than a little geekery. We might spend our down time chatting about movies, gaming, and things like that. That's going to be a part of the series too. But the investigation is for real. We are serious about wanting to really do what we can to uncover various mysteries. That's why it's a series. There's just so much to explore! We may be geeks who like to joke around, but wouldn't it be amazing if we also actually get some evidence of something for real? On film? For everyone to watch?

Who Are You Guys?

Jen Page: An actor, a filmmaker, and a model, Jen has already cemented herself in the geek world. Her recent acting projects allowed her to become a rebellious alien, a crafty sorceress rogue and a vampire (twice). 

As a child, though, Jen dreamed of being even more than that. Jen’s wild imagination convinced her she could be a superhero when she grew up. Or perhaps a cowboy gypsy scientist ghost hunter. All her life people told her that she wasn't being realistic, but she ignored them.
Finally, she met someone that agreed with her. After talking to Monte, Jen realized that she could ghost hunt, fight Bigfoot, read palms and wear some kick ass goggles; all while talking geekery with her genre-appropriate co-host.

Monte Cook: Monte is that D&D guy. He's never had a real job. For most of his adult life, he's stayed at home writing novels, game books, articles, and short stories. He designed Heroclix, co-wrote 3rd Edition D&D, and is working on some new D&D thing. He even wrote a book about conspiracy theories, aliens, and kooky stuff like that. It never occurred to him until he met Jen that he could actually go out and investigate UFOs, ghosts, and  the paranormal first hand. Even better, she added, "and when we do, let's film it!"
Now action-oriented Monte has a new rule. He never does anything that he can't justify to his 16-year-old self should he ever travel back in time. When reached for comment regarding Geek Seekers, 16-year old Monte said, "Sounds cool. Can we talk about movies, games, and other geeky stuff on the way to the investigations?"
Yes, 16-year old Monte, yes we can.

What is the Funding For?

Gear. Obviously, we need cameras, decent lights, and things like that. We'd also really like to get some specialized equipment. For what we want to do, we need EMF detectors, motion sensitive cameras, and other cool geekery. We're serious about this. Unfortunately, that stuff is expensive.

Travel expenses. We need to travel to various planned investigation sites. We're discussing going down to California and to various locations around the Pacific Northwest, and perhaps even up to Canada.

And probably some No-Doz, because the UFOs and ghosts are best seen at late at night.

Maybe a couple of sandwiches? A bag of chips? Some kind of junk food for the trip. We are geeks, after all. Our Mountain Dew budget is astronomical.

What Will the Finished Series Be Like?

If the project gets fully funded, we aim to do an estimated season of six episodes, each between 7 and 15 minutes long.

Some investigations might carry over into multiple episodes, while others might be self-contained. Much of this is still up in the air. The money we're asking for will mostly just get us started with those first few episodes. If we go beyond that (or have a second campaign later), we'll be able to do more episodes and eventually even get to Area 51.

When we conduct an investigation, we'll do our homework. In each episode, we'll provide the background--hopefully in an entertaining way--so you know what we're looking for. Each episode will involve us doing all that we can to get to the truth behind the stories we've been told.

Of course, in investigations like this, there's a lot of downtime, waiting for something to happen. But the thing about us is that we're just like you. We love to joke around, and talk about geekly stuff. Want to know what Monte really thinks about your favorite rpg? What Jen's favorite action movie is, and why? You'll probably find that out and a lot more if you watch.

First and foremost, though, we'll be there to actually find some evidence. Each investigation will be an adventure with each own challenges and goals. And there will be surprises and fun things. Best of all, through our website, you'll be able to provide feedback and share your own ideas for investigations, your own experiences involving the paranormal, and your own views on the geeky stuff we talk about.

This is all a new undertaking for each of us, but when you think about it, it makes sense. You know us for our geeky accomplishment, and what on Earth is geekier than this? We thank you in advance for your contributions and support. You guys are the best.


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