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Update #7

We're Back...

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To our donors:

This past Sunday, 15 guests (including some of you) were shown 3 SISTERS. They began the day eating burgers with craft singles, salad with ranch dressing and potato salad. Three and a half hours later they had watched 4 acts of the play, which concluded on the back deck, on a serene lake, at sunset, without a cloud in the sky. The moon rose over the house just as we finished.

We can't wait to share photos of the project with you in coming days, but in the meantime we wanted to extend another huge thanks for making this work possible. It would not have happened with out each and every person's support.

The 5 days we spent in residence together were extremely powerful for both of us, as well as for our entire company of actors. We rehearsed together, ate together, slept together (in, you know, the same rooms) and all the while lived with the play and never stopped working on it. We certainly feel like we've unlocked a way of relating to the piece and to each other that will always be an important part of future iterations.

And as much as we are looking back to reflect on an amazing experience in New Jersey, we are all, also, looking forward to find the next home for our sisters.

So thank you thank you thank you all. And be on the lookout for photos, crafts and more coming your way soon.

With love and gratitude,

Dane, Nick, Lucy, Therese, Mary, Meredith, David, Heather, Will, Joel, Joe, Sam, Robert

Update #6

We're Headed Out!


Dear Supporters,

The day has finally arrived!  After a year of working on this project, and the last few months preparing for it with all of you, Dane and I will head to New Jersey today (after a very long day of bulk grocery shopping)!  We couldn't be more excited.  The actors will arrive tomorrow evening for our first meal together, some running of lines, chatting about the play, and a dip in the lake.  Thursday morning we start staging the play in earnest, and Sunday is the culmination with a performance for a few invited guests.

We wish you all could be there, but we will be taking tons of photos, and making loads of crafts that we can not wait to send to you.

Thank you again for your enthusiasm, faith, and support!

Love, Nick Westrate, Dane Laffrey, and the whole 3 Sisters team.

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Update #4



Thanks to the amazing work of all of our supporters thus far, we have made our minimum goal of 4,000 dollars!!!!!!!!  We now know that we will have the funds needed to transport and feed our actors for the 5 days, and buy all of the properties and costume pieces needed to execute this incredible piece.

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far.  

The next step for us is to continue fundraising as we still have 8 days to go on Kickstarter.  All of the additional money will go to pay our amazing actors.  We all know that our work is oftentimes a labor of love, and when we have the window of opportunity to raise money to pay performers, it is of utmost importance.  Please help us continue all this great work by forwarding the link to the project to all of your friends.  These actors have turned down acting jobs and day jobs to commit to this project on so many occasions. We truly hope that we can aide them in the eternal artistic struggle ofcreation and survival.  

Thank you again, and let's keep it going!

With deepest gratitude,

Nick and Dane

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    OHMYGODthat'ssomerealSERIOUS artistic karma, Anton's pinot, slides, photos, crafts, clothes made by Sally Westrate AND......and, a DVD copy of 3 SISTERS video footage by award-winning "San-Fernando Valley-based" film-maker, Martha Washington!!! AND- an invitation to visit us at the house to observe our work-in-progress! NOW THOSE ARE SOME PRIZES!!!!!!!

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    For a generous gift like this we will invite you into the 3 Sisters family forever. You will be one of our founding producers and be included on all discussions of the future of this project. You will of course receive all of the fun prizes above, and you will receive a VIP tour of the house, the grounds, our process and transportation to the final workshop presentation.

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