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"Life will be the same not only in two hundred years, but in a million years. Life doesn't change. It remains the same."


What type of boxed wine does Olga buy in bulk?  What specific late-model car does Masha lease that she can't quite afford? What local community college did Irina drop out of?  How many hours can Chebutykin spend watching The History Channel?  What brand of cigarettes does Anfisa smoke on the back deck?

And how do you plan a trip to Moscow? Orbitz?

3 SISTERS reminds us of our families in Michigan. A big house where no one knocks and extended families help themselves to wine, wheat thins, the remote, and an old bathing suit to jump in the pool.

3 SISTERS explores Chekhov's entirely unadapted text against an aggressively specific, and personal social construct. This work is largely autobiographical. Our approach to 3 SISTERS since its inception has been to understand the text through the prism of contemporary, upper-middle class, semi-rural,  MidWestern-American society.

We match the specificity of Chekhov's text with the dimensions of an immediate, understood, physical landscape of crafting, ESPN Zone, minivans, and boxed wine.  The project uses the counterpoint of the untouched text and our context for it in order to explore our own perpetual yearning for happiness be it in Moscow, Russia or Cassopolis, Michigan.

The physical components, and more importantly architecture, have thus far been largely imagined in our work on this play. We can turn on a Celine Dion CD, light a glade candle and drink wine from a box in Manhattan while exploring the text, but we require an immersive environment to further understand what this great text may hold, and withstand.

What We Need

We need a big house, and a little bit of time to truly explore the potential of this approach. Over the course of our work on the project in the past 7 months, our actors have developed a kind of family dynamic and connection with the text, which can only be wildly amplified by not only working, but living together in a home similar to the ones we grew up in.

Well.. we've got the house. Thanks to the generosity of Mark Junek and his family, Nick, Dane, the 3 SISTERS ensemble and a film-maker will be in residence at the PERFECT house for 5 days in July to workshop the project and create a documentary about the process.

How You Can Help

With $4000 we can: transport 15 people from Manhattan to the house, feed them each their home-cooked mid-western 3-squares-a-day (featuring many Westrate family recipes) and provide some Pinot Grigio (from a box).

$4000 will also provide all of the essentials our sisters require: crafting supplies, Bath and Body Work sprays, scented candles, Clay Aiken CD's and charcoal for the Barbeque.

Mostly, $4000 allows an incredible group of artists a site-specific retreat that will allow them to thoroughly investigate their connection with our collective approach to this material.

You can be part of the process to create a great piece of theater that builds community.


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    Great artistic karma, the knowledge that you have supported the union of Chekhov and boxed wine AND....a digital slideshow documenting the project!

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    Amazing artistic karma, Chekhov meets boxed wine, the digital slideshow, AND... an autographed Sear's Portrait Studio portrait of your favorite 3 SISTERS character or characters (you choose)!!!!!!!!

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    Phenomenal artistic karma, Chekhovboxedwine, slideshow, the signed Sear's portrait... AND, a collection of PERSONALLY MADE CRAFT ITEMS from the 3 SISTERS house: a page from Olga Prozorov's family scap book, a Christmas ornament built by Kulygin, a rude picture scribbled by Solynony, or maybe even Anfisa's infamous Jello salad recipe.

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    Astronomical artistic karma, Anton's-big-box-of-chardy, slideshow, Sear's Portrait, a craft item, AND ..., a hand-crafted 3 SISTERS commemorative t-shirt, sweatshirt or mock turtleneck (your choice) made just for you by Sally Westrate of Cassopolis, Michigan (that's Nick's Mom)!!!!!!!!!!!

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    OHMYGODthat'ssomerealSERIOUS artistic karma, Anton's pinot, slides, photos, crafts, clothes made by Sally Westrate AND......and, a DVD copy of 3 SISTERS video footage by award-winning "San-Fernando Valley-based" film-maker, Martha Washington!!! AND- an invitation to visit us at the house to observe our work-in-progress! NOW THOSE ARE SOME PRIZES!!!!!!!

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    For a generous gift like this we will invite you into the 3 Sisters family forever. You will be one of our founding producers and be included on all discussions of the future of this project. You will of course receive all of the fun prizes above, and you will receive a VIP tour of the house, the grounds, our process and transportation to the final workshop presentation.

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