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Jake, Ted, JB, & JC telling you how the world woks through their eyes - with no real clue themselves it is riveting fun entertainment

Jake, Ted, JB, & JC telling you how the world woks through their eyes - with no real clue themselves it is riveting fun entertainment Read More
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Jacob Kern
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Jacob Kern

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The Ord Podcast is about 4 guys talking about guy stuff. Bringing you entertainment news about movies, TV, Games, Sports, Web, Internet, and most importantly etc.... We really spend the hour laughing and making fun of each other. Jeff Baker known as” JB”,Jeff Cisler known as “JC”, Ted Ernwine (doesn’t have a facebook page) known as “Drama”, and of course me Jacob Kern known as um “Jake” .

We also have a fan page located  on facebook that we would be honored if you joined. 

We record an hour show each week and rarely miss, even if one of the crew is out we try and press on.

JB loves Big Macs, Every Movie he sees, and the Vikings.

JC loves UFC, and the Cubs.

Drama loves Soccer (no one knows why) and he loves US Seals 2.

I, Jake love The Razorbacks, Star Wars, and am probably the nerdiest guy in the group.

You can check us out on iTunes, or directly on the The Ord.

The comic is based around gag jokes. I realize that I am not the best of artists nor do I claim to be. However, I do love drawing and then re-creating for the web and world to see. It is an opportunity for me to express myself and my very dry sense of humor. I have realized that the more I draw and the more I create; I am getting although very marginal, better each time. Besides, I love doing it, it is my passion and that is all that matters.

Risks and challenges

The only risks are if I become very ill. That is the only way I am not moving forward with doing the show. The reason for the kick start is to be able to keep the site up and running, software, hardware, and mainly advertisement. I will advertise to gain listener-ship, sponsors, to create a community for everyone to get involved with.
I also would like to keep my webcomics going and this will help me provide better opportunities to share my jokes and comics.
I would also like to have a blogger or two to provide content needed to keep the site up to date with interesting stories, original pieces and up to date content for the members to enjoy.

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