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A computer game about the life of an octopus trying to pass himself off as a [human] suburban father.
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More Than a Year

Posted by Octodad (Creator)

Yo Backer Buddies,

We've done a lot since our last update so sit tight and check out some sweet linkage.

A Fistful of Context
When playtesting Dadliest Catch one of the first things we have to look for is if something is mechanically interesting as a challenge. Does it intrigue people and will it be something fun for them in the long run? That is the knowledge we seek. In this article one of our designers Kevin Zuhn explains how adding some visual context to these situations can drastically affect the player's perception of what is or is not fun.

How to Mod Octodad Levels
Our editor guru Kevin Geisler came to the realization that it would be entirely possible for us to just put the editor for the first Octodad out there for the public. It's pretty rough around the edges, but if you figure it out you can potentially create your own little Octodad scenarios. That early editor is held together with tape and glue, but we figured why not release it anyway.

Moving as Only City Slickers Know How
Towards the end of June things slowed down a bit on production as we all moved into new apartments, which meant the office was also moving. This time around we've got a larger amount of space to run free in and even a little meeting area. Check out the post for a look at our new space!

Young Horses Vacay
Around the end of June/beginning of July a lot of us were getting a little tuckered out. We decided to take a little team vacation to chill out for a few days and sort of reflect on what we'd accomplished thus far. Lots of team photos in this one!

Why Music is the Best Thing
More recently our music/sound design deity Seth Parker wrote up his thoughts on why he loves music and the fear that initially surrounds the creative process involved when making it. I know this feel.

More Than a Year
It's been a little over an entire year since we started this project and I took some time to reflect on what we've accomplished so far, plus how we got there.

Well this update has gotten somewhat lengthy so I bid you all ado. We'll be back with another solid update soon as we've got some big stuff coming up in the near future.

- Young Horses <3


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