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A computer game about the life of an octopus trying to pass himself off as a [human] suburban father.
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Fantastic Arcade

Posted by Octodad (Creator)

Hey backers for the past month or so we’ve been sitting on the news that Octodad 1 was accepted into the Fantastic Arcade showcase. Now the bomb has been dropped from on high a top the Fantastic Fest news feed and we can share some cool things with you. Fantastic Arcade is a game festival which is still pretty new. Last year they featured games like Enviro-Bear 2000: Operation: Hibernation, FEIST, Monaco, Machinarium, Nidhogg, Braid, Canabalt, and many many others.

We here at Young Horses feel so utterly and completely honored to be featured among the great titles in this year’s festival. We were lucky enough to be featured in the festival’s main competition where we’ll be sharing some arcade space with such monstrous titles as: Capsized,FarawayFezFRACTJesus VS. DinosaursRadical Fishing, and Skulls of the Shogun. There are also 13 other great games being featured at Fantastic arcade: Banker’s DozenBit PilotDeep SeaDyadHohokumInsanely Twisted Shadow PlanetLost Mars,Murder Dog IV: Trial of the Murder DogOwlboySalomeSuperbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EPThey Bleed Pixels, and last but not least Ute (A game for adults).

You can find a press release including trailers for each game here at the Austin Independent Game Collective Juegos Rancheros.

If you live in Austin make sure to drop by. The arcade portion is open to the public and admission is free! Come give us a shout if you can. : )

Read more if you’d like to find out what we’ll be doing at the festival including our new arcade grade control scheme including a track ball and six buttons.

- Phil

P.S. Make sure you've filled out your surveys for your prizes. We're ordering shirts and other prizes very soon.


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    1. Octodad Creator on

      Thank you! FEZ is alive and kicking. The creators just spent their time making the game rather than publicizing it during the past few years. It's supposed to come out this year.

    2. Missing avatar

      Nixitur on

      What, Fez is already released? Or do they actually have a playable Beta or something? I thought Fez was long dead, I haven't seen any updates on it for years.

      Also, congratulations, this is pretty cool!