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A computer game about the life of an octopus trying to pass himself off as a [human] suburban father.
A computer game about the life of an octopus trying to pass himself off as a [human] suburban father.
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    1. Octodad Creator on

      We would honestly love to go Glenn, but it mostly depends on if we succeed in this Kickstarter or not. We definitely have some things we could show off and I know we'd love to rent a booth, but we need the support from fans to do so. It's looking good right now and we're really glad everyone is being as supportive as they have been. Thanks for your support and lookout for when our prizes update because there may be some new things that might interest you more than our current offerings. Best wishes.


    2. Missing avatar

      Glenn Meyer on

      So happy to support this game, considering bumping up my pledge but it'll have to wait until my next pay check. Any chance you guys will be at PAX Prime this year?

    3. Octodad Creator on

      Brian - Yes, T-shirt sizes will be sorted out after the KickStarter ends. Thanks for your support!

    4. Brian Wulff on

      Donated 35. That t-shirt looks too awesome to pass up. We will have the option to pick out size right?

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      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

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      Karen and Andy Esparza on

      Happy to support Octodad 2! If possible, could I please have a plushy instead of a poster? Thanks and good luck!

    7. Octodad Creator on

      That's good to hear Steve! Luckily a lot of the new stuff in the trailer is also a work in progress. Things will be even better for the actual game. Thanks for the donation!

    8. Steve on

      Pledged $10. This is all round a selfish donation, partly because it makes a game I really want to play a reality, and partly because it is essentially a pre order. :3 You can thank Notch (and of course yourselves for making such an awesome game) for that $10, since he tweeted about this (which is how I discovered the first one too :D). Was it him that donated $1000? xD
      Also, my only criticism for the first game was the spider bit. The sudden reliance on precision felt out of place in a game like Octodad. Good luck with the second game anyway, everything in the trailer so far looks promising :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Shawn Spurko on

      I sent you guys $100. Thanks for the first game and good luck on the new one!

    10. Kenneth Carlisle Ward on

      Donated just 5, would have donated more but I spent a boatload of money on the Steam Summer Sale... I'll raise my donation if I really have to - but it looks like you'll be okay.

    11. Octodad Creator on

      We all really appreciate everyone's support for us and the game! It's amazing what everyone has accomplished in less than a day's time. Keep it up everyone! We'll be updating the page with FAQ information soon.

    12. Alfie Woodland on

      I still have the original installed; Nothing is more therapeutic than struggling to be an octopus with an uncompromising and problematic lifestyle then going back to reality where where life seems oh so easy in comparison. A sequel would be very welcome.

    13. David Armstrong on

      Great to see this happening. The original game was one of the most original, fun and hilarious games I've played.

    14. Honest Dave on

      So pleased to see this up on the go. I remember playing the original when it was featured up on, and yet again they've pointed me over to the project. So you guys owe them or something, at least for my pledge anyway.