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"O, wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful wonderful! and yet again wonderful, and after that out of all whooping."

Shakespeare Iraq. 

Shakespeare Iraq?

That's right. THAT'S RIGHT!


So today's impossible, "inconceivable" question is -- what happens with this incoming money that puts us over 30,000? Assuming our 10 actors are completely squared away ... and we have to be very sure every cost is covered ... we have a few understudies who, while not in last year's show, have worked tremendously hard to make what we do possible. If you make it possible to put them on the plane, they're coming. 


This project involves a group of Iraqi college students at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani who formed a Shakespearean company and are now invited to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. This was not what anyone had in mind at first. What began as an appreciation-type club was quickly overrun by the students' passion for doing a live performance. Last June, they did it -- an English-language Shakespeare production, not on a campus or Green Zone, but in a public theater -- the first of its kind ever in the country.

Soon afterwards, I did a radio interview on Bob Scheer's Truthdigg radio. An Oregon Shakespeare Festival subscriber was listening, and before we knew it, we were offered a one-week slot in OSF's Green Show.

Anyone near OSF knows their strong bonds with the local community, how they constantly search for new ways to refresh and enhance those bonds. If you go to a show there, and look in the audience, you feel like you're at a ball game, shopping center or airport. In other words, there's all kinds of people there -- not just "theater types." For a troupe of Iraqi student theater artists, looking for lessons to bring back their country, what more could you ask for?

OSF's Green Show is no sideshow. There are highly talented groups from across the country and world that make it onto that stage, and we will be bringing our A game to keep up. 

The money we will raise gets us from here to there -- OSF has agreed to take good care of us after that. 

If you're somewhere close to excited as we are about this, and you're interested in supporting us, I send you a big shokran, zor spas, and heartfelt thanks from Shakespeare Iraq.

Peter Friedrich
Head of Drama
American University of Iraq - Sulaimani


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