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Trick your opponents into buying cryptocurrency scams while you trade, mine and rumormonger to riches in this 2-4 players boardgame.
Trick your opponents into buying cryptocurrency scams while you trade, mine and rumormonger to riches in this 2-4 players boardgame.
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Cryptocurrency - The Board Game

S$ 15,226


 Wondering if Cryptocurrency will be the next digital revolution or just one big scam? 

Now you can decide the fate of Cryptocurrency, by helping to design the ultimate crypto scam, or mine and trade your way to riches!

Cryptocurrency is a 2-4 players game that puts the players in a battle of wits to make the most amount of money from trading and mining cryptocurrencies. You will take on the role of the CEO of a fintech startup, leading a specialized team of technological experts who will help you to evaluate, trade and mine various cryptocurrencies. However, some of the cryptocurrencies are scams, designed to rob the unwary investors of their money and it is up to the player to manipulate the information, to design the ultimate scam while tricking other players to invest in it. You must make strategic decisions in hiring technological experts, solve cryptocurrency mining algorithms and manipulate the information network, all while engaging in tactical coin trading and getting rid of the questionable coins before the game ends.

Do you have the wit to avoid the pitfalls and thrive in the volatile world of Cryptocurrency?

All Kickstarter backers will receive the Event Expansion with their copy of Cryptocurrency. The Event expansion mimics the fast moving global environment whereby governments and big corporations intervene in the cryptocurrency markets, changing the rules as the game progresses. Instead of 1 scam cryptocurrency, there may now be 3! Players need to adapt quickly or perish while trying. This expansion is not included in the Freemium edition.

Experts help you to spread rumor, trade or mine cryptocurrency more efficiently and you hire them to optimize your winning strategy! The Experts are organized into different categories, with each specializing a different type of strategy. Each expert has specific abilities that can be used each time you activate them to perform an action. Who you hire is the strategic part of Cryptocurrency as it will determine your dominant strategy in the game.


When you choose to mine a cryptocurrency, you have to deploy your experts to solve a digital algorithm using the Hash cards in a push your luck mini game. Devote enough experts and your mining success is guaranteed, while using less will decrease your chances of success, but preserving your resource for future actions. Just like in real world Cryptocurrency, mining will get more difficult as more and more people mined the same resource.  A successful mining exercise will reward you with cryptocurrencies and transaction fees, while a failed attempt will yield you nothing. Will you depend on lady luck for exponential rewards or use your company's full capability to eliminate all luck? 

Cryptocurrency is still in an infant stage and big traders (called Whales) have the ability to influence the market through selling and buying. You can send your experts to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and every 4 units you buy or sell will push the price up or down. Meanwhile, you can take out a loan to speculate in various cryptocurrencies allowing you to multiply your profits quickly, or use the loan to hire the right experts, who will help you to manipulate the market prices with ease!

If fake news and social media is your domain, consider the rumor mongering strategy. At the end of each turn, each player will have a chance to deploy one open or hidden rumor card on each cryptocurrency. As a rumormonger, you do not have much mining or trading power but you can manipulate rumors at will and discover the hidden landmines your opponents placed at various cryptocurrencies. You will probably be the first to find out which cryptocurrency is the scam in disguised..

At the end of the game, all hidden rumor cards will be unveiled and the cryptocurrency with the lowest rumor points will be declared as a scam and will become worthless. The problem is, the player that holds the most amount of a particular coin will be richly rewarded with bonus points..  As each of you participate in laying down the rumor cards, you will need to deduce which coin is a scam based on the cards you laid and other players' actions. Do you HODL (crypto slang for Hold On for Dear Life) or do you SELL before the game ends...

If you managed to avoid the scam, you may have a good chance to be the one to accumulate the most amount of money and be declared as the ultimate cryptocurrency investor!

If you feel that you have mastered the game, it is time for the advanced mode! Each Cryptocurrency game comes with a set of info and market boards where each cryptocurrency will have its unique characteristics, creating more varied play. You can mix and match them with the basic boards creating a different cryptocurrency world each time you play.


 One key design philosophy of Capital Gains Studio is to design games that closely resemblance real world finance mechanics. We always embark on an intensive research before designing any of our finance games and the education guide is a summary of our research. It also serves as an interesting insight on how the game is designed and an introduction to the world of cryptocurrency. A hard copy of the guide will be included in every standard edition of the game and a preview of the education guide can be downloaded in the link below!  


The Freemium Edition backer limit has been lowered from 300 as there are many backers who backed more than 1 sets of Freemium Edition. The backer limit will be lowered as time goes by to reflect this condition.

You must be asking... Why are we giving away free sets of our board game to people? Our play test survey results have produced extremely positive results across a wide spectrum of playtesters and we hope to share this game with as many people as we can.

​We have been wrecking our brains on how to get Cryptocurrency to more people and we decided to copy the freemium model of digital games with a slight twist - Backers have to pay for the shipping cost of a stripped down game. Shipping is one of the most expensive component when it comes to getting the game to our backers and cardboard is heavy. In order to keep shipping cost low for the freemium sets, we stripped the game down by removing the bulky and heavy parts such as the box, meeples, boards and punchboards, while preserving the lighter cards which makes up the core of the game. Meanwhile, the boards are designed in such a way that they can be printed out quickly using standard size paper and the backers can quickly start a game almost immediately after receiving the free core game cards from us. Having said that, the core component of the game still has 207 cards and there is more than enough value to justify for its shipping price. ​  

We hope that this promotion will help to bring in more people to the world of tabletop gaming and enjoy the games designed by us. ​  

Click here for more details of the promotion. 


We believe that our backers deserve our best and have decided not to hold back any contents for stretch goals. The game will come with full linen components and all intended stretch goals contents. What you see is what you get!

For extra copies of Cryptocurency (up to 12 copies), just add the following amounts to your pledge based on your shipping destination. 

For more than 12 copies, please email us at 


For those who wants to get a Freemium edition + Standard edition, pledge on the Freemium edition and add the amount for additional copies onto your pledge (Example, to ship to USA, Freemium Tier + SG$40). 

If you choose to self-collect from Spiel Essen or Singapore WTP, add SG$28. The Freemium edition will still be shipped to you as we will be fulfilling all Freemium edition from the fulfillment center in China.


This project is US-Friendly and EU-Friendly, and therefore no additional charges or fees will apply due to taxes or customs. If you do come across issues on tax and custom fees, do drop us an email and we will take care of it. 

Capital Gains Studio will be subsidizing a large portion of the shipping cost as a promotion for our campaign. We also reserve the right to decline any shipping to countries with an active armed conflict or a country with a high chance of non-delivery. We will refund any pledges made in this case after a review with our logistics partners.  

The expected delivery date of Cryptocurrency is November 2018.


For Spiel Essen Self Collection backers, if we are unable to fulfill the pledge during Spiel Essen due to unforeseen circumstances (Custom and shipping problems are our main suspects!), we will offer a full refund or offer subsidized shipping rate for the game to be shipped to your place. Our booth will be at Hall 5-C119


We will be live-funding at We The People Store at Millenia Walk #02-57 for the duration of the Kickstarter Campaign. Come by to say hi to Debtzilla, touch and feel the product!

 We The People Store is the only physical store in the world to exclusively retail products funded with the community Kickstarter. They have 5 stores in Singapore and 1 store in Korea. They have spaces in store dedicated to live-kickstarter campaigns where creators can display their prototypes and engage with customers, turning them into backers. An online to offline initiative.

We have developed a series of finance theme games base on a shared universe in the fictional nation of Banana Republic where our company mascot, Debtzilla can be seen plotting to take over the world.

Wongamania: Banana Economy is a 2-5 player game that portrays the macro economics of Banana Republic and focuses on navigating the economic cycle while buying and selling stocks, bonds and properties.

Debtzilla is a 2-4 player co-operative game where you play as a budget strapped vigilante hero trying to take down Debtzilla before it destroys Banana Republic. You may need to take out a loan to buy those fancy gadgets but each loan you take on makes Debtzilla stronger..

Want EXTRA copies of Debtzilla or Wongamania: Banana Economy? Simply add the amounts below to the total (pledge + shipping) of your current pledge level.

There is a Spiel Essen self-pick up option for the add-ons. Please refer to Self Pickup tier for details.

During the Summer of 2017, major financial news wire around the world saw the rise of a new asset class: Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. As Bitcoin passes the $5,000 mark and news of newly minted cryptocurrency millionaires captured the imagination of the masses, people started paying attention and brave investors began to explore the wild wild west of cryptocurrency. Tech savvy people rushed to buy mining rigs to mine cryptocurrencies, hoping to unearth what is the equivalent of gold, in the digital world. Shortly after, new cryptocurrencies are created via initial coin offerings (ICO) and some of these creators became overnight millionaires. However, many of these ICOs and newly minted cryptocurrencies are simply scams in disguise, hoping to rip off the unaware investors. 

We started asking ourselves, can we create a fun game, that can portray the dangers of cryptocurrency, while representing how it works accurately on a board game? With that challenge in mind, the team delved into the new frontier of cryptocurrency and designed a game that explores the goods and pitfalls of this new digital financial technology.

Steve Ng was fascinated by games as a kid, and began creating games with pencil and paper from the age of 8. His games spoke of adventure and heroism, and proved popular amongst his peers. It was not until later in his years of education in game design did he discover the world of board games beyond Monopoly. Something ignited within him, calling him towards a path of designing board games.

Wong Chunxi has been drawing stuff since young. Aspiring writer, creator, artist, and full time dreamer. Likes computer gaming and painting miniatures, and getting inspired by others.

Xeo Lye is the lead developer behind the games produced by Capital Gains Studio. Previously, he spent a decade in the financial world managing money, authoring financial books & blogs and giving public talks.

Ashley Woo is the ultimate fire fighter and problem solver in Capital Gains Studio. Armed with more than a decade of experience as a compliance manager in MNCs, she handles game design and training projects for institutions and corporations. 

Sam Chang has more than 20 years of experience in Banking and Technology and is the financial gate-keeper that prevents the product and marketing people from spending out of control. He also navigates the complex global supply chain and ensures that our products reach the hands of our backers.


Risks and challenges

Cryptocurrency is our 5th game and our 4th crowdfunding campaign. By now, our team has a solid grasp on the process of designing, developing, manufacturing and delivering a high quality tabletop game. When it comes to a project like this, there are always risks regarding production and delivery that are beyond our control and may cause delays. We are already in the process of working with our manufacturer to get our game produced and we are confident that we should be able to deliver on Nov 2018.

For Spiel Self Collection backers, if we are unable to fulfill the pledge during Spiel due to unforeseen circumstances (Custom and shipping problems are our main suspects!), we will offer a full refund or offer subsidized shipping rate for the game to be shipped to your place.

As with any foreign production/logistics, we may still be faced with unforeseen circumstances such as manufacturing and shipment delays or errors. If we were to meet with an issue, we promise to keep everyone updated and will share details of the problems and our solutions. Check out our previous campaign on the kind of communication you can expect due to any manufacturing issues or shipping delays. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at Thank you.

Thank you in advance for believing in us and supporting Cryptocurrency!

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