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Two people + lots of love = Open Marriage?!

Two people + lots of love = Open Marriage?! Read More
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Friends and family regard Scott and Charlene (aka Charlie) as the lucky ones. They got married in their mid-20s when the majority of their friends were just figuring out how to make it to the second date. Now in their mid-30s and married 10 years, the monotony is getting to them. When the taboo topic of an open marriage comes up during a dinner party, Charlie begins to wonder if “being with” someone else might re-ignite their relationship. Or will an open marriage be the beginning of the end? As Scott and Charlie begin to explore the perimeters of marriage, their experiment in modern love begins to affect the love lives of their best friends. Everyone around them begins to wonder that if Scott and Charlie are an example of “getting it right,” then why are they striving so hard for “true love”?

THE OTHER SIDE OF LOVE, a project that we have had in development for more than two years, is finally ready to be made!! AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!!


THE OTHER SIDE OF LOVE is a feature film that will also air online as webisodes. Although our goal of $50,000 is a big chunk of change, it’s only a portion of what we need to complete the project. We plan to begin production in January 2013 and funds raised through our Kickstarter campaign will be used for pre-production and principal photography: cast, cameras, lighting, set design, locations, wardrobe, etc. -- everything leading up to our director yelling “…and that’s a wrap!”


What we love about Kickstarter is the chance to build a community and that's what we are hoping to do! Those who donate in the $50-$100 range will become “A LOVER,” members of our exclusive creative collective who will be counseled throughout the filmmaking process. You'll have a chance to voice your opinion when it comes to casting, locations, set design, wardrobe and even possible story edits. So you are not only helping us financially, but also becoming an important part of our filmmaking team.


Remember, if we don't reach our funding goal, this project doesn't get made, so please, any donation helps. Also, if you make a donation and decide you want to contribute more, all donations can be increased at a later time. JOIN US IN TAKING A STEP TOWARDS CREATING SOLID AND INTROSPECTIVE CONTENT!!



Bille Woodruff's distinct visual eye has garnered him a permanent place in the entertainment industry. Bille built his career directing your favorite music videos for artists ranging from Britney Spears to Usher and naturally moved into film and television. He has directed HONEY, BEAUTY SHOP, B.E.T'S THE GAME and FUSE NETWORK’s new series THE HUSTLE, and he’s currently directing Zane's popular novel ADDICTED for Lionsgate.


Aireka has accumulated more than 10 years experience working in film and television production including positions as creative director at The Bridge Motion Pictures and associate producer for Fox and The CW. As a screenwriter, she has had projects in development with Overbrook Entertainment, 34th Street Pictures, State Street Pictures and Lynda Obst productions. Currently, Aireka is a writer/producer at advertising agency Muse Communications, where she writes and develops branded content and interactive digital campaigns.


Having worked in the arenas of record labels, professional photography, music videos and commercial production, Yamani brings a synergy of creative and business experience to the table. Yamani has had the challenge and pleasure of producing both long- and short-format projects with his production company Karma Kollective and is currently a consulting producer of broadcast and digital content for Quantasy-Muse Communications digital and entertainment division.


With more than 15 years of production experience behind her, Joyce is whom you turn to for film, television, commercial and music video production. She worked as a 2nd unit producer on Screen Gem's mega-feature film hit THINK LIKE A MAN and three B.E.T./CENTRIC documentaries: DON CORNELIUS; VISIONARY, TRAILBLAZER AND CULTURAL ICON; and BE INSPIRED: THE LIFE OF HEAVY D. She also worked on the legendary and iconic BET Awards special return of Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx's Sheneneh and Wanda in Skank Robbers, and she’s currently producing TLC's Totally T-Boz.


With 10 years of casting under her belt, Vanessa can spot talent the moment it walks through the door. Her credits include HBO’s ENTOURAGE, THE LAST HOLIDAY, BEWITCHED, MEET THE FOCKERS and next year's thriller film THE HIVE starring Halle Berry and Morris Chestnut.


Quantasy, envisioned and led by CEO Will Campbell, a 10-year industry veteran, is a creative services agency that focuses on brand experiences at the intersection of entertainment, advertising, technology and culture. Quantasy’s expertise lies in content development, design and technology. Top-name clients include MAGIC JOHNSON, HONDA, WELLS FARGO and GOOGLE.

Risks and challenges

Finishing principal photography is just the beginning of a long journey. We're taking on what has been a labor of love for all of us and are dedicated to seeing this film all the way through. But as those of you know, if we do not raise all of our funding, we don't receive any of it. Our goal is to tell interesting and new stories with an universal appeal that feature people of color. Please rest assure that our dedication and commitment to this film is of the most high. Regardless of any possible production challenges or hurdles when it comes to finishing costs and distribution, we will see it through. We hope that you join us on the journey!

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    A lot of virtual hugs and kisses. Special shout out on website and Facebook page. We love you!! Who doesn't want more love?!

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    With a $5 donation, you'll become a producer on the film, invited to an exclusive online premiere, & an online chat with the cast member of your choice!

    First $100 donors will get a chance to meet The Love Project's Facebook post author, and the next $150 will receive a their very own The Love Project Video!

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    Pledge $30 and you become a LOVER: exclusive access to a members only website that allows you to vote on all creative decisions from casting to wardrobe choices. We will also choose 5 INTERNS to work with the Director, Producers, DP, and Production Design during principal photography.

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    Become a LOVER! A exclusive group that will be apart of our creative process along the way. Through our dedicated website you'll be able to have a say regarding casting decisions, wardrobe, locations, and set design. You'll also receive exclusive behind the scenes footage and photography.

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    Receive all of the perks of becoming a LOVER as well as digital download of the complete film.

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    You get to choose one of the following:

    Project and budget analysis of your film project by Executive Producers Yamani Watkins and Joyce Washington,

    Skype meeting or lunch with Director Bille Woodruff,

    Script Notes and Coverage by Writer Aireka Muse,

    and Skype or lunch meeting with Casting Director Vanessa Rodriguez Spencer

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