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Photograph barns with stories and publish a book including historically significant barns, long-time family barns, re-purposed barns.

I have spent a lot of time driving the Interstate 81 and 80 corridors in Pennsylvania and began to pay attention to barns. I saw old barns and new barns, deteriorating barns and barns that had been converted to other uses. I began to wonder about their stories and thus was born this proposal.

I want to not only photograph barns that have unique stories behind them but also to include their stories in a coffee table book titled Pennsylvania Barn Stories.

Working in concert with the Historic Barn & Farm Foundation of Pennsylvania, various county historical societies and newspaper sources, I’ve already identified more than 30 barns in 18 counties. I’d like to find about 100, although my book will not contain every one.

I don’t want to prejudge what barn stories are worth telling, but the possibilities include architecturally and historically significant barns, barns that have been in families for generations, new barns built in a different style, barns that have been converted into houses. (An Amish barn raising should also be on the list.)

Once I have a list of willing participants, I will map out photographing the barns and collecting the stories. I expect each barn will require at least two days of on-site work in order that I may photograph in the morning and evening light as well as taking interior shots during the day. I plan on using the high dynamic range process, especially for the interior shots. High dynamic range is a process that results in sharply detailed photographs.

I also want to take photographs to cover the range of seasons so I anticipate that I would return to some barns to photograph them in different seasons. Between identifying barns, photographing the barns and collecting the stories, and returning for seasonal photographs, up to two years is a reasonable timeline. 

The funding I am seeking would just about cover my gas and overnight stays.


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