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The AquaBrick solution provides superior water filtration, water storage and food storage. Filtered water for 1 person for a year. Read more

San Diego, CA Technology
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The AquaBrick solution provides superior water filtration, water storage and food storage. Filtered water for 1 person for a year.

San Diego, CA Technology
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The AquaBrick™ story.

#{project_title}'s video poster

Our passion and motivation behind the creation of the AquaBrick™ was to create a water filter and storage container which could be used around the world in all developed and developing countries. The AquaBrick™ provides a way for individuals in third world countries and here at home, to easily purify, carry and store safe water.

We have already paid for the design, prototyping and more than 50% of the mold and tooling cost to bring the AquaBrick™ to this pre-production phase. We are determined to make the AquaBrick™ filtration system a reality because we are confident it will provide clean safe water in an emergency situation or for individuals and families who depend on it daily for their survival.

Color depicted is not the actual production color. (It is a lighter blue, more like a sky blue) :)
Color depicted is not the actual production color. (It is a lighter blue, more like a sky blue) :)

The AquaBrick™ allows you to rest easier knowing you have water storage, but also have the ability to purify water through the AquaBrick™ filter, from any non-salt water source, providing you with additional safe water for your needs.

Lab Tested & Certified

It has been tested by an independent water laboratory which certifies the filter for up to 300 gallons which meets or exceeds the established EPA water quality standards for the removal of:

  • 99.9999% of Bacteria
  • 99.99% of Virus
  • 99.9% Cryptosporidium / Giardia

Read our Independent Lab Report - Click Here

Additional extensive tests demonstrate the filter also removes over 97% of 118 other chemicals that are found in drinking water like Chlorine and Fluoride.

So AquaBrick™ not only delivers great tasting water but also SafeWater, giving you and your family what you really want-- piece of mind and good health.

The AquaBrick™ is BPA Free and is the perfect solution for storing and purifying water and for Storing Food. You can store 3 gallons of water and up to 20 pounds (9 kilos) of food; such as rice, lentils, grains, and even prepackaged food. It is the perfect food container to keep food dry and safe from rodents during storage.

The AquaBrick™ is stackable in various configurations enabling each AquaBrick™ to nest into the other, thereby enabling many AquaBricks™ to be stacked for storage and for transporting.

Humanitarian Effort

Imagine the great gift of giving someone else the opportunity to purify water for themselves and their family and thereby avoid the countless of waterborne diseases that so often destroy the health and happiness of so many people. This is why we developed the AquaBrick™. Our mission is to make the AquaBrick™ available to countless humanitarian organizations and thereby in some small way, enable individuals and families to enjoy a blessing of having access to safe water everyday.

It's our hope that we can make the difference together. Let's not just add to the quality of our own life but to countless others in our own cities and through out the world.

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Risks and challenges

Risks and Challenges

We've spent about two years engineering a product that meets the highest standards of performance and safety. Our manufacturers have been selected and we are gearing up for production. With that being said, surprises can happen and we will be sure to always be transparent and inform our backers of potential hurdles that may come up.

Supply Chain Risk

We've finalized our production schedule with our experienced manufacturers to ensure that the AquaBrick™ is of the highest quality and produced on schedule. Our team is experienced in the full spectrum of the Supply Chain process. However, unexpected shortages and delays can occur when dealing with numerous components from different suppliers. If anything does come up, we will be sure to notify our backers promptly and work quickly to resolve any issues.

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