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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, October 16 2013 3:22 PM UTC +00:00
ThirteenfiftysixBy Thirteenfiftysix
First created
ThirteenfiftysixBy Thirteenfiftysix
First created
pledged of £20,000pledged of £20,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, October 16 2013 3:22 PM UTC +00:00
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    1. Nikita Popov on

      Can 13.56 app be configured to send broadcast intents or run Tasker tasks?
      It will be cool, very cool feature for advanced users.

    2. Thirteenfiftysix Creator on

      Hi, @Nikita
      13.56 is provided to work with our apps. Why can't we use the music player that Android provides by default? Because every manufacturer has a different music player and not every music player has the same ways of communication (via intents). That's the main reason why we developed our own apps.

      Thanks for comment!

    3. Nikita Popov on

      Will be available integration with another apps via Android intents?

    4. Missing avatar

      Qualified backer

      This is indeed what I am paying for (will pay for).
      State based response to NFC.
      Will that mean that your software will communicate with other media players vi a an API (how will you get others to do that).
      Or are you writing all the software youself, so that your app can:
      1) play music
      2) browse folders
      3) set alarms

      but that it is contained to the functionality of your program, so that any annoyances like bad handling of playlists or streaming music, will force the user to choose between being able to use the NFC and the package of programs, or go to another mediaplayer that has no NFC compatibility.

      Making a good mediaplayer or alarm clock, or stopwatch, or timer, or file browser takes time and skill. If you go for making -all- of that in one app, that is quite hard.
      Also considering the price tag of standard Android apps, it has to be really cheap.

      Indeed a very challenging project you have there.
      The hardware is simple and cheap, but the software to me seems like a near-impossible task, hence I am thrilled to fund it if you can make that work, as that will be quite the piece of art and technology.
      Again WigWag is a huge undertaking too, but it seems to go rather well.

    5. Xiao Mu on

      Or but there is a small size blank left so it looks like you put something but disappear.

    6. Thirteenfiftysix Creator on

      @Xiao That was my first attempt to put the same image.

    7. Xiao Mu on

      the first image is blank.

    8. Thirteenfiftysix Creator on

      @Matt Sorry, i could see it properly at the preview page. Thanks!

    9. Matt on

      The image doesnt seem to be displaying.