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Hack your body's natural sleep biorhythms with intelligent bed cooling & warming - wake up more refreshed & obsolete the alarm clock
Hack your body's natural sleep biorhythms with intelligent bed cooling & warming - wake up more refreshed & obsolete the alarm clock
Hack your body's natural sleep biorhythms with intelligent bed cooling & warming - wake up more refreshed & obsolete the alarm clock
4,023 backers pledged $1,363,381 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Doc Johnson
      on January 26

      Joel, dead serious, I use this thing religiously. I bought version 1 and 2. I have no idea how I ever slept in the winter without this. I'm spoiled now.

    2. Bob S. on January 1

      With this cold snap going on (–23°F wind chill here in Chicago today), I wish I could carry mine everywhere with me. (And have it work, I mean. Just carrying it around wouldn't be that hard.)

    3. Joel Beard on December 9

      This is my favorite backed item of over 30 projects and my bed jet!

    4. Doc Johnson
      on November 7

      Version 3 in the works?

    5. Missing avatar

      chris wilkinson on May 20, 2017

      Hi, I backed you over a year ago but never received anything until now. I was sent an email where I could purchase the product, so I did. I just received the SINGLE ZONE AIR COMFORTER - KING SIZE (order no. #BJ4926.1) I have never received the actual BED JET COOLING UNIT. Is this a separate order or something that should have already been delivered?
      Thank you,
      Chris W

    6. Missing avatar

      Mach on May 6, 2017

      Hi BedJet, I accidentally broke the latch on the grill on my BedJetV2 during my move. I'm using duct tape to hold the grill to the BedJet at the moment. Is there a way to get replacement part? It is the black plastic piece connected with two screws to the front grill. Thanks!

    7. Chris Lange on April 24, 2017

      Hi, I ordered an aircomforter sheet accessory on 3/31. Can you tell me when I will get it?

    8. BEDJET, LLC 2-time creator on March 31, 2017

      @Sandy -- thank you so much for the kind words!

      @Kristen -- All backers pledges were fullfilled over a year ago, including our Back Club members. I'm glad you finally reached out to us at to get this taken care of to see what happened. As this project has been completed/shipped for over a year, we infrequently log into Kickstarter and need folks to contact us at for timely support.

      @Tango -- thanks for the positive feedback!

    9. Missing avatar

      Sandy Dmyterko on March 14, 2017

      Sandy Dmyterko Superbacker on February 7, 2016
      I have received by BedJet 2 and am enjoying the heat settings now and will undoubtedly enjoy the fan setting in summer. Unfortunately my bed doesn't meet the 7 inch clearance. The ridge in the center of the console was enough to prevent it from fitting under my bed - dang 1/2 inch. I ordered the vertical mount bedjet stand and will use it with the console placed on its side when it arrives. Presently the console lies on the floor beside my bed, a little in the way but that hopefully will be short lived. Great job in running the campaign and delivering a high quality product, I wish all Kickstarter Campaigns had your integrity and skills.

      Now over a year since I wrote that comment and I am still enjoying my Bedjet 2. Thank you for creating such a great product. My bed goes from feeling cold to feeling like a nice warm sauna in seconds.

    10. Kristen
      on March 5, 2017

      I am a Backer Club member whose pledge included a comforter. Despite several messages, I am STILL WAITING FOR MY QUEEN COMFORTER! Mark, please answer,

    11. Tango on January 12, 2017

      Great product guys!! Keeps me warm in the winter and keeps me cool at night. This thing is a must for people who sweat when they sleep and also own a Temperpedic mattress!

    12. BEDJET, LLC 2-time creator on January 11, 2017

      Dear Kelly, as we've noted in our earlier posts -- we need folks to check in with us at for any delivery questions or requests for support, as this project has been over for nearly a year with all backers who submitted addresses already having gotten their BedJet rewards. I'm glad you checked in and we were able to take care of your carrier delivery error.

      all the best, - Mark

    13. Kelly Lauterbach on December 28, 2016

      I never got the comforter/sheet I ordered for the bedjet last year :( how do I get what I paid 99$ for? My email is
      I left a nice review on Amazon like you asked, and never received my comforter. Ps I'm LOVING the bedjet just would like the comforter that I bought for it to work better!! :) thank you
      Kelly Lauterbach

    14. BEDJET, LLC 2-time creator on December 17, 2016

      Dear Backers,

      We've posted this a few times, but as a reminder -- anyone requesting technical support or who didn't get their BedJet (because you never sent in your address information), please write us at The project has been over for nearly a year now and we don't check in on the message boards or Kickstarter messaging system too frequently.

      @Jason - You can program the BedJet by degree, and the temperature can be set to change automatically for every hour of the night. check the biorhythm settings in our App for these functions.

      @Thomas -- We couldn't ship your BedJets because you never sent in your address. Four different email requests went out for these. We've gotten your email at and now that we finally have your address, your BedJets are on their way!

      @Eulogio - Everything we had an address for has shipped 10 months ago, please check in with us at with your current address.

    15. Jason Emery, Jester of Valoria on December 15, 2016

      I've been using my BedJet since the onset of winter. Summer was okay, but Seattle doesn't get too particularly warm most of the time.

      At first it was like getting a massage with 'turbo' on and hopping into bed. It's one of the things I look forward to on a cold winter night. :D

      For some reason tonight my device switched to extremely cold air. I moved it around, thinking maybe it didn't like the enclosed area under my bed (blankets were draped down) and was overheating or something. Trying to pull the rather cold air up to 70+. Once out from under the bed it returned to normal. Did I trigger a safety feature?

      Also, my main hope is that I could set up an all-night slow warming (or a target temperature). Often it gets too warm and is hard to regulate, or shuts off because I can't tell what length I'm setting it to with the remote. Do people with an iOS device find the app lets them set up more proper all-night warming?

    16. Missing avatar

      Thomas Laymac on December 13, 2016

      Hi. I am backer #1965, paid $593 for a BedJet Dual Zone Bundle QUEEN SIZE on Aug. 21, 2015, but have not yet received it. I was remiss in not completing the survey, so I was lost in your system. I tried connecting with you through the pledge message portal, but have not received any response. I would really like to give this to my wife for Christmas. Can you get back to me and let me know what can be done to deliver in time?


    17. Raymond Lo on December 6, 2016

      Where can we buy the stand for the BedJet and is my remote faulty, it lets me click it once or twice every 5 minutes and then it stops responding.

    18. Missing avatar

      Eulogio L. Ortiz
      on November 29, 2016

      I am still waiting for my bedjet v2 !!
      Can I get an update?

    19. BEDJET, LLC 2-time creator on November 21, 2016

      Hi Solrac, please contact us at to follow up with our customer service group and we will be happy to investigate see what happened with your Queen AirComforter. Everything shipped to all our backers on this campaign over 7 months ago but if there was some mistake on our side we'll be happy to rectify it.

    20. Missing avatar

      Solrac on November 17, 2016

      Cold weather finally arrived, and I still haven't received my queen comforter that was part of my pledge deal. I called and left a message months ago when my bedjet arrived, but then it was out of sight, out of mind. Can I get my comforter now? Thanks.

    21. BEDJET, LLC 2-time creator on November 11, 2016

      Dear Lyle, a future firmware update (likely Q2 of 2017) will bring the BedJet regulated temperature down from the current 72 to 65. It's not easy to do, it was a challenge for us to bring the V2 down to 72 degrees from the original V1 limit of 85. But we're confident we can get there.

    22. Missing avatar

      Lyle C Brown on November 7, 2016

      Is it possible to lower the minimum temperature in the warming mode? We generally let the temp go down at night, and it is usually about 62-65F in the bedroom. Instead of a heavy blanket, I would like to use my BedJet in warming mode, but 72F is just too damned hot! Sleep experts recommend a sleep temperature around 68F. I would love to be able to set my BedJet for 68F, and sometimes even 66F. My only option in the winter is to set the BedJet in cooling mode, but 62F air blowing over me is too cold.
      As it is right now, I have no use for my BedJet in the winter, and may as well store it away until summer.
      Can you allo a lower heat setting?

    23. Glenn Gardner on October 10, 2016

      I'm also interested in the upgraded remote, just haven't asked because the ETA was still up in the air and didn't anticipate any news until around now anyway:)

    24. BEDJET, LLC 2-time creator on September 26, 2016

      @Mary - please write our customer service group with exactly the part you need (C-clamp that holds the hose, or sheet clamp that holds the sheets?) and we will send you one out free of charge.

      @Tom - we can't control if you get emails from our updates, that's up to you. Kickstarter has a setting where you can turn off automatic emails and notifications from projects -- that's were you can shut the notices off.

    25. Missing avatar

      Mary Mitsos on September 23, 2016

      Mark, you can't imagine the difference my BedJet v2 has made in a cool and deep sleep. From the time I was a young child, I had always slept better in a very cool room, and now it's wonderful to wake up refreshed instead of sleep deprived.

      It's no secret I had been working on a similar device, but once I saw your Kickstarter project, I started designing and working on another project. I knew the BedJet would be a hit!

      I use both the phone app, and the remote in the dark to adjust air flow. I now sleep in a delicious cool air cocoon.

      The best part - I'm a fervent believer in an afternoon nap, and my BedJet gets me to sleep faster. What else can I say? I LOVE my BedJet, and Mark, I'm thrilled for you and your team!

      Now, just one thing. It seems that the clamps that keep the air nozzle in place have loosened, and it slips down. I keep an eye on it, but would you recommend my "fix-all" of using the silver duct tape to keep it from slipping?

    26. Missing avatar

      Tom H on September 21, 2016

      Quit spamming us.

    27. BEDJET, LLC 2-time creator on September 21, 2016

      @Bob -- thanks for the feedback! The concept for the new remote is LCD display only, with buttons for control.

    28. Bob S. on September 20, 2016

      I'm all about touchscreens, but keep in mind that being able to operate a remote with real buttons in the dark is a really good thing. I haven't touched the old phone I use as a remote in months. (Although I'll revive it and use it to upgrade the firmware with the new app update.) Muscle memory knows how to reach over to the nighttable and if I'm not immediately sure I'm holding the remote correctly, swiping my thumb across the front quickly orients me to which button is which. In the winter I'll use the phone remote app more, but even then, once the light is out, I'll mostly adjust the - and + keys.

      Can't wait for your new secret project, Mark, and good luck with the QVC appearance. Good things deserve to happen to good people!

    29. Roy Kissin on September 20, 2016

      Last night it was 75 degrees in our apartment but we kept cool as cucumbers with the BedJet. It really works!

    30. BEDJET, LLC 2-time creator on September 19, 2016

      @Tory - Every BedJet came with a standard wireless remote for basic functions. If yours was missing we would be happy to provide a free replacement. As a reminder for everyone, we've covered you all under the same comprehensive 2-year BedJet owners warranty policy as our full retail customers now get. If you need anything, just drop us a line at

      @Lynn, regarding upgraded remote that was mentioned as a stretch-goal adder to the original campaign scope. The new remote has gone back to the drawing board several times. It was our hope that we could just add a few buttons and a back light and still us our existing FCC compliance registration for the remote as the radio isn't changing. Unfortunately this turned out not to be the case after we started on it -- we have to get all new FCC approval and pay a BIG engineering fee to do this.

      We've decided at this point that just adding a few new buttons and a backlight isn't a truly evolutionary improvement and now that a new FCC approval will be triggered, we want to do even better. We are working now on an awesome concept with an LCD screen on it. Unfortunately due to engineering resources (we are still a VERY tiny company) it's looking like 2017 is the release date as we are trying to combine its development with BedJet V3. This really has also fallen lower on our priority list of engineering projects here as we've only had about a dozen requests for it from our 4000 backers over the last six months. We're also working on a super secret really exciting new bedroom product that you all will hear about early next year!

      All the best, - Mark

    31. Lynn
      on September 8, 2016

      Hello Tory,

      My BedJet did come with a remote; the remote we're discussing here is a not-yet-realized new-and-improved remote. Do you still have the BedJet's packaging? If so, it might pay to give it another look to see whether you overlooked the remote.

    32. Tory on September 8, 2016

      I actually came here looking for mention of the remote control option I remember. I've been very happy with the Bedjet since I set it up 2 weeks ago (I was in an accident with a decent leg injury), and the box got put to the side while I recovered.

      My main issue is wanting a remote for ease of access, as I have gotten into bed 4 times now, and then remembered I needed my phone plugged in the kitchen to turn it on. Would much rather have a remote on my night stand that I can leave there.

    33. Walden Cohen on August 24, 2016

      Giving this a 6 month update on use. At first I liked the novelty of it. It was winter and I was using mostly the heating feature for short durations. Now in the summer I find the cooling feature of this to be amazing at regulating sleeping temperature. Very happy I took the risk to make this purchase. Product surpasses my expectations. Only suggestion - Please offer a Queen/Full size comforter with a single air chamber.

    34. Sandra Waring on August 22, 2016

      Hi Kickstarter backers for Bedjet, is anyone interested in purchasing my taken out of the box, tested to see if it works practically new Bedject v2? It doesn't fit my bed properly as I don't have two separate mattresses to help stand it up properly. Please message me your email if interested. Thanks!

    35. Lynn
      on August 13, 2016

      p.s., I just did a little searching... The new remote was mentioned in update #11.

    36. Lynn
      on August 13, 2016

      Bob, I recall the same. The offer had been that we could receive a new-and-improved remote when it was ready for just the cost of shipping. In fact, I just revisited this page today precisely to see whether there were any updates on it. I also wanted to make a suggestions for it; specifically that it have a raised bump near the top of the remote so that one could easily orient the remote correctly by feel at night.

      I love my BedJet, but, for me at least, the current remote is its weakest link. (Not that it is bad; it just not as outstanding as the BedJet itself.)

    37. Bob S. on August 10, 2016

      Am I crazy or do I remember talk about an updated remote control that I can't find anymore? Unlike the app, I can use the remote by touch at night in the dark, so I'm definitely interested in one that covers more of V2's features.

      (And yes... this is as awesome in the summer as it is in the winter!)

    38. PJ Gray
      on July 23, 2016

      Best KICKSTARTER project EVER!!!

    39. BEDJET, LLC 2-time creator on July 17, 2016

      @Suzi -- if you love your BedJet, don't forget to post a review on our Amazon page!

      @Samuel -- just write us a note at with your address and we will send you the replacement parts free of charge. We like to take care of our BedJet owners!

    40. Suzi Carnahan on July 16, 2016

      Best item I've ever bought!!! I love my Bedjet!!

    41. PAPERMON3Y
      on July 15, 2016

      How can I buy a replacement part? I broke the nozzle mount with the sheet clamps by accident. I search sites for it on but I don't see any for sale.

    42. BEDJET, LLC 2-time creator on July 14, 2016

      Dear Sina and Kai -- all pledges were fulfilled in January and February. You didn't get yours because we never got your address information sent to us -- even with 4 different email requests sent to you, plus multiple posts on our project page.

      I'm sorry we don't check the Kickstarter page very frequently anymore, as we've wrapped up the project. We've asked the few people who open pledge deliveries due to missing address information to send us follow up notes at so we can be as responsive as possible.

      We will follow up with you directly to make sure you get your reward, but your BedJet's have been right here waiting for you since February to check in!

      best, - Mark

    43. Missing avatar

      Sina Mobasser on July 14, 2016

      Creators - can you please fulfill my pledge? I filled out the survey, and sent you a message, but have not heard back from you yet.

    44. Missing avatar

      Kai Hänel on July 7, 2016

      When will I get my BetJet? Still waiting

    45. Stefani Nachatilo on June 2, 2016

      Anthony Cheung - contact me by email.

    46. Anthony Cheung on May 27, 2016

      does anyone want to purchase mine? I come to find i don't use it as much as I thought I would.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jordan on May 20, 2016

      I used to toss and turn a lot when I slept and would wake up with the sheets and blankets strewn all over the place. I've not had to deal with that since setting up the BedJet and air comforter so there's another bonus lol! Just got my second air comforter today :)

    48. Glenn Gardner on May 18, 2016

      On the iPhone app the time at the top of the screen is in black text on a black background. I would find it helpful to be able to read the clock :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Ruth Nicol
      on May 18, 2016

      It depends on how much you move about when asleep, I'm a bit of a roamer and can get pillowcases and sheets off the bed while asleep so I needed to attach it, I got some of those elastic "suspender" type things that are designed to keep sheets on beds, and they seem to work well for me, I think that the elastic allows for my amount of movement. Let me know how it works for you? Good luck with Amazon van man!

    50. Missing avatar

      David Knaggs
      on May 18, 2016

      They certainly are.
      I was wondering if it would stay in place on its own (not the cat). Guess not. I was thinking about using hemming tape to attach it but that might be a bit awkward when I want to wash it. Attaching it to a flat sheet might be better but that's adding an extra layer. I'll just use a few safety pins at first though. Hopefully Amazon van man will bring the cover tomorrow.

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