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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
24,346 backers pledged $2,485,506 to help bring this project to life.

Finished at $2.48 mil! Yesssss!

Posted by MS Paint Adventures (Creator)

And that's a wrap!

Well no, not quite. For those who couldn't pay with Amazon Payments, we're going to offer a PayPal pledging option for a week or so. You will be able to pledge to all the same tiers we had available here on Kickstarter. We'll share the link for that a little later on the What Pumpkin twitter.

But it is a wrap on the official Kickstarter campaign, and we are officially astounded at how enthusiastically you all rose to the occasion! It's been exciting to watch the progress, and overwhelming to see so many people (over 24,000!) offer their support. A million thanks, or maybe 2.484 million thanks, or hey how about a hundred billion thanks? Just... thank you. Now we get to repay you by making a great game for you!

Surveys will be going out to backers soon. If we need information from you to fulfill your rewards (such as shirt choices and sizes), you'll receive and fill out these surveys so we know what to send you.

And by the way, we didn't quite make the $2.5 million stretch goal here, but the PayPal portion WILL count, so we will surely meet the goal in the coming week!

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    1. Hussie Zahhak on

      ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
      ..........''...\.......... _.·´

    2. Arurie on

      Aw man, I think I left this comment in the wrong update. : (

    3. Arurie on

      I have a quick question about the survey.
      If I choose the physical version of the game to be on an USB, will it still be signed?

    4. Laura Klarfeld on

      Hi there, Did the survey for shirts go out yet? thank you, Laura

    5. Madison on

      Are others already beta-testing? How am I supposed to do this? I pledged $1,000 so I'm assuming I'm allowed to, haha. Also, is the backer only tumblr up yet and where/when am I supposed to receive the password. Have any of you guys yet?

    6. Missing avatar

      Roy Fortitude on

      So… I thought I was supposed to pay $610 for shipping to Australia, when apparently it was actually supposed to be $615. And I have no idea how I'm supposed to fix that, or if I'll actually receive my rewards now.

    7. Amanda Loomis on

      Ok so I was charged the wrong price? I contacted what pumpkin and they told me to contact the creator but no one else has responded, any ideas?

    8. Kyle Kolander on


      They will send out an email when the survey is ready. Be patient. Some times kickstarters don't send out surveys immediately.

      Plus consider the fact the paypal backer option is still up and going, assume they will send them out a week after the paypal backer option is no longer available.

    9. Missing avatar

      TheTurtlePope on

      Has anybody received their kickstarter survey yet? I paid via amazon payments and I still have not gotten mine.

    10. Matt LaChance on

      @AseanAlice On the MSPA news area, AH explicitly said that he considered the 2.5mil goal reached regardless of what happens on PayPal. So rest easy :)

    11. Fuin on

      isaac: You should contact MSPA here on Kickstarter so that you can arrange to pay for the P&P through Paypal or somesuch.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jo Pataki on

      I'm sure that will be reached quickly!

    13. isaac on

      i pledged $205 but needed to pledge $215 for p and p ,and now cant change pledge so.... what now.....?

    14. LammyAlice on

      Oh my GOD. The 2.5 mil tier has just what I wanted! The physical copies of HS itself! I want them so bad now....><

    15. Miles Matton

      @Delaney Assuming it's the normal kickstarter survey it will be done on kickstarter (there will be a link to it at the top of every page if you're logged in), but they will also send you an email about it when it's ready.

    16. Delaney Page on

      Will surveys come on kickstarter or should I be looking for that in an e-mail?

    17. zestinpeace on

      @Desideria Anderson, youv'll receive a questionnaire over email (i think) asking you what sizes etc. you would like.

    18. Ian Farragher on

      @Pep Cookiedoe, 7 days, then your pledge is canceled.

    19. Ariana Coffman on

      Small question, I got the MSPA FUNPAK, so, how do I say which godtier shirt and what size? will I get an email about it or... what exactly?

    20. Pep Cookiedoe on

      I didn't have sufficient funds on my debit card when this came about, how long do I have to fix my payment?

    21. Missing avatar

      diogenku on

      The credit card I used didn't show the kickstarter, but I got a 'successfully finder's email--any idea what's going on?

    22. Fuin on

      GreatCrow: You'll get a mail when they've sent one to you.

    23. GreatCrow on

      Will the Serveys be sent via email, or through kickstarter message?

    24. Fuin on

      Walter Sojda: I'm unsure if they've actually sent any yet? You'll see a notification on the top of the site if you've got any surveys to fill in.

    25. Walter Sojda on

      Hey, I think I deleted my survey email by mistake. Could you resend it?

    26. Jayde on

      Good like signing everything!

    27. Jenny Santiago Cruz on

      I glad to help this proyect. =D
      but concerned about the shirt size, i mean i was able to buy it add amazon but how do i add the size of the shrit add amazon or even on the purchase?

    28. Tarri on

      Perhaps through the magic of updates or surprise~

    29. RyanShyfte on

      how do we know when we hit the marker? the paypal doesnt have an instant recognition thing does it?

    30. Missing avatar

      Unhappy Walrus on

      Fuck yeah you guys. I am so proud to be a part of this fanbase.

    31. Missing avatar

      Thiago Zilberknop on

      @Shane Hell. Fucking. Yes.

    32. Missing avatar

      Stacey Hannigan on

      I pledge here but haven't gotten an e-mail about the payment going out aaand my bank hasn't either so I went through paypal : /... If I get charged twice I'll just cancel my paypal payment to you.... that's how it can work right? If the kickstart is late... ( amazon payments thing didn't even register that I made a donation!)

    33. Luke Schussler on

      @Jheila & Eas The $2.5 million stretch goal will make it so that all physical copies of the game will also include a digital version of Homestuck(the comic, not the game). So if you are getting a physical copy of the game, then you get that perk.

    34. Eas on

      @Jheila I think maybe Hussie will add something new to the already existing tiers. Kinda like he did with some of the updates, like adding a keychain to the tiers $105 and up.

    35. Annie Yang on

      Congratulations, fellow Homestucks!

    36. Jheila on

      Once we reach 2.5 million, how will we be able to get the new reward tier if we donated here?

    37. Colton Rowe on

      We can totally hit 2.5 mill in another week. Let's do it fellow fans!

    38. Hero Guessford on

      we did it we climbed this whole mountain

    39. Wes on

      We are the Homestuck fandom! And we are awesome!

    40. Missing avatar

      kyle schroeder on

      We have done this. We've made this happen.

      And I'm proud to've been a part of it.

      And in five years, when this thing gets known by the entire population, we can say: "We helped build that." Awesome.

      Good job, guys.

      And Hussie, just... thanks. For bringing the community together towards a common cause, and for all the comics. All of them.

    41. Brendon N. on

      Ian Farragher, that one is for Hussie, so it has a home :)

    42. Ian Farragher on

      I'm really bummed that one Snoutpak was left unadopted.

    43. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Really happy about this! An amazing game to anticipate, a big bag of Homestuck swag and the prospect of a digital download of the whole comic! Best of luck Hussie, I'm sure you'll develop one hell of a good game!

    44. Missing avatar

      Megnutt on

      We did an amazing thing here guys :) When we finally get to play it we can say, "We helped make that."

    45. Maximilian Carter on


    46. Missing avatar

      Nomied on

      Just, wow. Good job everyone...

    47. Missing avatar

      Samuel Driskill on

      This was so awesome! I'm proud we did it, and excited as hell for the game! Woot! ^_______^

    48. Neu Laden on

      I am just glad to be part of one of the greatest feats history will ever be honored to see.

    49. Raelin K-Smokey on

      No, Andrew Hussie. Thank you for being a wonderful comic maker. You've made this somewhat crazy fandom a family by making comics so amazing.
      I'm glad to donate to the cause of a beautiful Videogame to be produced.