Homestuck Adventure Game

by MS Paint Adventures

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    1. Andrea Digney on

      this is awesome! You guys are all awesome

    2. Missing avatar

      Sam on

      I AM SO HAPPY. Ahh. Caps abuse.

      Thanks for making this possible, I'm so glad I could contribute. I'm waiting patiently (and ecstatically) for all the great things that are going to come of this.

      So, truck on fellow homestucks! Let's make shit occur :3

    3. GusGus on

      My checking account just took a critical hit. And I couldn't be happier.

    4. Calvin Peter Smith on

      This is gonna be good. :D

    5. Muggy on

      Here's to hoping we meet the 2.5M mark! And that lonely Snoutpak definitely needs a home. ♥

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      Sara on


    7. Wes on

      I am so happy!

    8. Katy Kelly on

      congrats everyone on a brilliant job well done :D

      to the what pumpkin team, 'cause wow handling this kickstarter can't have been easy! all the contributors to the stretch goal rewards and the items included in the paks themselves! thanks to andrew! thanks to all the contributors! you guys are all K1CK1N R4D1CAL

    9. Missing avatar

      knayno on

      he'll sign the USB with a PGP key

    10. Robthefox on

      This has been a huge success I'm happy that we managed to be the obisdian developers haha.

    11. Wil de Junco on

      I essentially just bought myself an early birthday present. At least that's how I will phrase it to ward off my parents' glares when they see my checking account.

      Enjoy my money

    12. cloudNinja on

      Will you be continuing to update the Stretcheladder here as the Paypal pledges come through? I think everyone would like to know when we hit 2.5 million.

    13. Daniel Richman on

      Will there be additional "stretch" rewards for paypal money after 2.5 mil?

    14. Missing avatar

      Shane on

      Yes. Hell yes.

    15. Kiwizoom on

      What if some of us have a lot of dough sitting in the paypal account, and would like to add it to their Kickstarter pledge amount? Does it count to their prize tier?

    16. Wrapto on

      I don't have the words to express how proud of this fandom I am, or how happy I am to be a part of it. It wasn't just the donating or the love of the media or creators, it wasn't just the collaborations or community feeling. It wasn't just the countdown at the last few minutes or the way everyone rallied together. It was the fact that we're doing this for us, for the right reasons.

      You are all so awesome.

    17. Missing avatar

      John Villar on

      How many boonbucks are $2.48 mill?

    18. Nelly "Chopythes" Karlsson on

      @Daniel Richman: Didn't you read that last portion of the update? "And by the way, we didn't quite make the $2.5 million stretch goal here, but the PayPal portion WILL count, so we will surely meet the goal in the coming week!"

      It will be counted towards the stretch tier! :D

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      Kate Densmore on

      Congratulations and thank you to everyone for making this possible!!

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      Gendy on

      I mostly lurked throughout this but I've got to say this was amazing :)
      I've never spent so much on a kickstarter and I have no regrets.

      Of course now I need to make decisions. Decisions are difficult..

    21. Banni Ibrahim on

      Incredible, just incredible. Honestly, when we hit 2 million, I never expected us to get anywhere near 2.5 for the last stretch goal, much less only coke up short 15K (which Paypal will no doubt take care of). This is also now in the top 5 funded videogame projects on Kickstarter. :) (Currently 4th, but it looks like Project Eternity will likely knock us to 5th once the funding for that is over).

      Seriously though, that is incredibly impressive for Homestuck, I am just so excited :)

    22. Missing avatar

      feralphoenix on

      This has been really exciting to watch and to be a part of! Congratulations, MSPA team, and I really look forward to watching the backer blog and playing the final product!

    23. Missing avatar

      dorotea on

      Fuck yes. I'm looking forward to getting my pak, as well as the game when it actually comes out. This is going to be great!

    24. Billabo on

      24,345 thanks!

    25. Kimira on

      With Kickstuck and Paypalstuck powers combined, we shall climb that whole $2.5 mil mountain! \O/ Way to go, all awesome fellow Kickstucks.

    26. Missing avatar

      Gareth on

      Thank you!!!! Does anyone know if you can change your reward/tier? Like if you want to donate more?

    27. Missing avatar

      Homie99 on


    28. Kimira on

      @Gareth now that it's over you can't on Kickstarter I don't think? But, when they open the paypal donations, maybe if you can confirm it's the same account you donated with through KS they'll let you extend your pledge instead of making it a brand new separate paypal pledge.

    29. HystericalNoisemaker on

      well, i forgot too pledge 10$ more, can i change that somehow, and my credit card is still not charged, why?

    30. Missing avatar

      Kate Densmore on

      Naturally, there's going to be a wait in between the time the funding closes and the time the charge shows up on your statement - these things aren't 100% automatic
      It will show up soon don't worry!!
      The last kickstarter I helped fund had the charge show up on my statement within the day it was funded.

      It's going to be okay shhhhh

    31. Missing avatar

      AlishaShatogi on

      Good job, Homestucks. :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Jess on

      Uhh, i'm pretty sure I pledged that extra $10 for the postage, but in the email I received it said I only pledged the $405. What do I do?

    33. Missing avatar

      Jess on

      Okay no, according to the kickstarter I only pledged $405 so my updated pledge probably didn't save...Aaaa what do.

    34. Missing avatar

      Marron on

      ooh, how exciting!

    35. Missing avatar

      Marron on

      @Jess maybe its because that's the reward tier you had selected?

    36. Missing avatar

      Ripred on

      YESSSSS so we might still get a full copy of Homestuck to look back on! ;D

    37. Cassi Itachi John Egbert on

      im so excited.. i looked on the kickstarter everyday ever since it started
      awesome job guys

    38. Daniella Knox on

      CaN't WaIt FoR ThE GaMe!!!

    39. Jety Lefr on

      FUCK YES!!
      (did some math... if every, Homestuck out there gave the mean/average donation, we would have broken the world record for most expensive game made ever) (we had at most, 1/41 of the fandom give) (we can do better... NEXT TIME!!! MWAHAAHAHAHAAAA)

    40. Missing avatar

      Fistman on

      When will my payment be accepted? Money is still on my bank account. Askin cuz I've never payed with amazon payments before. Maybe I'll have to pay via paypal, its much easier anyway.

    41. Missing avatar

      AmazingAdrian on


      And I'll be holding you to your promise to produce more scalemates since vetting them here did so well.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ariana on

      Great job, everyone!

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      Matthew Bunyard on

      Kick ass! It's awesome to see this fandom come together.

    44. Missing avatar

      ivana on

      wow!! wow wow wow wow wow im so happy WOW