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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
24,346 backers pledged $2,485,506 to help bring this project to life.

2 million + 2 days!

Posted by MS Paint Adventures (Creator)

Whoa, $2 million with 2 days to go! You guys are doing this thing with gusto and you are awesome.

The newest stretch goal reward has been unlocked, and there's one more on the horizon. Can we get there?? The mystery is up to you.

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    1. Christian Cordeus on

      Is it possible to add an option of upgrading your PAK so you can get a GAMEPAK2? Me and my GF are getting The Seer Pak + MSPA Funpak and we'd have to pay an additional 175 dollars to get the GAMEPAK2 (which would give us the Slickpack, which is nice but not something either of us would want)...

    2. Yaragorm on

      ARGH! And I had GAMEPAK1 not 2! Now how will I decide which ship is truly my OTP?

    3. Missing avatar

      Bailey Kennedy on

      I cannot stop laughing at this. I am so excited to see what everyone gets. There will be so many new crack pairings!

    4. Ashley Cousins on

      Ahahahaha, I look forward to finding out what officially designated OTP shenanigans I'll be taking part in! :3

    5. Billabo on

      and that was after upping it from 25 to 80 yesterday... I don't have this much money to spend, but I must!

    6. Missing avatar

      Katja on

      Oh man great reward! I am looking forward to seeing what my new OTP will be haha~
      Also a digital copy of all of Homestuck at 2.5M? Hell yes.

    7. Billabo on

      This update caused me to up my donation $25 to get Gamepak2!

    8. Missing avatar

      Kassandra on

      Aw, only Gamepak2... I was really hoping there would be something added onto the tier I pledged for since I finally got the funds together. And I'd love to have an "officially designed otp".

    9. Dane Richard McRae on

      Only 2 patches for each pledge... Kinda disappointing addition for hitting 2 million...

    10. Ben Scharfenstein on

      My body is ready for my OTP

    11. Christian Cordeus on

      Only for GAMEPAK2?
      I'm paying 205 dollars to get me and my girlfriend a pak each which means we're getting a Gamepak1...

    12. Kimira on

      Hahaha I look forward to my future official OTP

    13. Lizzy Dove on

      "Officially designated OTP"? Haha oh wow can't wait to see what random shit I get.