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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
24,346 backers pledged $2,485,506 to help bring this project to life.

2 million + 2 days!

Posted by MS Paint Adventures (Creator)

Whoa, $2 million with 2 days to go! You guys are doing this thing with gusto and you are awesome.

The newest stretch goal reward has been unlocked, and there's one more on the horizon. Can we get there?? The mystery is up to you.

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    1. Wrapto on

      Am I the only one shipping WonkHonk and some weird Tav/Jake because of the image? Good glad to know.

    2. cloudNinja on

      @Breanna Equius/Jake!

    3. Breanna Loom on

      If it will be possible to get two of the same patch, the chance for a particular pairing is 1/484. If not, the chance will be 1/462.

      Unless my brain's shut off and forgotten how probability works, which is entirely possible.

      Anyway. Only one in >400 chance to get Johnkat. Am I feeling lucky?

    4. Missing avatar

      mouseywithpower on

      the pairing combinations are gonna be hilarious...

    5. Breanna Loom on

      Matt: Yessssss heuheuheuheu

      Ty: I think it's fair, considering that one of the main draws to gamepak2 (the signed print) was expanded to other tiers as a stretch goal.

    6. Matt LaChance on

      My Breanna Loom-sanctioned OTP: Rose and Jade.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kevin-Barry Connolly on

      If you have Gamepak 2 included in your entire package, you get these.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ty McLamb on

      I think it applies just to gamepak2. Which kind of sucks, but eh, w/e.

    9. Missing avatar

      Lydia Lacy on

      does this apply to just gamepak2 or all tiers higher than gamepak2?

    10. Tristan Frodelius on

      What if my OTP is Clubs Deuce+Clock?

    11. Alice on

      I've pretty much just doubled my pledge to get the physical copy now ^^. I just hope we make the 2.5mil mark!

    12. Missing avatar

      Gendy on

      Only a bit more than 2 days to decide if I change my pledge or not... Difficult decision. Also they are just patches, why do I want them so much? I think I will only change it if we reach the next stretch goal. The digital copy of the comic does sound pretty awesome :)

    13. Breanna Loom on

      I just realised a shocking oversight in this reward tier: lack of designated OT3s.

    14. Missing avatar

      Mary on

      I really REALLY want GamePak2 but either I'd hafta downgrade $105 and NOT get the SeerPak OR push for $380... And where I'm at it really pushing it as is... :/

    15. Missing avatar

      Mana Gement on

      Ohhhh. I was so used to seeing Homestuck mean the game on this site that the idea of it meaning the comic hadn't crossed my mind. That and good gravy, that will be a massive download.

    16. Meagan Hicks on

      Fuuuuuuuuu-- I pledged for a pak with gamepak one eujehngfkjerdg and the only way to get the new stuff now is to add 180$ to my pledge and there's no way in hell my parents will let me do that. Noooooooo sadnesssss D:

    17. Missing avatar

      Anthony Garcia on

      Man, just had to add something to 2, now I have to decide again ;.; What's worse is since it's random there is an extremely high chance I'd get people I don't want, and an extremely unlikely chance I'd get my real one (Leo x Leo, so maybe not even possible? Nepeta x Meulin for life). It'd be interesting though, but... x.x I hope that we get that next goal, that would be so amazing <3 Also, are the patches sold anywhere?

    18. Missing avatar

      Mana Gement on

      Clarification: on the next stretch goal, that is, and on "physical copy". Every level above 25 comes bundled with GP1.

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Reread: That is a digital copy of /Homestuck/ not the game.

    20. Missing avatar

      Mana Gement on

      I am a TINY BIT confused. All the tiers list a digital download as a basic feature. What is distinct about the digital copy being added to GP2?

    21. Missing avatar

      Imre Csete on

      Wow, missing the last stretch goal would be really heartbreaking. :(

    22. Missing avatar

      Calvin D'Andrea on

      Nice one, Gamepak 2 needed a little something extra to make it worth the money compared to the other 105 tiers since the print got added to all tiers/

    23. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Campbell on

      WTT: Anything for rosemary!

    24. Wes on

      I feel like this could become a "trading patch game" the goal is to trade patches with others at conventions. You have to trade BOTH patches at the same time and strategically plan it out so you will eventually get your OTP. We could trade only one patch but then the game wouldn't be as fun}:/ oh well. I WANT MY PATCHES!! Fjenejdjdie

    25. thrips on

      @Breanna I got Aradia/Aradia.
      ...I'm ok with that!

    26. Missing avatar

      Carly on

      I hope a bunch of people come last minute and get us to 2,500,000. :)

    27. Carl Nelson on


    28. TheMarvelousMoonbean on

      Is it only gamepack 2? D: why not just $105+?

    29. Missing avatar

      sumbra1 on

      just did it from and I actually got my OTP *dies in Karezi feels*

    30. Jen

      I hope I get one of my favorites~

      I got Kanaya and Vriska from the site....but I forgot to hit for it to generate 2 numbers so I just generated it twice. Doing it correctly, I received: Jane and Caliborn

    31. Breanna Loom on

      Go here: and put in 1 and 22 in the min and max boxes, generate two numbers and do some simple counting to get your unofficial Breanna Loom-sanctioned OTP.

      I got John/Feferi.

    32. Missing avatar

      sumbra1 on

      knowing me I'll get the opposite of my otp or something! lol but ugh! guys I have no more money to give but I really want us to hit that next stretchladder! I just am hoping that if the paypal thing opens that it'll count for stretchladder!

    33. MaggraFoxxer on

      I'm very tempted to up my pledge to 105 to get Gamepak2, but I sadly cannot because of my low money income.
      It just keeps going up and up! This fundraiser sure is climbing the stretcheladder quickly!

    34. Bofferbrauer on

      Damn, Gamepak2 getting more and more interesting, hope my Paycheck comes in Time to raise the Pledge

    35. Samantha on

      I've never had an OTP, so this should be interesting! The more random the pairing the better, lol.

    36. Breanna Loom on

      This is absolutely hilarious. Although, knowing my luck, I'll probably get a ship that I'm not at all fond of. (u_u*)

    37. Cassie Rose on

      Don't do this to me, I am giving up buying a laptop just for this, I can't afford any more >.<

    38. Ricci on

      My OTP is better than your OTP!!! Come December and we will have the biggest shipping war! Entire websites shall be lost, Tumblr will be buried in our OTP art, we will team up with our shipmates and we will bring out the big guns!

      I wonder who my OTP is.

    39. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      When it says "Digital copy of Homestuck included with physical game" I think he means the whole damn webcomic. Sweet.

    40. Christian Cordeus on

      @SachielOne: It's a digital copy of the entire Homestuck comic. Presumably spruced up a bit.

    41. Missing avatar

      Anne Hilt on

      It would be nice if there was an "Add to pledge to upgrade to Gamepak2" or even just a physical copy. Cute patches, but I'll have to stick with the Seerpak.

    42. Angelichu on

      ffffffffffff now this makes me want to switch to this..but i still get more for my money ehhhhhhhhhhhh why its so hard to chooose

    43. SachielOne on

      About the potential 2.5 million stretch goal: Doesn't every physical copy already come with a digital copy as well? Or is this an additional digital copy?

    44. Jennifer Moore on

      I am sad you cant get gamepak2 slickpack and funpack as a package, or even funpack and gamepak2 :(

    45. Taylor on

      Funny how I had upped my donation from gamepak1 earlier today before we hit the 2mil mark! Really glad I did!

    46. Pat B on

      Well, those people who backed the one for GAMPEPAK2 deserve it! The poster used to be unique to it, too, but then that was made a reward as well. This, I suppose, is their compensation :)

    47. Elli on

      Kind of a bummer that I'm not loaded with cash, I would love to get the Game Pak 2 or even the print for that matter. Can't wait to see the Seer Pak though! My friend might be getting it if the PayPal extra extends to the 6th. Good luck with the game and all that!

    48. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Christian, I already asked them about a similar question regarding the Funpak and the physical copy of the game and they said no. They don't seem to want to be flexible here.

    49. Missing avatar

      Vinnie Hall on

      Dang I wish I had Gamepak2! Most tiers get Gamepak1, not 2, so the majority of us wont get a fun OTP :(

    50. Mary-Ann Wyatt on

      Haha, I look forward to seeing what crack pairing I receive.