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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
24,346 backers pledged $2,485,506 to help bring this project to life.

2 million + 2 days!

Posted by MS Paint Adventures (Creator)

Whoa, $2 million with 2 days to go! You guys are doing this thing with gusto and you are awesome.

The newest stretch goal reward has been unlocked, and there's one more on the horizon. Can we get there?? The mystery is up to you.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Anomalous Materials on

      I was not ready for this.

    2. Missing avatar

      Stutler on


    3. Joy Decker on

      cmon ppl lets get those last 5,000 tiers opportunities filled up! Plus some godtier pledges! LET'S MAKE IT TO 2.5 MILLION!

    4. Missing avatar

      Tammy Rawson on

      gamkat please hussie please.

    5. Nicola on

      I really hope someone out there gets two Karkat patches. After all, "If you hate yourself so much, then why don't you hatemarry yourself?"

    6. Taylor Heffernan on

      I'm unclear what you mean by "Digital copy of Homestuck". Do you mean PDFs of each act? PDFs of each book? Presumably the books won't all be done by the time the series is over.

    7. Lola Seiss on

      *Looks left, right. Tosses a wish in and wispers* "Hardware/Software aka Milk and Honey. All I ask for Is Equius/Sollux for Christmas."

    8. Missing avatar

      Nykki on

      I tend to flip my shiz and..... Not taking this chance. But it would be nice to get these (if it were one of the ships I like).....

    9. Missing avatar

      Kayliene Eschenbacher on

      I ship just about everything and love rarepairs. I'm excited to see what I get.

    10. Charles-Olivier Magnan on

      @Breanna I got Rose/Roxy.



    11. Marina C. on

      Oh, this will be fun. Thanks for this opportunity to declare all crackpot pairings canon. >:D I will very mu-

      *sinks in* copy of Homestuck??! AUGH WE NEED THIS PEOPLE, NEED!!

    12. Sara Schrader on

      Luckily I ship everyone.

    13. Missing avatar

      Wulf Hudson on

      Whatever pair I get, I'm going to write a fanfic of that pairing and see what happens

    14. Missing avatar

      Donghun on

      ... Uh... That... Physical copy....... USB. Homestuckthemed...
      2 days...

    15. Tiffany Allotto on

      I swooned so hard, because I was thinking about WVxPm before I looked at the patches. Realizing Wv and Pm could never be on these patches I was relieved that My closest ship to OTP that isn't WvPM was JohnVris. Oh the feels of today and it's only 1 o' clock.

    16. Laura Schiff on

      Patches, eh? Fun. Wish I had something to add them to... Maybe I'll do it to the Slickpack Shirt, making them Kismesises (Kismeses?) Just for the fun.

    17. Captain Q on

      alternatively I will make a terrible OTP shirt with both ironed on

    18. Captain Q on

      I will frame my two patches with a shitty scribbling of OTP above them

    19. Arurie on

      Oh my galosh, I hope I get the John and Karkat ones then. D:

    20. Missing avatar

      October Evans on

      Oh my god these are so cool. Can we make a forums thread for trading them when they're delivered? :D I will do almost anything for some Scorpio action.

    21. Lauren Parker on

      @kimber, same predicament here. Makes me sad {:(

    22. scezumin on

      @Kimber: I know that feel bro.

    23. Geoff Ivison on


    24. Connor on

      I really do wish there was an option to upgrade GAMEPAK1 to GAMEPAK2 if you have a pak with GAMEPAK1 and others in it, eg I've pledged for the 130$ option for GAMEPAK1, SEERPAK, and the SLICKPAK. The next available option to have SEER and SLICK, but with GAMEPAK2 requires me donating an extra a hundred and fifty dollars- something I just CANNOT afford though I would love a physical copy of the game. It's not even about the patches at this point either, I would just really like a physical copy of the game.

    25. Alex Mitzel on

      If you count each troll symbol as just the Post-Scratch Troll there are 552 different pairings that can be made from these patches. If you count each troll symbol as both their Decendant AND Ancestor troll, then suddenly the possible pairings skyrocket to 1,122 pairings. And don't even get me started on OT3s.

    26. Matt on

      aw yesssss i just backed for gampak 2 a few days ago yessss thumbs up guys

    27. Tiffany Bowlin on

      I'd be happy if I miraculously got a Dave patch, but they're all really cool.

    28. RareRuiz on

      I was never really into making pairings, so thanks, Hussie, for doing it for me!

    29. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      My bad. 1/231 for .4329% chance.

    30. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Odds of getting your desired OTP are (2/11) * (1/21) = 2/231 = a .8658% chance to get the one you want. Good luck.

    31. Joshua "Pinkie" Stephens on

      oh dear god... what if i dont get the otp i always dreamed of?! ;-;

    32. Josie on

      Aww, it doesn't come with the 105+ tiers. Oh well, the funpak is still stuffed with swag!
      Can't wait to see the pairings people get...

    33. Greyson J on

      omg this one is actually cool oh yes

    34. SealYheart on

      Can't wait to see what crazy pairings everyone ends up with.

    35. Scruffy on

      Oh my lord this is so sweet. I have a feeling there's going to be a few Homestuck Swap Meets held wherein people will want to trade patches so they can get their otp. However, uh... there's something to be said for Andrew -assigning- us OTPs. I wonder if this will stimulate rarepair shipping?
      Adorable either way and yay more merch!

    36. Laura Davila on

      @Breanna:I don't have the best luck either.
      Jane/Dirk < u >

    37. Arlene Benningfield on

      Omfg. <3 I cannot believe how adorable and funny this reward perk is. X3

    38. Missing avatar

      Brandon Lee on

      I think that's the main problem with "GAMEPAK2": I think lots of people would want the option to add a little bit more to their purchase so that they can upgrade the GAMEPAK1 in their current PAK to GAMEPAK2. For now, the only option for me is to switch my current pledge to the MSPA FUNPAK to the GAMEPAK2.
      Suggested new tiers: $180 for the MSPA FUNPAK and GAMEPAK2, $205 for the SLICKPAK and GAMEPAK2, and $230 for the SEERPAK and GAMEPAK2. This takes advantage of the new GAMEPAK2 upgrade and still lets people have their original PAKS that they wanted. (and it nets you more money too Andrew!)
      ...Thanks for reading.

    39. Alex Valleau on

      Same! it would have been awesome to have a Pak that just had GAMEPAK2 and the SEERPAK, but, they said they were trying to put together the most affordable paks, so...I undertsand, it's just a little disspointing it didn't work out that way.

    40. SuperTheAwesome on

      It stinks that the Seerpak only comes with Gamepak1 unless I up my pledge ton. I really want there. :(

    41. Missing avatar

      Fayd on

      I wish there was a way for me to upgrade my current pack selection to be GamePack2 instead of 1. but there isn't...At least, the combination of Packs I have doesn't appear again until I pay $200 more and that's.... not really something I can do right now...

    42. Missing avatar

      sumbra1 on

      ^ Well if you go by that logic then I'd get Terezi x Dave so I'd trade for some Karezi XD

    43. Wrapto on

      There is a uu one...oh man I want that so badly. I'm just sitting here contemplating all the possible combinations I would be psyched to get. Whatever it is, I'm drawing gratuitous fanart of it. LOTS of fanart.

    44. Missing avatar

      Unhappy Walrus on

      I think you mean a wonderful, destined turn of events.

    45. Breanna Loom on

      Now that you've said that you'll probably end up with karezi in a terrible twist of fate.

    46. Gramin the salmon on

      Yes. I'm glad I got gamepak2. I hope my OTP is terezi and dave.

    47. forgottenCalibrator on

      Woo, we're doing awesome guys! I bet we can get to the next tier. Our fandom just ROCKS!

    48. Breanna Loom on

      @cloudNinja... Void of hope, manly version.

      Also, if you have an ot3, you have 1/154 chance to get one of the three combinations of said ship. uwu
      Although don't actually trust my maths until someone smart gets here.

    49. Missing avatar

      Vera Shipman on

      @mouseywithpower It's going to be even better when you consider that the troll symbols can refer to alpha OR beta trolls. so if you get, like, Johnkat it can be John/Kankri, depending on whether you want to be serious or hilarious.